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ConnectHook Sep 2015
in every visible character man differs less from the higher apes,
than these do from the lower members of the same order of Primates

                                                     ­                      Charles Darwin, 1871

The Other claims descent from apes
then acts like a violent monkey.
It pillages, it loots and rapes
performing as Satan’s flunkey.

Its actions bear the mark of Cain;
brandishing cameras, smashing things.
We feel its proto-human pain
yet dread the urban woe it brings.

It tries to justify, with words
its primal carnage, childish rage.
With anthropoid designs deferred
it struts the Darwinian stage.

The higher primate government
rewards them well in ripe bananas
for wrecking their environment
(jungle as well as savannas).

Their mate selection (naturally):
a semi-simian solution:
intercoursing sexually,
to hasten their evolution.

The wombs enlarge – they drop their young
then text their friends while getting high.
They swing from tree-tops, fling their dung –
while down below the humans sigh.***-and-descent-in-relation-to-man/

Mokomboso Aug 2014
People often complain
That teens don't respect their elders
I am often dubious of this claim
The next generation just someone to blame
But this punkish attitude won't last long
When I finally see their disregard
Because youths extend their flippant arm
Towards other species too
So bold and brash they swagger
To an orangutan enclosure
Where in there Batu lays and thinks
Just napping to wile away the hours
As many of us do
And you'd be mad if someone disturbed you
They scream and yell and laugh and bang
Gasps of delight when he turns around
They need to make their presence known
Boys like hooligans, make a show
I want to see the glass disappear
Like the snake's tank on harry potter!
It's ok going to a zoo as long as you respect the animals' boundaries and don't impose yourself like an inconsiderate ****.

— The End —