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Estelle Dec 2018
Tummy in, shoulders back, makeup on, hair done, smile. Am I good enough? Straighten my hair, are they judging me? **** in. All the other girls are so effortlessly pretty and I want to look like them, more concealer, cover it all. Look at her, and her, shorter skirt, no, shorter, am I bloated? No i'm fat, they'll laugh at me, cheat out. I know- DIET. Dont' Intake Edibles, Torture yourself, DIET- So i do, barely eating, barely breathing, i'm drowning, please, someone save me. If I can just go one more day- collapse. I can't move, can't feel my heart beating, but water only keeps you going for so long. And after all of this, after all the torture, all the ruin, i'm still not enough. Every day is blurry, I can't see, I can't go one day without comparing girls, and not just me, everyone, every person who walks the halls I compare. Bleeding, crying out, please just give me one day where I want myself. But that day never came, so I kept on hurting. All because i couldn't look in the mirror and like what I saw. But it's fine...because it's nothing right?

— The End —