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Duped by Satan, the best man
About the commandments
Remind himself no longer can!

Getting inured to the situation
He is in, he committed a sin.

The pious cuckold put
A noose around his neck
Into his hands his shattered life to take.

Those, who backbiting him
Capitalizing on what he lack
Saw their crime stark
A sharp tongue  could be
The worst weapon of attack.

Cane killed Abel with a stone
"Where is your brother?"
Asked him God anon
Cane got submerged
In sin's mud pool deeper
"Am I my brother's keeper?"

The act of killing a brother
With a stone
Might had gone,
But changing its form
It pokes its ugly face
In every place.

Inflicting on
A brother or neighbor harm
Such as putting those
Spliced in marriage asunder
Is no less than committing ******!
Cane's crime in another form

— The End —