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Catalina Ruby Dec 2018
Sharpe objects used to create pleasurable wounds on the skin,
Crimson liquid flows, you look at it like it’s the most beautiful thing.
Painful grip but not to ****,
You smile boastfully well aware of your skill.
Shiny black leather around the throat,
While you whisper thoughts sounding like a Salem oath.
Such soft hands causing this much pain,
Beware for it will mess with your brain.
Fear not venturing out into subspace,
For despite the pleasure this love will cause you unforgettable ache.
Call him master or you’ll be punished,
Be obedient and you will flourish.
Soft lips attacking your body, exploring every inch of you,
Causing you to wonder if such pleasure can be true.
Just when your legs start to shake,
That’s the moment you’ll finally be awake,
After realizing it was only a dream,
You’ll be in suspense when you see the marks on your body which it leaves.
some thoughts are not meant to be real.

— The End —