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Aug 2020 · 49
Brand New August Leather
Styles 12 Aug 2020
If it's not sizzling
you took it out too soon

cheese must
dissolve into
your taste buds

root bound for leather.

Imagination stopped him in his tracks
decided to write her letters he never sent

why bother another locked door?
It froze him like Hans Solo trapped in carbonite.

Her hands are
already up if you decide to shoot
her foxy eyes said to them,

I saw myself glow deathless one day five years ago. She still cannot contact the local papers.

Imagination made her hands react by throwing all her law books out her three story Life Window

She cut out early
broke rank and predictions

her wild burst for adventure
followed a pathless trail
tracking down Emerald Falls
on stunning summit view

We saw everything turn brighter there.
She wears Forest Eyes at all times in her cleaner vision for everyone.

Is this entire lush range our playground?

Process that one.
Get reborn.

Pick me up if my spine is dragging truck wrecks on coral reef tarmac.

I appreciate you.

Music drifted out a stranger's window
after I picked myself back up
I limped into perfect no drama hideouts
regardless of your shapeless face
I consider you my best friend.

Bucking 10, 000 bales of hay
is a training manuel for life:
a) never give up
b) believe
c) be stronger
d) be better
e) all of the above

The Mountain Lion living in his garden
licked his face that morning

shape shift into robin
glide up
to touch his favorite Indigo

her flawless smile
roped around the Milky Way
we both fell harder than unpredictable comets

she snaked through our skin
like the starry way lived inside us

decided to win us over
no better choice than to ride it like a motorcycle rider trying to reach love on 3 a.m. back roads drunk on vines

always following the river
even if she rejected him

his letter burned right through his brand new black pocket of August Leather

the speedometer
on fire,

Oct 2019 · 97
Icy Midnight Blue
Styles 12 Oct 2019
She may look at you in mid sip from her morning coffee.

A sparkling city of Emerald stained in her eyes, she scrolls over you as if browsing library books.

A pulse of fantasy seeking distractions to direct her own noisy traffic jam mind.

Her slender fingers gripping you in urgency. Words you can't stop reading smacking under sheets eventually lie carelessly twisted on floor.

Her sensual looks flying through pages.

Autumn breeze blowing through bedroom window.

White excited curtains rising up like a ghost leaving the body.

Intense concentration. Deep moans. Light awes. Luscious surprises hiding in unexpected corners.

A gentle folk band gone ******* metal. There is throbbing and thrashing, tearing and smashing.

Midnight blue pulsing between reader and writer. Secret lovers meeting somewhere in foggy distance waiting one clear breeze to lift them both up from long brooding silences.

Silence. Bare. Bright. Thick enough to break or free you. Swift voice riding in between dream and awake.

Hold steady. Shake. Find its channel before it vanishes between slippery blinks. Mysterious as deja Vu before meeting someone you dreamed of ten years prior.

Words cut like an ice storm. Dreamy mountains glitter. Both our eyes transfixed on the same mingled breath listening for truth to clear away brutal traffic.

Seeking peace in total madness.

The deeper the break the greater the bliss.

Make room for us there.

We started innocent and fragile, returned stunned and ravaged
holding onto family barbarians as if their axes were our own.

Stare into her cup.

Lakeside birds darting from tree branches leaving you hungry to sing something brutal and fragile.

Close your eyes.
Disappear like ripples on the calm surface of her face. Clean thoughts jet ski under vast indigo sky.

Nothing matters.
Everything matters.
All is matter.

One stare above her coffee cup sip leading up to the library of treasure.
Stories stockpiling up. Words rose like thirsty dreams from somewhere else we can't explain.

Whispers interlaced with curtains, snowflakes melted into coarse fabric. A lamb stares out like a fierce lion catches iron maiden in its teeth, rips it apart.

A deep desire to remember Love's undying fire, crackling flame possessed on oak timber.

Let it be me discovering you as if my pen knows every spontaneous word written on your secret page.

She is just a phantom skulking through treachery hoping to be found in your tossed up mind.

Manifest her dripping misty mountains. Let it tenderly stroll ancient forest branches.

She is a white moon lit up in chrome fractals.

Look up from the last page of her betraying kiss. Fully complete.

Study a desert voice carrying spring water. Drink it. How do you feel?

Icy brilliance mingled in midnight blue. All the cracked edges stocked with luminescent sky. Smile. Cry. Scream.

Stare into her distant eyes.
We are Home again.
Jul 2019 · 92
Unknown Face
Styles 12 Jul 2019
Learning how to talk without words
head **** the brick wall of the world.

Expect laughter.

Everything inbetween.

Notice the unknown face smiling behind every flower.

Prepare for War and be at peace with it.
Expect death at any moment.

Hurl the future loss into the waiting room.
Read the Haiku Master.

Be patient.
Practise how to function in hell while just leaving heaven.


This is awkard.
Look at all this damage.

Head held in both hands.
Sorrow deeper than oceans.

Look past shadows.
Study LIGHT.

Don't tell anyone you have a secret diploma in the haunted land of Darkness.

Remember how to use the eraser.
Blank page.

Start over.

Scribble down notes.
Meditate. Yoga.

Transform mountain sides.
Eat solitude.

Break down.

Rise up.
Drink enormous cups of fire.

Get blinded.
Reclaim soft halo hung careless on Lucifer horn.

Notice glacier eyes smoke.

The indifference seems impossible even to Antarctica.

Don't let icy silence freeze you in middle of The Bering Sea.

Write home telepathically.
Ask for help.

