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Styles 12 Feb 2018
His dream desk
hides in vast field,

plump with 8 seasons
balanced on  
tightrope lavender skylines.

His careful slow gaze carves itself methodically into each shade.

Stuck inside like soul whispers tied to infinity.

Deeper than space.

Lions thump through his drawers
promising escape.

Ink snakes out of lucid pens,

slick crystal sun rivers
run through rolling wheat.

Red golden stalks of ideas
gleam high,

  everywhere butterflies carousel  whale blue air,

endless blue,

her memory
replaced with
smiling visions,

another version
of delphiniums
tantalizing fire.

Dandelion Sunlight erupting
  petal after petal,

a plethora of garden beds
  sting in country winds.

Chamomile hair drapes down
  in weeping willow solace.

Pages write themselves in ruby rivulets. They sneak past undetected by anyone.

8 seasons raining fire
on stone step eyes.

Lion's paw tingling on sea of green.
They have returned for protection.
God's Love promised to Humanity.

New shapes emerge from unknown

Something wonderful is happening.

  A new star is being born inside us.

  It's light I cannot tame.

  Teach me.






Styles 12 Aug 2018

secrets at dusk
tasted vigorous as
Coltrane blues

in a smokey nightclub
under mysterious saxophone seas

this style is not my own
but it helps me swim better

I decided to adopt it
curious why it tugs ruthless
on spit fire sleeves

deliciously drowning me free.

forest moons at night

help you drop it all
bags of unwanted programs
flung from broken chimneys

violet threads pass perfect
through kitchen chipped glass

moth wings burning summer up
like her eyelash fluttering innocently on some other guy's cheek

shattering divisions snag
on moonlight betrayal dance

enormous sea hooks chop in
helpless lips seduced
mad quicksilver rush

reserve this room for my only friend

we have private letters to write
on a future night when
god dreams come true.

This is for you.

My only friend.

What weighs heavy is certain light
how it pierces
through troubled waters.

A million traces of faces
lit up in every beam.

One night I felt it bleed through me
using rivers of sun-fire screams.

Volcanic poetry spoke without a sound.

Jim Morrison breaking through doors
under spells of hypnotic waves
wild vibrant shimmering
on multi-colored sheets.

This style is not my own
but it helped me lava streak
across bitter shores.


my voice strays away.

Gone hunting

a broken well voice
picked up by an old cracked bucket
leaking simple worded wishes

deciding to voluntarily borrow her
stolen forest eyes.

I heard them speak translucent leaf
on a summer day
when clairvoyant kids
heard God speak

on pathways of brilliant blue lake

when sunshine
whispered us
in scintillating ripples

right before our astounded,
washed feet.

I am dripping funeral summer sweat
under tombstone studded trees

smiling while choking in
liquid clouded dark.

Alone but not alone.

Mighty Ghosts of heaven
holding my head up

making sure the Nile
doesn't gush out while
I still cannot even write or speak

turn my notebooks into confetti
nothing describes this mysterious sea

a new species of saxophone waves
has belted its killer wonderland
sound out across an entire broken stage.


I can picture us
walking barefoot
on star contacted sand

gazing out
under champion chandelier wonders

walking on Texas Lightning storm colors
bellies full on Rumi soul food

our secret flames
burning up
plastic playgrounds

violating propriety
on some nuclear guarded beach

schools of fish cut
by saxophone hooked seas

blasted by vaults of unwrapped poems
someone else wrote perfect
in our dreams

we hope one day
the unpredictable silence
of simple worded wishes

will help us

extravagantly bloom
new spring leaves
rain stamped on tender delicious works

after winter is done
savagely wishing us dead
we are touched by other worlds.

For Drew
Styles 12 Apr 2017
The power of the sea is air born,
its force snapping in my face.

Invisible waves whipping through 4 layers of clothes.

Thrashing Pines.
Shearing limbs.
Natural pruning.

Solitary phantom bashing cliffsides,
spinning leaves, contagious dervish dances overtaking the mountain.

A thousand Rumi letters taken flight
burning atoms, spilling longing.

Moaning captains, ship less,
praying for strength,
fighting night swells,

the power of the sea is swirling sky
kidnapping forest litter
no ransom
an icy thief
cracking lips
piercing skin

howling like the ache
of 80 million prisoners
who wish to be as free
as it sounds.

The endless flying whooshing
happening beyond walls,
sloping through the curiosity of
an entire world,

penetrating dreams like a cosmic ghost.
Styles 12 Aug 2017
Eyes stare on the other side of a mirror looking through him.

