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Anayo Oleru Apr 2016
Death is everyone’s enemy,
It separates couples,
close friends and family.
Everyone fears it;
it has no friend, nor sympathy,
For it only bites with might.
It is scary and cranky,
no one can see it.
Death brings torture,
grief and injury,        
It brings great sadness
and fills one with fury.
Death will be so easy if not for pain,
For with pain he makes his gain.
It fears no one,
Poor or rich, proud or humble,
old nor young.
Death is no more visitor
in any household,
For no family has never experienced his hold.
It feeds and lives on flesh and blood,
And at the end leaves the person on his grave; all alone with his bones.
Death is the strongest pillar of life, and can distort anyone at any time. Its something we can't fight, tilt or scare. We see it take away our loved ones, we see it harm us. Death is mankind's greatest enemy. This is an Elegy.
Anayo Oleru Apr 2016
The cycle of life would have ceased to exist,
If there were no mothers.
Hard working they are,
Good discipliners they are,
Doctors and caregivers they are.
Praises I give to all mothers
Through all their days,
They’ve raised and fed the world always.
Light they are to the darkness of life,
To husbands they’ve become good wives.
All mothers should be honored,
and venerated,
For these days they have been daunted.
Husband or Wife?
Yes!!  You can get another,
But you can’t get another mother.
So let’s know and show our gratitude,
And let their very reward be in multitude.
Sweet mother, we'll never exist without them. Though seen as weaker, they are the strongest gender I've ever seen. Due to the bad treatment been given to women in some cultures, due to how they are viewed- this poem is penned down to change the naive thinking.Women got flesh and blood, eat and drink, sleep and wake, like everyone of us. They deserve the great amount of care and respect.
Anayo Oleru Apr 2016
My eyes are heavy,
But my feet are steady.
My jobs are many,
But now they are stiffly.
The spirit is eager
but the flesh is weak,
The night sleep has now grown to its peek.
‘Goodnight,’ caring sleep says,
Now I can see the stars.
‘Sweet dreams,’ the caring sleep says,
Your dear one waits for you
in the bright night lights.
Tomorrow is another day,
A day that would open up your way.
‘So have a good rest,’ caring sleep says,
So tomorrow you can rise.
‘Goodnight, sweet dreams
and have a goodnight rest,’
caring sleep says.
We can't do without night rest, also known as sleep. So its a poem for everyone.
Anayo Oleru Apr 2016
The rain has fallen again,
The streets are isolated,
Everyone is filled with sadness.
Houses and shops have been abandoned,
Villages and towns have been inundated.
Bags and cargoes floats unsteadily,
Cars and buses are deeply buried
deep into the water in a hazy manner.
People, animals, all are transported
by little wooden vessels.
With no idea of when
to take over their properties,
With no idea of where else to go.
The cities, their streets,
houses and cars have being flooded,
Properties, expensive
and extra expensive have been left over.
East Delta had been covered
by the unmerciful ocean.
Precious lives were gone
and more were at stake.
Families and close friends- divided.
Farms with large crops- destroyed.
Hunger and thirsty, hugs my people with sadness,
begging for aid.
Sickness and diseases fill people
with sympathizing outcome.
A land of peace is now a land of disaster,
A land of Labor is now a land of turmoil.
May peace always reign,
May ignorance be neglected,
For the dying heartbeat of Delta.
Wrote this poem when one of the Elaborate Village in the some part of Delta state in Nigeria, had a terrible disaster attacked them. Leaving some homeless, hungry, even death. Its a lyrical poem.
Anayo Oleru Apr 2016
The embers of the fireplace glowed,
We were all alone in the forest
spending a family vacation
surrounded by big, shadowy trees
and a river that never flowed.
At first, I acted as though
I wasn’t scared at all,
For I know my parents
will drive back after all.
We sat and played board game
in front of the fireplace,
Which for days I’ve never touched nor carry,
rather than to think of raise.
The wind outside had grown
stronger and was whistling
around the house,
Blowing through the little cracks
in the walls of our tent
and climbing us to the bone.
I started to shiver,
although I don’t think it was
from the cold alone.
Suddenly, the idea of where we were ,
just all alone,
started to prey on my mind,
causing fear.
I looked out of the window,
I could see the limbs of trees flapping in the wind
like ghostly arms.
I remembered how far down the road
into the forest was,
We had traveled without even
seeing another house.
‘I think am scared,’ I told myself,
Curiosity and fear started churning
my imagination into terrible thoughts.
I remembered when I was younger,
I used to be really afraid,
Especially after kids from school
told me scary stories about what lurks out
in the forest in the dark.
‘Let’s go to sleep,’
I told my little sister with a shaking voice.
I turned off the lights, and settled into the thick
goose-down comforters of the loft floor.
Looking through the
small window beside us,
I could see the tall trees of the forest,
The full moon hanged in the sky like a silvery disk.
I slept in silence for a while,
When suddenly,
I heard something that made me rise
my head with wide open eyes.
It was the sound of footsteps,
a heavy footstep outside
the timbers of our tent.
Panic clogged my mind,
I was too scared to say something.
I sat and waited
for the sound to come again,
But I heard nothing,
Nothing but the moaning
of the wind through the trees.
The sound of the footsteps came again,
But this time it was another
side of the house.
I started to feel even sicker,
Every muscle in my body jumped
when I heard the front door opened.
My blood ran cold,
and I was suddenly afraid to move.
The footsteps were moving across
the passage toward were
my little sister and I were lying.
The room was filled with horrible silence,
Just the sound of the footsteps
getting closer and closer,
I couldn’t say a word, neither my little sister,
I just scrunched down further under the comforter.
In my mind, I saw the scary man
of an extraordinary size,
coming toward us through the dark.
I began to shake so hard,
when I heard the footsteps on the floor
entering the room where we were.
I huddled my sister and I against the wall,
And I could hear the breathing of the beast,
coming closer and closer to my skin,
I could feel its nearness.
The heat from his nostril
made my skin feel feverish.
But suddenly, there was a light
through the window of our tent,
It shone like a spot light,
And I could feel the heavy
breathing quickly reversing.
The lights were from my father’s bus,
He had just saved us just in time.
I’m almost back to normal,
No more of the taunting of an animal.
Except at night,
During the full moon,
When I hear the sounds in the house,
I tried not to think about of what it would do when it caught me.
Then finally I found out when I woke up,
It was just a dream…
A narrative poem, enclosed with horror, and humor.

— The End —