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Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin , Mayas , Wolf , patty m and creep

AB: Baby I know this mite sound crazy, A remix is just what you can't see, Baby,

Mayas: My love,
You drive me crazy,
I think of you daily,
My love, My love,
Touching me so kindly,
My insides go tingly,
My love, My love,
Seeing you rarely,
Missing you I wait patiently,
My love, My love,
How you kiss with ease,
I want you more 'oh please',
My love, My love,
If only I could be,
The one to hold the key,
My love, My love,
Not letting me in is misery,
I wish to love your mystery,
My love, My love,
Let our love be,
Let yourself love me,
Stay with me, My love.

WSQF: honey, honey
i ain't bein funny
honey , honey, 
we don't need too much money
honey, honey
your my centerfold bunny
honey, honey
you make my skies sunny
honey, sweet honey
you're the onliest oney in my soul,
i adore you honey,

Patty : All is devastation, incrimination,
why the f--k do we fight, happens every night, even when
we make up you whimper like a whipped pup, whine whine, 
a warning sign of some other lover, Out late, another date
U go undercover, 
Cold heart, ripped apart, 
tries to make a brand new start, 
You're taking it to your boys ,making lotsa noise now,
I come 2 grips with your lies,
in the event of my demise,

I wish u knew how much i cared,

testament of what we shared.

Off track, never coming back, my pain, your gain
never letting me explain,

i love your kisses, your body bootilicious

men make mistakes, so do what it takes
punch a wall, stand up tall, you don't wanna
be no loser at all. How will i know if
my missions achieved, when u come 2
conclusions before the question's conceived?
Before I was blinded, now I am reminded
out of place out of time, my reputation on the line
A voice inside, my spirit guide, leaves no speculation. 
I look wise in review, fake fairy tales do come true, when manipulated 
askew, by people like U.

bleeding heart torn apart, needs a lightning strike 

a doctor friend of mine, his name is Frankenstein 

No babies, this lady, wants romance, to dance 

and be charmed by a storm out of the blue

not to be tied down and misconstrued. 

CTLY : Baby,
You are my one and only,
Without you, things are way too lonely,
You're the only one I can seem to think about,
I just hope I don't creep you out ;)
My love for you is limitless and stretches past the galaxies,
So let's just skip all the formalities,
When you message me,
It's all I can do to not to kiss thee,
There are no words to describe what you are to me,
'Cause you're more than perfect,
Kissing you,
Loving you,
If you're James Dean,
Then I'm Audrey Hepburn,
You are my miracle,
I love you,

AB : Baby,
I need you to be with me,
I know you think I'm acting shady,
Baby, Baby,
I need a sense of empathy
Put yourself in the place of me,
I need someone like you to save me,
Baby, Baby.
The Greatest Collaboration To kick off the year

— The End —