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The feeling of the most hated glares
A monster that makes all normal
Pain in the beginning as pain dares
Stained and carried along with his soul

The questions followed 16 years
Thinking if he knew the truth it would bring no justice
The Truth Of Loneliness is beyond fears
For it is only the one with no patience
As the darkness in emotions grow near
He's semming to only have questions, nothing is clear
The more he ask why is the more despair
Wondering if he was ever even there

The towns are silent
More-so with every step
That echoes past the vigilant
As he calmly walks he only wept

Who will know how he feels
How will they understand
Who could he tell
That believed with a calm outreached hand

His heart is truly heavy
Because no one shares his anger
Even in the happiest of melodies
He wishes the life before was better

To wish a reincarnation never followed
Because then he would never remember that he was hollowed
Even in the face of god and death in his core
He wishes to go back with revenge to wage war

On the people that looked at him with discust
The people who betrayed his open hand to the world
When denied of the world of his help he saw no trust
Realizing that only live among and helping would slowly fade away the rust

He just wanted what every person had
The things he never could even fathom to dream
So far out of reach he was more likly to become dead
But at the end of anger and at most questions the only thought to scream
He was lost, He felt the truth to be lost
He was alone in life and mind of soul
His spirit in pain it would only howl
Becaus of the
Sad ending of greatness
Who was mistreated and deprived of all happiness
Even in the end only 6 was to witness
5 around as one laughed as he reeked of death thinking he finally found it quitless

This is my reincarnation testimony
I submit my will to it master and mistress
Im tired of remembering sadness in my own hell including my own ******
Those who casted me away, adrift alone, you cant choose to miss this
For if it carried with me
Over timelines, over galaxies
I will follow you to find your end is in me
There is no pitty, Theres no apologies
Your the reason ill never be free
Never be free
So i will end your plans in dynasties
I'll end all your plans among your dynasties
Just to personally
Help you feel what you did to me
Because of i will not be happy
So i WILL take what makes you truly feel free
This is my promise to you of how youll end
For you was a friend, but my stained soul will never simply allow it to end.
Theres alot of spirits we live with, reincarnation exist because all spirit would have been gone by these years over human history. Just some of those peoples momories dont leave and its painful to reconize, to know it was born with you not genetically, but in a majestic mystical complex but extremely simply way spiritually. People hurt take your shoes off and stand in a no ones shoes before you attempt to look inside one other shoes. Youll never understand trully until all has and is lost atleast in one moment of your life. Remember and remember learn and learn love and love share and share forget judging to forget being judged to end it all to forgive to be forgiven.

— The End —