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lifeonLSD Jun 10
“i feel no more that i am
i was
or ever will be”

let it be your freedom
not your prison
free yourself
lifeonLSD May 24
i’m build from the fire
that evens you with ground

i rise
whenever you fall

don’t underestimate the power
of a builder

we can see a house
even if it’s broken down
close your eyes
and find home
lifeonLSD May 12
and when it falls
it drops down
losing all form of complexion
lost in boundless shapes
purely placed
in effortless waves

i see you
in perfection
lifeonLSD Apr 8
you don’t
have control over
other people

but it’s your choice
how you feed the mass
just remember other people are not you
and you are not other people
but we all belong
lifeonLSD Apr 6
always alone
but never lonely

can’t seem to recognize the walls
luckily they remember me

i hear a voice haunting me from a far
the sound soothes my mind

as my body is shaking uncontrollaby
it matches the inside

i hear a blinding crack
feel a sudden rush of water taking over me

this one swallows me whole
unheard cries spill from my mouth

breaking me open
while pouring out my soul
lifeonLSD Apr 6
i wanted to wrap myself around the pages
where we all speak in letters

hiding between the lines
transforming our useless breaths

not taking them in vain
how we unravel by the words

to set vast in stone
written with our name under it

an arrogant smuck to whoever decides to read
and to who gets carried away

following the lost traces left behind
sometimes not even in magical rhyme

i thank you for your journey
for taking some of your time

now please do continue
so i can keep on spreading mine
lifeonLSD Apr 5
i wander

reading stars
listening to the stories
hidden wonders

i wander

next to the wind
following their traces
hidden wonders

i wander

growing with the trees
hoping to reach heights
hidden wonders

i wander

with the nightingale
hearing sounds of life
hidden wonders

i wander

off to meet the sunset
feeling awfully high
hidden wonders

i wander

untill the light closes
as it opens my eyes
hidden wonders

for i wander
the skies
memory of egypt
lifeonLSD Apr 5
promise me you will be ready one day
ready for my arrival
it will never come quietly
for it is meant to

shake you, break you
and wake you up

i do not care wether it will be in this life
or another

because i will be there everytime
again and again, as i have always been

and just like i can see you coming
just watch, for i am secretly already there

promise you will be ready for me
as i am here
put in a little distant
and words flow as if they were already written
lifeonLSD Mar 28
as freely as i feel
writing all the secrets
i hold inside my heart

i hope to be all
that i have written one day

as stars collide
instead of letting my worlds
fall apart
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