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aynad030200 Oct 2020
One-sided love, he ain't my first love
I'm the devilish one, he's the angelic one
We're different yet the same
Every time he calls out my name.

It must be bad karma
What I did to every one,
That's why I'm all alone
But I ain't lonely,
I'm super happy
I guess this is good karma,
I bet he's my blessing in disguise
And maybe he's the angel in the skies.

I've got no horns
I ain't crowned with thorns
I've got no halo
Maybe I'll just say hello

I've got no wooden staff
I ain't worshipping a golden calf
I had no wings for me to fly
But I'm pretty sure I'm happy enough to cry

I can't part the sea
I can't reach the shore
I can't cross the ocean and walk on the water
I can't perform miracles.

I hope you would see
That I ain't like this before
I drifted like the wind after
It was then told in the oracle.

— The End —