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Sydney Ann Jan 2015
Snowflakes that are each unique
Yet thousands upon thousands
Each it's own
Lie unfound
In a snowbank called Earth.
Just waiting to be admired
But in the end expire
As all life eventually does.
Write about your friends and use #ourfriends
Autumn Whipple Jan 2015
friends are like

pebbles on a beach
sometimes the plain ones
are worth the most
but i've never been good
at the picking up the pebbles part
i worry i read into
i over compensate
i try to be chill
but i just act manic
because acting like
when you look in the mirror is hard enough, but with
actual people?
writing is easier
but my friends
the pebbles I've managed to keep in my pocket
are the smoothest
pebbles on the whole beach
and I've lost a few
picked up ones that weren't good
to me
as i was their pebble
but my friends are
the rocks
that keep me weighted
in the real world
so i found that challenge ourfriends
and i wanted to try at least, so here it is.
Emma Holt Jan 2015
Friends are like
Showing you and guiding you
Down your path
And protecting you
From what's to come
Thank God for friends... This one's for you, Avery.
Sydney Ann Jan 2015
Friends are like sunscreen:
**Irritating as Hell,
But always save your *** in the long run

— The End —