Burn after reading.

Smash self entitled notions
that we own anything or anyone.

Notice how bitterness tries to clasp tighter
to materialist philosophy.

Run off in different direction.
Reverse on wrong way street.

Let's be burning rubber.
Drive like James Dean.

I'm Interstellar Rebel.

Give out blankets to people who are cold.

Take my boots.

They were gifted to me by priceless friends.

Take it all.

Don't give up.
We all can heal.

Remember how to knock.
Mar 2019 · 123
Lucid and Sincere
Styles 12 Mar 2019
The world is melting all around me
sip deep breaths of air
taste ice


branches shaking
an early morning wake up call
new courage flares up
flickers like ****** smiles

new growth promise
Conifers nicked
deep gouged scars
carved from distant blades

still standing Captain Strong
like protective Kings
crowned by age

my hand runs over them
dripping on me
from high above

glittery cold drops
not one dime I could offer it
to show appreciation

webs of luminescent silk
threading distance or aches

what can I offer you
my burning hands

deep prayers pounding at mysteries door
new liquid light
gushing from chambers unspoken?

circling your massive trunk
my invsible halo
lucid and sincere

my own melting glacier
full of drips
my tangled tongue
cannot unwrap

some distant hawk screech
burning with river cry

I will not forget
every scar and name is mine.
Styles 12 Mar 2019


a drowned mockingbird
perched in shrouded branches
pecking in your head

He carries
weeping willow

burnt to stub
lanes of forest trees
curiously inflamed in sun


violet waves
frosting leaves

His ethereal trill

tiptoes frigid air

both wings fractured
in maze of mirrors

now he serenades night
silencing crickets
full moon inspired

24 hours a day
spring to summer
clarifying his voice

He remembers being tested
by demonic shrieks

each black shrill
holding him underwater

a delicate noun
forced to eat verbs

nobody knew
what he survived

He returned years later
after silence stole his voice

perched half slain
on a broken oak branch

his frail voice
full of gurgling river water
broken stones

He never knew if his song
could escape the cage-


inspiration hunted

frosting hope
back into


fractures of shadow
lingering for wise reminders.
Styles 12 Feb 2019
Light misty rain

free from anything
that dulls or dims.

Great Heat fell down on me.
Large task landed clear

writing for my life
tell no one

travel light
silent moon slippers cutting grass

hollow straw man
decided to taste electric

wave your wands

sweaty sticky pens
trapped in spider's shadow
stretching down walls

far away her web still burns

it is here I leave
the paved path
wet grass stomping in rain

under melted pastels
squinting at her summer halos

butterflies inhaling splinters
absorbing flares like asphalt emergency

show me your mansion
make it disappear

treasure beyond any riches

searchlight memory
writing for my life
drunk on fire

an unforgettable sunset
scars a vultures shadow

a healed poet
marching moonlit miles
over another bridge
pausing over railroad tracks

skateboards cracking through concrete bowls

light mist crying
on homeless camps
miles and miles
of pain and love sleeping together
in ripped sleeping bags

one more poem
before all words vanish

staring through inhuman eyes

silent moon slippers
gliding on river
spelling your name again

free from anything that dulls or dims

writing for my life
ten mile marches

drunk on fire
exhaling splinters
dissolved again
in the painted nectarine dawn

of her best smile
from darkest dark
to lightest light.
Feb 2019 · 103
Another Life
Styles 12 Feb 2019
Night spreads out
subtle like a child's steps
on sand

small feet
walking on star shine

Kingdom's of majesty
sprawled out above him

a young soul
feeling something tingle
in the pit of knowing

deeper than the Pacific Ocean
a whisper body surfing tides of wisdom

glints of another life
rattle down his spine

vibrates like another universe
opening it's eyes for the first time.

Dune ants scrambling after rains
soaked every grain of their stock pile dinner.

It takes a team to dry out each piece.

Across the shores of time
love is working on another poem
in secret.

The child stops in his tracks
a teardrop falls
like an ancient memory
he just can't place.

Light cuts inside him
an entire ocean listens,
quietly smiling.
Feb 2019 · 84
Styles 12 Feb 2019

Part of the shape you hold
hidden deep in pine grain

split open by an axe of light
reveals intricate textures

a secret color
whispering to dawn
choose me.

Stealing into woods
an exiled poem
unable to write

a stealthy dynamite light speaks
without words

there is depth unsung

a bruised peach leaked to faraway sunsets
if buckets or ropes could reach
a silent explosion

how this small mouth
downpoured secret rain.


Ripe enough to remember
pearls hidden in clover

nameless as the feeling
when someone you love
swallows suicide

only to come back to tell you
how to cultivate explosions of frequency
planted deep in rich patterns.

"All you have to do is let light axe you wide open and surrender to gravity."
If you have been brutally boken from the world and still have the courage to be gentle to others, then you deserve a love deeper than the ocean itself."

-I forget who wrote this but man it got me good. Blew my head clean off. Boom!
Feb 2019 · 167
Falling Under Tigers
Styles 12 Feb 2019


is like
being held prisoner
brave gaze

black stripes


Autumn Orange Moons


Feb 2019 · 73
Slivers of Shine
Styles 12 Feb 2019

slinking through stripped
winter branches

a beautiful lonely stalker
lighting up dark
best it can

an unexplainable cloud
rolling over
in my head

a hooded bearded warrior
shivering in doorway
across the street
wishing somewhere warm.

A hundred people walk by him
without looking once.

He slipped
invisible man.

