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Ash Nov 2020
Lemon. You sit over there, under your tree.
And all I can do— is love you.
To me, that’s scary.
I’ve never felt this way, about anyone
But something about you, makes me think we could be
I don’t know how likely it is, but— I at least want to see
What we could be like— just us two.
Together... that sounds nice to me.
A magic9 based on some of my OCs
Ash Oct 2020
What is the color blue?
Is it simply the color of royalty?
Or is it the color that bonds me to you?
Your skin, my blood, and the crown,
All share the hue.
Perhaps it’s just a strange thing our people believe—
The most common skin tone, is the royal color too.
Perhaps it’s more than you and me,
Perhaps we will always belittle yet worship the color blue.
A Magic 9 written from the perspective of one of my original characters. (the same character from Sestina of the Fairy Prince)

— The End —