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brandon nagley Feb 2017
Anigh, is the darkling of the effrontery eagle, effaced, replaced; it's worship towards the devil. Gallons of blood, used as cover, ash and mud; defiling of ****** mother's. Gallizing men drowned in sweetness of drunkened friends. Gamins created by cankered loot, oil fills the pockets; diamonds make slaves to. Gangrels run kingdom's from their ancestral hand-me-downs, gaolers imprison innocents, whilst thy rulers throw ****** for babes at compounds. Innovators; mocking God's name. Mixing men with robotics, keeping the pure obscured, locking animals in a cage. Inorbing creation with cameras as eyes, like rats they scurry, hide; when the truth is knocking. Like a drunkard; This circular hell shalt rock as a ship, many planet's art approaching, none help shalt thou get.

©Brandon nagley
©lonesome poet's poetry
©prophetic poetry.

Word meanings:
Anigh: near.
Darkling: growing darkness.
effrontery: shameless.
Eagle: the united states.
Effaced: erased, forgotten.
Gallizing: add water plus sugar to make stronger wine from grape juice.
Gamins: neglected boy left to the streets.
Gangrel: vagrant, loose built person.
Gaoler: jailer.
Inorb: encircle, surround.
Circular hell: earth.
Nibiru title of poem: also known as planet x/planet 9/ a planet discovered by nasa back in the 80s admitted by them now being covered up by our gvt, its coming in With a blue planet as well , nibiru is being caught on pictures on cam and video all on youtube, if type in planet x 2016 on YouTube see his vids youll see what it is. It brings with it fireballs it latches on to other planet's it tilts pole shifts it has been also causing mass quakes also severe weather changes, though the gvt has been chemtrailing daily, don't know chemtrailing means look it up, my gvt does it daily using military jets and commercial planes that drop over 40 poisonous chemicals in your air which shuts down kidney, brain function causing heart issues in children and adults alike, the Pentagon even admitted to chem trailing though they lie to the American and world public saying it's for (global warming) yes our planet is changing but not because the reasons they tell us( they have controlled weather weapons that blast heat into the air ionizing molecules making the weather a weapon against us, they use darpa and harp to create these storms, up in alaska is one of main bases though have ionizers globally they can can create hurricanes, floods, even have it not rain. Main reason were realizing their spraying chemclouds which leave thick smoke trails left behind in your air That spread out into clouds you see unlike regular plane trails that evaporate asap after leaving the plane. Their spraying heavy to cover up nibirus approach. Bible spoke during the seven year tribulation fireballs would bomb the earth, also a great type of asteroid/meteor type thing during the seven years of tribulation where there will be people who dont accept yeshua jesus as lord and savior will be left behind if not raptured up by jesus, you'll have to endure an anti christ to rule This earth who's here now and his helper the false prophet religious leader now here to and well known who will bring all world religions together as one to worship the anti christ and an image that will be built. Their will be a mark of the beast given to those left behind I personally believe the rfid chip as revelation chap 13 speaks on this, it will be put in right hand and forehead, though can still be saved if left behind but will go through hell andon would have to reject the antichrist mark at that time to be saved in jesus not being ****** to hell. Bible speaks whoever takes the mark of the beast will be ****** eternally to hell. You wanna know how to accept yeshua (jesus) as savior I hope you'll read my post titled ( serious note for all readers) titles something like that, because judgement is coming to this land and things are coming upon.This earth that mens hearts will fail them because of it. Good news is jesus died for all mankind's sins, for jew, atheist, agnostic, scientific minded people, Buddhists, hindus, muslim, it doesnt matter what sins you've done or why or how, christ loves you all dear reader, will you accept him as lord savior today and know you'll be in heaven with him and in a real heaven with real angels real people with things so beautiful you have no idea what's in store for you, all it takes is a seed of faith to come to yeshua. Will you  now? If wanna go read my poem here titled serious note to all readers, do it before late, judgements coming thats not a joke reader. The title of note on this page to read is ( ) if wanna know how to accept yeshua ( jesus) as your lord and savior. I give you truth only hope youll take it before late. You have ?s write me add me (Brandon nagley) on facebook.
Good luck pray you make right decision

— The End —