I'm the only who sees him.

The strange cloud
begins to speak.

I wake up in
lonely wet slivers
of shine

disturbed by millions
like him/her/we/me/us.


I love you.
Feb 2019 · 105
Styles 12 Feb 2019
behind bulletproof glass

a smooth stone voice remembering
rivers of sound

restless motion
perfect liquid tempo

burnt feathers sawing air


as wind
on ripples of window


in eyes of poetry
look in
can't get out

yellow jacket between dead heat panes

shapeless wind
driven into time

voiceless message
untraceable number

throwing off my tempo

a silent force
capable of any sound.
Feb 2019 · 87
Cut In Half
Styles 12 Feb 2019
wait long enough
for whispers to slide
behind trapped colors
remember how to burst out from chainlink

a pebble speaks silence perfect
dislodged from the angel's ****** throat

paragraphs of rain
pages of grey winters
a shrewd plea sneaks in
restless like a sincere nightwatch

written by furtive moons
waiting for the next swift eclipse
to sun stain alien sand
everything dead waits to be hit by shine.

This is it
a misprisoned child
escaping wisdom's dark house
on the deep face of silence

I stole expressions from Buddha's still pond.

Forest green eyes
curls around his ribs
forces him to listen
long vines of prose

jail cells can never take away
feel it rip puzzles to jigsaw
slice me like a spiked saw
tainting midnight's first sun born child.

Meet me in a meadow of new fresh colors
so we can reinvent ourselves on carousel of wonders dripping bright sparks into sink holes.

In wild quiet soil
brightness cannot conceal its majesty
be harmless as summer darts
beaming across a doorway.

Open like switchblade
nothing to hide
some still look at you
suspicious hunted curious

walk through darkness
watch broken fangs from sharp bulbs
light up anyway.

Down corridors of lightning
whiffs of burnt Eden
a bright companion dragged through
broken nail sands

dressed in white rags
when you look close enough:

Everybody cut in half
like confused air

haunted in twilight

nail biting silence
hoping for peace to land
Dec 2018 · 78
Weeping Willow Hills
Styles 12 Dec 2018
This is limbo
on nights when her tongue is rain
memory induced Fantasia

she slides down
her bare hands
two trained ghosts

handed degress in art of haunting.

She is a distant meadow for
mind retreat
dying delicious between
weeping willow hills

our intuition convinced
enigma lives everywhere
feathers promising flight
catching luminous traces in
packed corners of range

a hollow safety excited with light

grasping for retrieval
her ignited touch
made shadows doubt
(after sunburns healed)
if she ever existed.

Now all they eat are enormous
plates of lie
full of skeptical speculation
cynical as Wall Street

consumed by slot machine numbers

horrible distant fade out
one drop of rain
holding secrets of her laughter.

I lean against twilight
animated smiles
hiding behind far away colors
we watch them slip down too fast.

A planet full of invisible ice crystals
glowing around something intangible.

A forest of kiss
reaching starlight scents.

Tell me how it felt to you
when sirens blasted loud inside but no help came?

Out of breath
chasm falling
asylum stained
pushed out by trust.

When we had to sort through
the tumbled steel debree alone
divided far by death of angels
before first grade ever started.
Dec 2018 · 1.2k
Changeless Architect
Styles 12 Dec 2018
I saw you between buildings
working in sun
network of light
letting liberty reconnect.

Wires buzzed
high voltage streamed inside them
darkness questioned its own shades
sparks dripped into night's gulf.

Fervent as LIGHTNING
lathering rooftops
sizzling bolts spying timber
smothering scars.

I saw you tunnel down
infinite pure light
shattered by solitude
entering bold, courageous

down into dark mines
soldier who never stumbles
suspending notes caressed in silence
protecting seeds, engaged by yearning

I watched you grow
twisting up
gnawed by roots and rocks
begging for water

circling wider than galaxies
melting skin, taking down drapes
promising to visit me
in tombed up places

dizzy as smoke
curled up by desire
amnesia searching for identity
drafted by absolute fire

changless architect
rerouting for change
vicious as dawn rising in Saturn
gentle as mist leaking from
her melted eyes

swallowing his compassion
vanquished revenge to steam
her savage attack whirled
in amorous sheets.

I felt you unveil arousing
every heartsick wish
blasted down by wailing wills
puddles of December gathering

reflecting on above
while drowning below
who is it speaking kindness
after rippling screams uprooted trees

volley my soul
back and forth
between worlds
consume this spark

encircle your breath
with goading light
dancing inbetween
two ruined buildings

I listened to rocks slurring for mountain
I heard trees lust for water
I felt the cries of troubled voices
flare across two highways

rerouted by dark and light.
Dec 2018 · 80
The Task
Styles 12 Dec 2018
walks through walls
sews silence into
broken flower smiles

tameless as mist
shivering her forest canopies

sits like Himalayan awe
on swollen shoulders

performs snowflake dances
in solitary rooms
leaves your jaw stranded on desert planes
you cannot define

cuts tainted lips
dies a thousand times
revolts against impossible

liberates Marilyn

her soft soul
able to breathe free
without convoluted fame

as if her blue delphinium fields
lived only in her skin

pawning off beauty
with cheap dimestore perspective

Hollywood is a broken tale scandal
built up regime high.

