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Eyes collide
Feelings multiply
On the gold coast we met
Like she was the best jewellery ever made
She was proof that the beauty tribe wasn't extinct
Somehow I knew I would find her
When I asked the mirror on the wall
Who my better half would be
She was just as I imagined
Scintillating  mellifluous voice that etched with the wind
Brown eyes that held her innocent spirit
Unapologetic exquisite looks marvelled from heavenly soils
Six feet tall with a voluptuous figure
I was hoping my feelings were perceptible and could resonate in her soul
Guess I was too late
She was already taken before I took my first step
Memories of her linger on
I still worship her for she's still the goddess of beauty
One not even Mona Lisa could match
I'm afraid I haven't moved on
She's still the one I love
Arao Kay Ruth
This was for you

— The End —