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Eridan Ampora Aug 2014
I admit that in the past I was a nice guy
But I think it's time I better make a switch
So you'll find that nowadays
I've changed all my ways!
I've slaughtered, spilled their blood, oh yes a switch!
Oh Yes!
And I fortunately don't care about you
It's a feeling that I do not posses
Oh my fans, I think it's time
To end them all just like those Limes
Of all the Trolls so the story can progress

Poor Unfortunate Trolls!
In Pain,In Need!
D--> That one longing to be less Sweaty
This one wwants to get the girl
Should I help them?

Poor Unfortunate Trolls
So sad, so true
they come flocking to the fourth wall crying
Please Hussie, Please!
and do I help them?

Now it's happened once or twice
I did something really nice
but then next update

And I hear your sighs and complaints
but I simply am a Saint! (I made them after all)
To these Poor Unfortunate Trolls


Every Troll in either Session will be Slaughtered!
There's a lot of trolls to ****, that's for sure.
The Kids in either session may stay
but I will **** them another day
and if they die then they'll go god tier *yawn

Until you all adore you Huss
say goodbye since Haitus, my dear fans
In a sweep, and a song
the story will move along
and the pain, yes the pain will start again!

Come on you
Poor Unfortunate Fans
Go ahead
hail your Huss!
I'm the creator
Their Maker
and I've got Eternal life*

If you speak against me
then boohoo

You Poor Unfortunate Trolls
Life *****, for you
If you want to go adventuring
then you have to pay the toll

**** it up and get to dying for me
since I'm in full control!
And with my precious power, dear
All their heads will roll!

*Lime Bloods, they're all dead btw
The one who longs to be less Sweaty is Equius, thats why I put the Bow and Arrow. And Eridan Ampora is the one wwho wwants to get the girl. The --- part is where Dialouge which I'll fix later, comment some lines and I'll thank ya for em Plus I found the center option! WOO,
**read this as agan, not again.
***Inside Joke about Andrew

— The End —