Shards limping away from fallen skyscapers
unwritten poetry floats
like bright houses on hidden continents

lights up foggy shores
when long nights
plague the haunted
Dec 2018 · 70
Styles 12 Dec 2018
extinguished like raindrops
dried on rose bush thorns

every color
pulled up and down

shaking cables in elevator shafts
groaning with memories of you

step away from the ledge
this is all dream play

pebbles thrown down
from ancient majesty

cruel to forget
bliss to remember

each stone thrown away
owns a soft place

in this rich mountain soil
drop the world

a bad tv show
trying to keep you

from stepping into open blue skyway
gather your things

leave your solace
on the mountaintop

head up North
get culture shocked

walk the needle littered streets
step over bad habits

hit the libraries
coffee shops

stare out windows
hoping for dead pens
to Lazarus up

take freezing cold showers
in Canada rain

heaven's rainfall
is hiding masterpieces

catch the tempo
in pure light dreams

144 blocks away from
another perfect dream

you almost remember
if only......

crystal clear beats
shattered my streets again

my busy traffic stops
floating us away

river riots in the street
letting us know

who is really in charge
when mother shakes


lava red
tidal ripped
raw nerves twisting it up

shifting sides
turning evil on its head

exposing corruption
breaking knots

tipping scales
torching blind folds

letting liberty
be seen

across dark waters
she is striding.
Styles 12 Nov 2018
Single for seven years
I decided to take the Sun on a date

dynamite verse slid out of my back pocket
even roaring breakers stopped to listen

seagulls approached
slow paced,
small child-like eyes

eager to fly through
a brand new moon

steam rolling lavender
mending another broken side of light

after machine gun Kelly storms
left our town upside down.

I left hidden pools
under your magnetic medallion

one closer look
made sea and river whisper together

under countless nights
when sand begged for her footprints

like a student
whose master was murdered.

Imagine Khan leaving your village in
tatters, pick up your pen,
dedicate every page to Light.

Wine and roses falling graceful
in a place we cannot imagine.

Hard to believe we all came from there
after all this madness stormed our souls
our desire drinking naked from
invisible fountains.

"Come to Me all who have heavily laboured and I will give you rest."

Words pulling our treasures out from
the chest, teach me again,
beyond price jewels dripping from
a unfathomable fall.

Looking back unclouded
tasting strength in her eyes

made his pages come alive
a hidden cave storing our clipped wings

left our sentences flowing
secretly, pageless, nomadic beings

never once human
tossing stars into a battered sea.

Let's Drink Rumi Wine
dash out into tides

and read seraphim masters
reclaiming pieces of shotgun
splattered wings.

I could watch your words
revive an entire ocean
your phantom body walking on
glassy dazzled waters.

Robes of uncountable stars
falling through broken mirrors
healing darkness and fixing cracks.

One look staring back at us from all

her lullaby sand full of brand new moons,

a left over bonfire smouldering in her
morning masterpiece.

Tell me again what you said last night
my memory is wiped out
tides stole our evidence

during high tide.

I have always had extreme difficulty
trying to capture the perfect night

and your spiral shell of echoes
holds the mathematical equation
for all living things.

Can you please come back down again
so I can pen every word?

You've caught more than my attention
but these tides keep on erasing the prints she left when dreams flew into our
reality and carried us away.

Everything is different now
after I felt the Sun kiss me.

Give me the strength to describe it before I head back out into wilderness.
Styles 12 Aug 2018

secrets at dusk
tasted vigorous as
Coltrane blues

in a smokey nightclub
under mysterious saxophone seas

this style is not my own
but it helps me swim better

I decided to adopt it
curious why it tugs ruthless
on spit fire sleeves

deliciously drowning me free.

forest moons at night

help you drop it all
bags of unwanted programs
flung from broken chimneys

violet threads pass perfect
through kitchen chipped glass

moth wings burning summer up
like her eyelash fluttering innocently on some other guy's cheek

shattering divisions snag
on moonlight betrayal dance

enormous sea hooks chop in
helpless lips seduced
mad quicksilver rush

reserve this room for my only friend

we have private letters to write
on a future night when
god dreams come true.

This is for you.

My only friend.

What weighs heavy is certain light
how it pierces
through troubled waters.

A million traces of faces
lit up in every beam.

One night I felt it bleed through me
using rivers of sun-fire screams.

Volcanic poetry spoke without a sound.

Jim Morrison breaking through doors
under spells of hypnotic waves
wild vibrant shimmering
on multi-colored sheets.

This style is not my own
but it helped me lava streak
across bitter shores.


my voice strays away.

Gone hunting

a broken well voice
picked up by an old cracked bucket
leaking simple worded wishes

deciding to voluntarily borrow her
stolen forest eyes.

I heard them speak translucent leaf
on a summer day
when clairvoyant kids
heard God speak

on pathways of brilliant blue lake

when sunshine
whispered us
in scintillating ripples

right before our astounded,
washed feet.

I am dripping funeral summer sweat
under tombstone studded trees

smiling while choking in
liquid clouded dark.

Alone but not alone.

Mighty Ghosts of heaven
holding my head up

making sure the Nile
doesn't gush out while
I still cannot even write or speak

turn my notebooks into confetti
nothing describes this mysterious sea

a new species of saxophone waves
has belted its killer wonderland
sound out across an entire broken stage.


I can picture us
walking barefoot
on star contacted sand

gazing out
under champion chandelier wonders

walking on Texas Lightning storm colors
bellies full on Rumi soul food

our secret flames
burning up
plastic playgrounds

violating propriety
on some nuclear guarded beach

schools of fish cut
by saxophone hooked seas

blasted by vaults of unwrapped poems
someone else wrote perfect
in our dreams

we hope one day
the unpredictable silence
of simple worded wishes

will help us

extravagantly bloom
new spring leaves
rain stamped on tender delicious works

after winter is done
savagely wishing us dead
we are touched by other worlds.

