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Katlego Gatsheni Jan 2017
Was just listening,
                                            Heart spoke again and
                                    What my heart used to call love,
                                 Is now called a rainbow colored field
                        In the friendly sunshine with a magically soothing
     Breeze which gets my soul elevating to higher firmaments unknown
                                                         ­       by
                                                       ­   rejection,
                                                   ­           pain,
                                                ­              hate,
                                             ­                 fear,
                                          ­               confusion
                                                       ­    jealousy,
And the definition from my heart makes me feel covered from all the negativity reigning in the world and everywhere love doesn't reside
If you can get yourself a Rose Quartz crystal.
Inspired by...
Nylee Sep 2016
What to do when heart has started singing a new song ?
What to do when many sleeping desires have woken up ?
What to do when moon has started beaming on me ?
What to do when new dreams appear in front of me ?
What to do when suddenly worlds starts spinning around me ?
What to do when rain starts soft drizzling on just me ?
What to do , I have no clue !

What to do when fireflies brighten the path for me ?
What to do when butterflies starts fluttering around me ?
What to do when slowly slowly my hearts starts beating fast ?
What to do when a newborn hope jumps inside me ?
What to do when the whole world smiles at you ?
What to do when all your wishes are fulfilled by shooting star?
What to do , this feeling is quite new .

— The End —