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Star BG Jan 14
I’m ready to be Geronimo in this day.
To ride horse of intentions
and move under cloudless sky.

If thunder strikes, I with war paint infused with love
will gallop and conquer enemies of fear.

Birds in song whistle urging me on.
Flowers permeate nostrils
as winds hugs.

I am ready to take bow and shoot in poetic fields
and aim for many to fall at my poems.

Ready to transmute all judgements into heart
as I balance and wear Apache sash to celebrate self.

Ready willing and able
with breath deep to align with power
as warrior of love.

The day is young,
and I will ride Palomino steps gracefully.
Ride into the sunset blessed.
The word Palomino came to me and I decided to scribe.

— The End —