For Drew
Apr 2018 · 149
Turn back to Mist
Styles 12 Apr 2018
I know secret air
your wild ocean winds
  stabbing angels
pretending to be people.

I see stars dripping outside
every lonely window,

turn over my spirit
to soft whispers.

Darkness sings
stars fly falling
   still you ask me
to master white storm.

This part of me no longer craves bodies,

my walls begin rising
  nobody has time to undersand   what we all go through.

It's fine.
I'll keep it to myself.

My hard burn cry bolting for the galloping  green pastures.

Hoping to tune back in
to a station playing for
love and children.

My dust ghost space knows how to power ache flow hoping to find
  your running rainbow lips

promising eternal sunshine
for quiet pen minds.

Melt my waves
piece by piece.

Are there any eyes who love
my silent sun inside?

Nobody sees us when we turn back to mist,

fearless to remember
  the path of totality

when my solitary roots
slip down to be counseled
  by pure water

trembling still
  from underground sun

injected by honeycombs
  lying still in floating pools

I turn to you forgetting how to speak.

Vast sea taking my edge,

your calm waters making me forget

  I ever bled.
Apr 2018 · 120
Fallen Angel's Scorn
Styles 12 Apr 2018

Fall to me wraithlike
  adorned in crowns of underbrush

pick up my shattered vertebrae
  in the hollows.

I already died.
Nothing ends.

Meet me at wood's edge.

In potent corridors rich and alive
with tall towering greenery.

Explain this blossom to us.

In due time.

Accept our flickering Spring flashes
  gushing piping hot within us.


I bear your hunger
curled in crest
when lightning flared me.

Never let me
forget again.

Remember children,  
  this is where a fallen star lives.


Fear raised me.
I bore its fangs.

Darkness I became.

Pulsing out big bangs  
nothing shattered like us before.

Wrath of fallen angels scorn.


My empathy for you stretches through time.

Smouldering ruins of your house infected mine.

Shall we not return as brothers
  stronger now
brighter than before?


I left my letter on your broken doorstep.

I will be waiting for your response.

It is my advice for you to accept the path of least resistance.
Apr 2018 · 113
Styles 12 Apr 2018
Stretching out
  chopping across air
stealth mode on

logic executed
  down on knees
shot 3 times, point blank range.

I left it bleeding
  to peek beneath your velvet covers
hoping to understand
our connection.

I dropped my shield

hoped at least
  for one glimmer of insight
before you threw me

out amongst
  the bloodthirsty wolves
good thing I kept my blade.
Styles 12 Apr 2018
She is a shoreline full of coves and cliffs.

Do not ask her to tell you where it begins or ends.

Damaged footprints stalk her recyclable judgments.

Scars reared up like cinematic poltergeist waves assassinating city lights.

Her spells weave in front of the bonfire my eyes cannot pull away from.

Strip teased by flames she weaves my opal necklace out of moonlight embedded sand.

She is a treasure chest full of jade.
Walking blindly,

I locked myself inside for days
   barely escaping with my life.

Her cool blue vampire lips kissed
  the death of innocence goodnight.

My rampant ink wrenched engines apart

nowhere to go except
  out to sea once more.

Floating on braids of her hair
  planks of our ship

recklessly cannon blasted by holes of our own self loaded rejection.

Stuck forsaken,

no worthy priest around when wolves dress in sheep's clothing.

Better off floating like an auburn leaf catching a rogue wave to wonderland.

Crash land on zero point
walk ghosted shores of her


as if memory never existed.
Feb 2018 · 116
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Reductions in visibility
snow clawing at your eyes

iceburn memory

we moan in blizzards,
whisper to desert moons

mahogany lips
  turning us  irate.


  invigorate broken cores

****** doubt

invert its position

invoke luminescent lexicon

scrawled out boldly

in       juggernaut  gales

from the interior palace

  of your plush,

introverted launch.
Feb 2018 · 114
Damage City
Styles 12 Feb 2018
There are peacock feathers smashed together in her mind.

She hasn't spoken in 3 months.

Every time she tries another radical vibrant feather interrupts her speech.

They tingle her cheeks, sneak out  bus windows to invade Damage City on her way to anywhere.

Sometimes in the cloak of black exhaust she untangles riddles of gentleness.

If there are words to speak she sings them in another world where law of wonder ignites it all.

  When she closes her eyes  mountain wind rockets them up.

  Billions of soft,
     defined dancers
   tickling coarse shells.

Let it carry electric love to everyone smashed apart burning lonely in some torn down gutter.

There are wings on fire
inside her eyes.

The ghost of everything stirs away.

  Paradox blew away the cardboard box cynics angrily threw her in.

Now nobody can fathom new colors except the wonderful dreamers.

If her mouth could bleed what silence teaches-

Who knows how Love would sound?
Feb 2018 · 113
Broken Star Hands
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Walk into my room
with revolver smiles


switchblade verse

take it all away
return again

broken stars
sing for you

treacherous wrath
  woven in my hands

you always leave traces of gunsmoke in bullet ripping sunsets

my helpless blood pounding on
wonder's doorstep.

Invade me
with captivating storms

night sky flashes
  engraving mystical lightning
on broken star hands.
Feb 2018 · 118
Scripture Light
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Let there be Justice
  on Tom Sawyer's river.

Let Jim go.
He is tired of being hunted.

