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Zoe Grace Jul 31
An irreplaceable mirror
One of a kind
An irreplaceable memory
Stored in a photograph

The mirror, shattered
Shards lying on the floor
The photograph, tarnished
Smeared with paint

A room reeking of chemicals
Belonging to an asthmatic.
Being refused the refuge
Of sleeping on the couch.

A gouge in the wall
A long, scratched line
White smears across
A brand new, silver surface.

But we can't sue,
Or complain
Because your son
Runs our Real Estate.
So the painter we hired to do the ceilings and fix the plaster is a ******* *******
he RUINED my ONE OF A KIND MIRROR that was made in the shape of my name that my uncle got me from Bali.
He got white paint onto one of the ONLY PHOTOS I HAVE LEFT of Nan and Pop.
Paint, on the fridge we got a week ago.
but the real estate people
WONT DO ****!!!

— The End —