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Forgiveness is forsaken

By all

Knowing love Is unconditional

Showers down on us

Like cats and dogs

Quiet storms

From father’s mothering

Gone now from above

Goodness gracious be

Infinite the sky to see

Cloudy days, stars at night,


Life Is written in illuminating light

Across the vacuous void

Proofs and blooms of nebulae

The shapes of the known


A Universe within

Forgiveness not forsaken

Perhaps forgotten

About the times of us

Milky ways

Swirling dance of dust

Who’s asking

Who for whom

Bells tolling tongues

Naming the wizard a man

In odds within


Looking for idols of immunity

No way out but falling


Or In love

The rain seems the only thing



Its begotten cold.
Another wilted year went by
Hello brings hope for fresh blossoms
Weeds overgrown of yesteryear brought pain
Comfort is yearning that 2019 blasts off
On a garden of angels
Devils you be mute
Voices of evil you be lost
Find me my angels waking me up
Down wind of the albatross' wrath
Hoping angels wing now take flight on this New Year Eve
Dawn's a be a new year, a new light
Heavy are my steps as I knock on the

Logan Robertson

If a person sees themselves in the same boat I am in, 2018 Titanic like, the hope is that the tip of the iceberg has passed and that the future has wins and winds in our sails. I wish everyone at HP the very best in the coming year.

— The End —