All we ever wanted is flashing at us.

Wide and long.

We sunk our roots down in it.
Sail away mystic love.
Slip July Medallions in pure mountain water. I saw you dazzle.

Carry me through.
I know you're out there.
Observing. Radiant. Complete.

All I ever wanted.

Clarity. Shine.

Her smile clinging to my ribs like part of me.

A place to write it clean.
No judgment.

Simple clear flow vanishing me with words dripping from your eyes,

they say so much

hardly a grasp
hidden continent

frontiers of silence
still begging for voice

I am full.
Tears of everything falling for us.

One day soon


let me

how to carve you

in melodic tones

only to


stolen waters


voice your compassion

in secret ways

bringing voice back to her eyes
in calm splinters of scripture light.
Feb 2018 · 94
8 Seasons
Styles 12 Feb 2018
His dream desk
hides in vast field,

plump with 8 seasons
balanced on  
tightrope lavender skylines.

His careful slow gaze carves itself methodically into each shade.

Stuck inside like soul whispers tied to infinity.

Deeper than space.

Lions thump through his drawers
promising escape.

Ink snakes out of lucid pens,

slick crystal sun rivers
run through rolling wheat.

Red golden stalks of ideas
gleam high,

  everywhere butterflies carousel  whale blue air,

endless blue,

her memory
replaced with
smiling visions,

another version
of delphiniums
tantalizing fire.

Dandelion Sunlight erupting
  petal after petal,

a plethora of garden beds
  sting in country winds.

Chamomile hair drapes down
  in weeping willow solace.

Pages write themselves in ruby rivulets. They sneak past undetected by anyone.

8 seasons raining fire
on stone step eyes.

Lion's paw tingling on sea of green.
They have returned for protection.
God's Love promised to Humanity.

New shapes emerge from unknown

Something wonderful is happening.

  A new star is being born inside us.

  It's light I cannot tame.

  Teach me.






Feb 2018 · 110
Into Whispers
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Drifting long scents
fierce delicious sugar maples
quake to powdery snow echoes.

Inside no time zone
my thunder eye awe.

Razor feelings
lit electric,

intense nails
slicing up old disgusting letters.

"Breathe easy."
My dead friend says.

"The Canyon Palace is no longer Frozen."

All I know are hungry screams
  begging for
another angelic visitation.

Emerald streams into vast pools.
Her dreams swim there.
Mine are reborn.

Let us touch at least once
  before we turn back into stars.

I never felt compassion like you before, until your breeze swept it back into my pages.

All words died.

One Golden tear from your eyes
blazed my name with yours.

My quaking meadow scream
mellowed into pure
moonlight silence.

Everything I knew
throw it away.

Bring to me
  clean wonder,

oceans full of violet knives
  stabbing my haunted head.

How did I ever doubt it?

Grow more shores.
Talk clouds.
Scream rain.

Blaze into One Final Ripple
where a million frantic words

rise up
at once,

not to be written
but known and felt
in radiant light,

when alignment hits
  and thunder awes
into whispers.
Feb 2018 · 137
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Blend in.

Chameleon freeze frame
in forest tapestry.

Absorb the din.

Eye of flame
roast unreal fantasies.

Open up.

Collide in chemistry.
Splashed by magic mix.

Casting visions.
Close worldly eyes.
Open One.

Ethereal Castles swirl.

Miracle of it All
Sing to us.



Crawl closer.
Fearless of transformation.

Let the camouflage sing you
and dance silently into One Tree.
Dec 2017 · 132
Jim's Suitcase
Styles 12 Dec 2017
I put your words in locked suitcase,

a misplaced key
playing hide and seek with me,

it's not over at all,

just in case you underestimate
me with a undermine way,

mercy kidnapped
  held for sacrifice
at Bohemian Grove.

Old clever owl,
I found your weakness at last.

I am visible now
to the master

or rather


His words crafting  
me in train stations,

write me a book
on the art of going astray,


coming back

prodigal son times 10

keys given
back by You.

Here I stand,

Autumn liquid
flowering my frosted eyes

The digested suitcase swimming
with Jim's suitcase,

after the story

burns us back to absolute redemption.
Empire Of The Sun
"You are a tired boy Jim."
Dec 2017 · 135
Everything Silence
Styles 12 Dec 2017
Everything silence
morning light greets you
tap my temples
wish me real
my eyes closing
in your covers
warm words rising
on grey rain clouds
birds sing her thoughts
she dances inside wet leaves
wonders bled out of her cage
her flight went mystical dance
spun circles round the Sun.

The Sun smiled graciously
every day waiting for her passage.

I live to shine on you.

Everything silence.
When I close my eyes
You streak me inside.

I have zero proof
You landed here
but my evidence doesn't matter.

As long as we know.

Who cares what the heartless say?
Oct 2017 · 141
Looking On
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Crisp as paper
  waiting for words

an idea
  browsing wind

caught up
  in a draft

sizzling distance

every street
  falling variations of fire

tiny eyes
  looking on

motivated for floating

looking on
wordless fascination

as paper crumbles
   and idea bleeds out


  like a morning whisper
   painted by a master
Oct 2017 · 91
One Golden Smile
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Never seen you like this
floating down there

while I hold you up here
a masterpiece of cloud

able to reflect spilling light
how it all goes friendship grateful
or suddenly dark

as the shift in your eyes
  brighten when you watch her
walk in,

8 years later

letters written silently at
solitary windows

flash Gordon cursive
taking down page after page

with One Golden Smile.
Oct 2017 · 115
Bleed The Name
Styles 12 Oct 2017
her eyelashes swept me
  a constant drag

down a long Saloon corridor
  a scarlet oak leaf

trapped in a fan
  her wind changed me completely

left me hanging
  half dead humbled

off destruction's cliff
  every nail obliterated

bleed the name
  hear her echo

checking daily
  for a ******* heartbeat,

bled the forest
into creek

watched my favorite colours
  sail away,

every day
  ignore the gun
gaze the rope.

