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AvengingPoet Sep 2014
The so-called way of selfishness is an obtrusive path
at least that is a part of the thought process
but is it entirely true?

I provoke the notion of altruism and helping at every hand
because one needs to feel a sense of self purpose
otherwise you swallow in the depth of misery.

I am not claiming selfishness is an entire path of grace
but it is not a callous path either
as it is a part of everyone’s soul.

The passionate and the creators need to have it
or they will never get a single thing done
as most of the Primer Movers have had this so-called way.

Pure altruism is nearly impossible and improbable
especially in this culture where everything moves so fast
instead of taking it slower.

One needs to help others in petty ways mostly
as that is all one can do usually
because of how hard it is to truly push change.

The best way that I have seen to push these notions is through words
and other forms of art and to convince others of challenging their ways
to push them into new and untaken paths they feared to take.
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Phantom fears will consume you
unless you take those chances
otherwise you will continue to be all lost
and disillusioned.

Time is the infinite jest
whether you’d like to think it is or not
as it will never play in your favor
unless you try your best to allow it.

Those dreams of the so-called obtrusive
are most certainly not obtrusive
and are worth the circumstances
before you are knocked out by time.

Reality is what keeps you staying the same
unless you vividly paint a canvas
with more than a single color
otherwise you’ll probably be inside dimly lit halls
for the rest of your days.

Idealism and going against the odds
are worth the effort.

Build that house of cards
and if it tumbles
then go again
and again
until reality has become

— The End —