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One day!
A long long time back
I was fed up completely with my life
So I thought let’s take a chance
Take a risk in life, so I traveled
Continuously in a lane and
Determined my mind that I will
Not take U-turn in that lane
After a while reached its end
A tip of an edge!!
seen an angel goddess in another tip
Near to my adjacent
Simply she was also frustrated with her life
Damm it what we are doing…
Her hairs started flowing against the wind
And her looks blue and pink
Mesmerized me like slowly slowly
My heart is by love
But she was also determined
That she will not take U turn
then how will we met then, I asked her
She looked at sky azure
while twinkling her eyes
And said we will meet there
I thought okay reverse if I will go
I will die, forward maybe I will die
We both jumped
into the infinite deep abyss


She opened her wings
And caught me with her feather
She took initiative and kissed me in air
And I asked who are you, my angel?
She told me, She was just taking a test

“Whether you just say about love
you really mean love from your heart”

I was passed her test
She took me to heavenly stars
She was twinkling more brightly above far
very far…
like a Venus of heart
her divine art
After reaching her destination
And she waves her hand from the sky
And everyone in ground prayed her
Which I know why…
then onwards I make her my goddess!!!
I prayed her daily….and get peace while praying





— The End —