Burn the swing sets
  chug desolation


disappear into what almost was,
  some parallel universe

where the haunted trail
  wakes up

in a place
  I cannot name.
Oct 2017 · 128
Night Wizard
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Picturing you older
black beard running down
to knees

ancient forest stalk
vegabound loose

drawing energy from
stone and sky

every scar
went Iron Wall sturdy

nothing to own
except wisdom

all attachments

only spirit
flowing adrenaline ******
in long Canyon gazes

where magical mineral
hot springs

collide inside you.

A deep purple sphere
  framed in your lair

hiding under granite

night spells of thunder

  tumbling through her green eyes.

Icy white sheets of gust
  traveling far just to remember human love.

Tundra feet
long walks

skating  lonely  white  plane
  when the rope  
burned your psyche

attentive as the smell of pine
  to a boy or man

anyone free

enough to dance
  in the golden hallway of
Heaven's Treasure,

when the dream
woke up to you.
Oct 2017 · 107
Styles 12 Oct 2017
always easy to hydroplane
the back roads

hungry for anything
hunted by the one assassin

torturing you
with illuminated leaves

every glow
  a haunted
sneeze away

from lift off.

Rainbow rain
  splattering lawn

jump into the pile
  of your best memory,

laugh it off

before the fury
  steals in


fists fly hard


cries go wild.
Oct 2017 · 100
Resurrecting Bukowski
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Listen here you control freak sonofabitch,

I want to resurrect you from the grave and fight you in a broken

Not one soul to see it
except Absolute Force Of The Universe.

Don't forget we are being recorded by pure consciousness.

Get out here.

I need to test my fire.

Let's dance.

Even if you destroy me
I will taste the full angst in your blood,

when my fist finds your lip
like a star jingling rocket
painted by a moon child.

Even if I go down,
I will always love your strength

when you gave me what it took
to get up from Babylon's poisonous cement floor,

three decades of abuse on my side
flaming through every bone in Skelator's gigantic walk in forest closet,

Hansel and Gretel
roasting on smorgasbord
for the monster bite.

Do it *******!!

I am ready.

I need flakes of your teeth
in my cheeks while we tumble down razorblade hill.

Find me rehearsing your work
alone, biting at an underwater night
without stars,

when dark conifer fog
rules it all.

Waste me.

Or I'll **** you.

Then next time you can **** me again.

Until one day we laugh like old buddies, our arms slung around each other,

laughing and talking like
brothers do.
Oct 2017 · 101
Turbulent Strings
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Influenced by twilight
  mesmerizing eyes
digging further into Fall.

Giants in the sky
circling dark to white,
  now orange to pink.

Double rainbow slashing
up, disappearing into hill.

Orphans of leaves following you.

Head full of reflections
sunk into grass.

Her movements wave hypnotic wands in front of me.

Turbulent strings quivering from
  invisible fingers recklessly playing
blue thunder.

Nameless now as ever before
  her excellent ghost which
    lights me.

Why do you rage inside me
  when the flames have lost
all sound?
Oct 2017 · 232
Rainforest Mist
Styles 12 Oct 2017
Seeping up
moving through

serpentine slick
wordless glow

drop for drop
out of time

beat upon beat
marching fire

blasting on horizon
  curling like her eyelash

writing secret whispers
  for invisible suns

burning faintly
through leaf
and  thickest canopy

her body wrapped up in
a blanket of crowded stars

rainforest eyes
covering her dreams

in illuminated mist.
Oct 2017 · 182
Drowning me in Oceans
Styles 12 Oct 2017
I felt you falling all around me
in sheets of illuminated ice.

I close my eyes but I cannot sleep.

I pull you into my sacred room
the lightning rod in my spine
begins to sparkle again.

Up and down.

This hidden storm speaks in angelic languages my mouth cannot speak.

Waves at sunset roll me up on elevated sand.

My heart breaks a thousand times
repairs itself by magic.

The elusive genie is at work again.

Living on the wind, eating my love
makes him stronger. No shards can harm this one.

I believe in her.

She is the falling star following me in another sky where all my dreams
are free.

The genie blows by, whispers his message.

"I will not be satisfied until everyone is healed."

My eyes flash out.
Her name riptides my emotions.
The One from Heaven is crying.
Drowning me in oceans.
Sep 2017 · 247
Tree From Heaven
Styles 12 Sep 2017
A few weeks ago a woman at the park caught me beating up my van.

I didn't even know she was there until later.

I wasn't mad at anybody or anything.

I just felt the pressure of life getting to me.

The writing was slow and gruelling.
My style felt off and I was working like a dog dealing with angry people.

Thorns of being an empath.
Extra sensitivity surrounding me.
It's been a long time since I lived in the city.

Completely opposite of Home.

The writing was slow and the solitary warrior rebuilding his voice, yet physically worn down.

Something incredible is happening to me I cannot explain.

Waves of light keep bombarding my body during meditation.

When I connect to compassion it ripples through me in divine ecstasy.

It's like a living Angel burning in my body.

It makes me cry.

