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Gitu LM Nov 2020
My words, it’s flames are not strong enough to withstand these cyclones….

it gets messy ..the dirt and the just won’t stop.

banging my head from inside , a hammer strong enough to break open my skull

leaving the paper blank for tomorrow and tomorrows and days after that….

just like your canvas , unstained , ” a ****** in white”

the blanks on its face deep , so deep that it could engulf us both..

lure us into the white.

Dissolve all the black that is left of us……

And we would float on top of serenity

only then we will know what it’s like to be devoid of madness, devoid of colours , devoid of words..

waves of our mind will disappear as our memory dissolves

Then these people will say with aching hearts- You and I ,were insane……….
To all the evenings I tried to make  the barriers disappear.Trying to break the glass films, Just to feel a little bit closer. Now in those remainig shreds of glass ,I find warmth...

— The End —