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Steve Jul 23
Let’s build a wall to keep us all
A great big wall 12’ tall
And don’t put in a door
Then pretty soon
They’ll talk about it
On the moon
It will keep us in and keep
Them out and just in case
There’s any doubt
We’ll give ourselves a name
To show we’re not the same
A name with glamour
And with glitz
A name that rhymes with nitwits
**** and *****
Then everyone will sing another tune
We’ll call ourselves the Brits
And our leader will be
Boris the buffoon
Let’s make Britain great again
Let’s go to war with Spain
Or with France
Let’s lead the world a merry dance
When Britannia ruled the waves?
And history was written
On monuments
And in graves
What are we waiting for?
Let’s go to war
Let’s feed the poor
In killing fields
Like we did before
When we were great

God save the Queen
And the British State.
Hard to fathom how things have got to this depressing and frankly, worrying stage.
Tabitha Jun 2014
His voice should be made into a cassette tape,
I'd carry it wherever I'd go,
His eyes are so piercing I'd be afraid if the stars themselves go dull,
Images in my head, engraved in my skull,
I love it when he calls me "love",
Quite ironic if you ask me,
The Great Brit!
The Great Brit!
Great Britain you see,
Where I'd much rather be,
It's much more than what I could have dreamed,
Hearing his voice ring in my ears as lovely as can be,
I think he can't agree,
Agree with me,
He believes his voice is short of magnificent,
His voice is a sweet instrument,
Must I end this right now and here?
For all I get caught up in is his voice in my ears.
Ps. When british people say their accents arent nice, I WOULDNT SHUT UP IF I WAS BRITISH IF YOU ASK ME ITS BEAUTIFUL!

— The End —