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Alaina Moore Nov 2018
I am a lover, a dreamer, and someone who hides their pain well.
Just as death is inescapable, so are these broken nerves and mixed signals.
So is the reality that I'll never escape the pain, and the daily battle to smile and not mention the hundreds of error messages sent through my veins.
A reality that broke me once, twice, and countless times to come.
My head swims in unrelated words and feelings all processed at once.  

Making yourself a public martyr via claiming caretaker doesn't mean **** if your words of care and comfort are engraved with my name yet only serve your desires.
I am weak, I fall apart, and I am the glue that strengthens and repairs this invisible damage I was born with.
I am not a scapegoat nor an excuse.
Feeling used. Feeling like a joke. Feeling overwhelmed

— The End —