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Delyla Nunez Dec 2020
It’s a place.
A whole different dimension to be anyone you want to be.
So many preferences.

Mine happens to be shooting people.
A special Battle Royal game of sorts.
With its unique techniques and weaponry.

A world of broken buildings,
Vast spaces to train stations,
And of course ring to drain your health.

The feeling of the controller vibrating in my hands as I shoot someone down.
Watching the bullets I shoot wiz towards my target.
Blood splatters as my bullet shoots their chest,

The true rush is being able to feel the anxiety.
The sweats of knowing someone’s coming after me as well.
Both on the hunt.

By all means I’m not the greatest but,
I have my days were I feel like I am.
I get my championships one way or another
The best cope I’ve ever had.

— The End —