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Ezar Co Jan 15
Bubbles came but it pops.
Smoke came but it fades.
The fruit bore but it rots.
Moon showed but it wanes.

Never grow up and getting old.
Never see the sun, it's very cold.
Can't climb the wall, it's too tall.
Trying to roar as if I were bold.

Can't see the light along my path.
Can't see the way along my past.
Can't find the truth among the lies.
Can't find the soul through a vast line.

Crawling on the ground,
Reaching pennies and dimes.
Still haven't found,
Grieving prestige and time.

All the birds started to migrate.
All the cats follow their fate,
Just to see their own horizon,
Just to find behind that beacon.

Not knowing the odd future.
Not knowing a new culture.
We all know much of thinking.
Couldn't know what's happening.

For every question we had,
Can't find any answer to pass.
Too much sacrifice we had,
Ourselves were lost and passed.
August 9, 2019

— The End —