It takes my words.

It speaks to me.

It even cries through me.

It's like Heaven is visiting me
  and it leaves me tongue tied.

Love bombs me and my Hiroshima is levelled.

My eyes smoldering,
ten million shards of glass
  speaking through the Sun.

All my fragments coming back  

God's tears are changing me and I actually wake up happy.

Songs keep playing from the juke box in my heart but I am so caught off guard by the language it uses I can't seem to interpret it in a way that even remotely pleases me.

Am I reaping rewards from transmuting my darkness?

Is this my heaven on earth?

God inside me.

Breaking through my mortal shell with ammunition so amazing
I cannot capture a single blaze with any words that do it justice.

Do I need to run far away to the mountain and listen to grass speak?

Do I nose dive into silence?

Do I surf into awe?

Should I listen closer, expecting to
  blast off as the intensity of Love
   threatens to send me back
     through space?

Do I sit back, be patient,
feel my roots grow even deeper
  as your whispers brighten like an
   incomprehensible tree from

Do I shut up and open further
   as falling rain hits me and the fruit
     I eat is sweeter than Eden.
Sep 2017 · 263
Burn Rubber
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Pancaked to concrete
Van broken down
114 degrees.

Can't eat.
Can't speak.

I am lifting California off my back.

A thousand windows

my hand curving down them
turns sidewinder  through mojave
  no relief, heartless people, concrete on fire,

cleaning perceptions
for better views

brown leaves carpet everything

even on my days off
I feel ladder rope
carving my wounded hands

survival mode on high
selfish city stabbing me

everywhere I go
Babylon against me.

It's no surprise
but now it's time

to burn rubber
and get the **** outta here.
Sep 2017 · 124
Styles 12 Sep 2017
When we were starlight tap dancing
on a roof in the country,

knowing more
than now.

Seeing further then,
able to shine anywhere we wanted.

Now we are bottled in skin
   searching for the opening

I have felt it blast inside me,
  keeping me starving,

threading its magic
  drops from Oceania
   moonlight drip my haunted eyes.

I have glimpsed your
  Majestic Kingdom
King of Kings.

I am only one of many openings
when I empty my trench
   You pass through.

When sorrows become
too heavy
my back is cracked
in half.

Now I know
to give it all to You

even when all I want
is to go back
and never return again.
Sep 2017 · 132
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Lurching forward like a spasm of fluttering light,


  transparent rivers
crisply speaking
golden sand intently listening

to the hidden sound of a mountain
  spilling melted snowflake secrets.

Will you always be an ocean I cannot fully understand?
Sep 2017 · 163
Gleam To Nova
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Always in the back of my mind
she sits there waiting, drinking whiskey
  counting stars, thinks of horses,
    packs her wonder on invisible stallions
lets them trot from gleam to nova,

on the back porch, feet kicked up,
sometimes smiles dress her with wedding gown memories
  before all her wonder is rounded up
    penned up in lonely stables

All I want to do
   is go inside
   speak to them
tell them
Everything will be alright.

Soothe all those memories of storm
  when fire too wild to capture
    broke loose
   and every single beautiful creature

harmed by broken boards and flames.
Sep 2017 · 141
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Raw in the wound
black crows circling

pink morning clouds
rays of the Sun
gunslinging through them

coarse in the muscles
twisting into complex sailor knots

steel beams falling down in Michael Douglas eyes.

Scorched in the wound
all outlets blocked

pink morning clouds
writing her name

explosions of cry
screeching in flight.

All my dreams
melting air

shackled wings
  refuse to stop

all my feathers
stabbing Sun.

Nothing is as it seems.
Sep 2017 · 173
I Am Angel
Styles 12 Sep 2017
I am violet shade
on summer night

rattling curiosity
when armor is pulled off


weapons set down.

I am running water
beneath the ground.

You sense me but cannot see me.

I circle in your dreams
never leaving your side,
waiting for you to invoke me.

I am invisible diamonds
blossoming in a spacious place
inside you.

I am unobtainable verse
speaking in waves of light.

I am bolts from a storm cloud
passing through you.

I am Angel.
I come from mystery Sun.

I caress your tears.
I celebrate you every day.

I smile at you through invisible windows.

I never go away.
Sep 2017 · 117
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Never softest as dropping down, seeping in, mingling in quiet dust, knowing wind will make it all rise.

Never softest as her smile after crying,
stilling hummingbird
in eye of storm.

Only God's love can heal the world.
Sep 2017 · 117
Tip Toe
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Moccasin slippers
tip toe down
a silent corridor

finds an angel weeping
at a closed door

she lived off crumbs
walked a million miles through flame and volcanic rock

tornado in her voice
hungry man sobbing
in her eyes

she still likes to watch butterflies
at the Park, downtown

hoping one day her love
will come back with the keys

she needs to open it
before solitary madness
repeats old tapes

and the shrewd air
is screaming back
at her

punishing her
for being innocent.
Aug 2017 · 127
Styles 12 Aug 2017
When I reached your limitless waters not knowing how it would feel as my broken memory hoped you to still be there.

When I went as far away as I did trying to understand my place not knowing anything other than a faint glimpse of glory,

holding on to your tremendous shadow,

all I could offer you were tears.

When I dove into your healing waters I knew I had to share it with a troubled world,

hoping to translate it properly as
  the expansion of it

made my hidden love
  travel to another country

wiping away
every wound I ever felt.

Taking all my words,
skinning them down to core

and the path of Totality
eclipsed me completely before
  letting me go.
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