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elle May 1
how can one be frightened by their own mystique?

there is so much of myself i am unsure of, fear, of what i am capable of.
then led into an eschewed umbra of curiosity.

i have acted in numerous obscure ways,
why can i not just-

one night without the pain of you.
without the pain of my crimes that i may or may not have committed.

and so i'll let myself absorb into a lifeless bleak state of emptiness,
so my other side stays in the dark, disintegrating out of existence.
c!ranboo inspired:)
elle Feb 17
the bleached, drained, ivory walls surround the contradicting brown of the messy sweat-stained hair that sticks to my forehead,
endless emplacements stare through the blues of my widened and trauma-filled eyes.

don't stray from the path.

i can feel the fogged nostalgia veil my memory, like a slow wave of foam, encasing a lost snail on an endless beach.

as i wander through the large and ethereal rooms, my memory fades into more blur.
wasn't i supposed to remember?

don't stray from the path.

the endless books are leading me directly to nothing,
everything just becomes more unsolved.
why are there so many of me?
they're lost, too.

the words on the pages are just distractions,
symbols to stay at ease, they tell me to not be afraid.
this place reeks of emptiness, numbness.

don't stray from the path.

i'm so tired.
this is a quick poetry describing the inbetween karl travels to in the dream smp. it's all roleplay, and this is just for fun:)

— The End —