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Derrick Cox Nov 2020
I've been soaring in the sky with my dragon
For how long, I do not know.
I've been eating on short mornings
and flying on long nights
in search for a better realm to live in
unlike the one I came from.

That realm was so small,
it made me claustrophobic.
I was surrounded
by dangerous, panicky morons
slaving away to a system
that divides and categorizes everyone
according to what they look like
and how much bread they make.
Some of them were trying to save the realm
yet they couldn't save themselves.

I had to get away.
So, I packed a bag, took my dragon
and flew high in the heavens.
I looked over my dragon
down at the view that was even smaller.

going to war with each other.
To prove which species is superior.
To conquer land after land as means of "liberation"
Preying on one another
for their *** and wearing the cross.

Hopeless fools
going to bodegas to buy tickets
as means of getting rich
than to work hard.
Active legs walking right past
crippled voices begging for help.

swearing on the Bible
saying pray for this, pray for that
Didn't God give them power
to do things for themselves?

operated by remote controls
that share stories of death and lies.
They let the socials make them authentic
with every user that follows them.
And they believe the reality that is just
a show
of the gods they worship called celebrities.

I looked away
forward to a new realm
that I don't know where or even exists.
A realm where everyone
is treated equal with love.
Where justice actually has eyes to see
who's innocent and who's not.
Where people are smart enough to think
and not rely on machines.
Where everyone can breathe
without having to wear a mask.

For now, at least,
I am free from everything
flying with my dragon.
Just me and my dragon
until we can dwell somewhere
anywhere but there.

— The End —