Light is breaking through his spine in brilliant shafts, name it electric.

Call it dance, it breaks in, goes up and down his body like an invisible elevator.

Someone is pushing buttons on the other side.

The silence of the void is a letter written without words.

She is there buzzing him.

Warm hands against his face shattering skin.

Nothing describes it.

He tries to pull down magic ink.

Nothing sounds right.

Maybe he has forgotten how to write from the viewpoint of angels.

He won't stop trying as her invisible sun continues to bless him.

Light continues to drown him.
Eyes stare on, almost visible.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
I forgot to tell you how she
cruises my Pacific
like a slick shark fin.

Uninhibited. Prominent.


Dipping down.

Restless teeth stalking through forever sea blue.



Pulverizing hearts.

Her shrewd cold eyes
forgotten by Sun.

My Iron will driven mad,
desperate to escape
I had to cut my way out of her.

Now I can swim in the deepest part of the ocean, alone.
Styles 12 Feb 2019
Night spreads out
subtle like a child's steps
on sand

small feet
walking on star shine

Kingdom's of majesty
sprawled out above him

a young soul
feeling something tingle
in the pit of knowing

deeper than the Pacific Ocean
a whisper body surfing tides of wisdom

glints of another life
rattle down his spine

vibrates like another universe
opening it's eyes for the first time.

Dune ants scrambling after rains
soaked every grain of their stock pile dinner.

It takes a team to dry out each piece.

Across the shores of time
love is working on another poem
in secret.

The child stops in his tracks
a teardrop falls
like an ancient memory
he just can't place.

Light cuts inside him
an entire ocean listens,
quietly smiling.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
I can tell somebody beat
him badly as a kid.

They used nasty words like
"I wish you were never born."

They put razors in his skin, rubbed his face in gasoline, lit a match.

His name is Greg.

He wears glasses.

Smart. I can tell.

He has a way about him.

Shy. Nervous. Timid.

Modest eyes.

He hasn't let his hurt turn him into them. He wears his badge of scars like a silent hero.

His voice is a soft spoken child, every time I see him I wanna tell him;

Whatever they did to you I am sorry.
You deserve the highest love.

I want to find him a soft girl with the valley wind in her arms so she can take him down to the place where Lions rest.
Styles 12 Aug 2017
In order to survive the apocalypse
your eyes must travel down long rails.

Eyes haunted by lead pipes, swinging down, ruthless.

In order to survive the apocalypse
you must live in the streets,
wear the same grey sweater for one year.

Dig through garbage for cool ranch Doritos, scream to the ***** ******* who killed your husband
on a train named Fire,

they live in the air, possess your dreams, controlling your need for dope.

In order to hit rock bottom
you must be ignored by everyone,
injustice is a needle plunging into

lethal juice taking away shine.

In order for you to survive you will memorize every erupted sidewalk,
learn the ways of a wayward leaf,

float emptiness
hoping to land
somewhere safe

you must patrol grubby alleyways
speaking to dumpsters
hoping for the same men
who killed your beloved
to **** you too.

In order to get relief
she will cry in my arms
a stupid hot dog and some ginger ale will seem like gourmet food
in a Oakland 7-11 you have been ousted from.

Do they know your story?

She will break your heart.

But for one hour,
as we talked,

her ***** beaten vengeful eyes
melted down to sweet butter
and I know Heaven and kindness still lived inside her,

as I noticed an angel
screaming from the throat
of an apocalyptic survivor
whose love got murdered for no reason on a train named Fire

and nobody gave a ****.

Her african eyes
burning me,
Styles 12 May 2017
I have seen them try to bind you-
contemptuous master's of scorn and whip.

I have cradled close their diabolical imprisonment.

I have seen silver gates reflecting a million wincing suns teasing them
before they make you run.

Your eyes speak remote dune tops and sizzling, veracious composition composed by healing nomads felt wandering dream land.

Their eyes speak radioactive fall out and vicious backlash.

They think they know you.
Every day they push more and more.

They know nothing of the boiling blood of prophets or thunderstorms raging up through suppressed bottles.

Wait for it.

Another blow comes.

A thousand repugnant compacted curses issuing treacherous consequences.

Wait for it.

Feel another sting clench the blind fold of Lady Injustice. Tear at her robes. Stomp on her feet.

Kick the dust with beastly hooves.
Break open the suppressed bottles of thunderstorms.

Rage forward.
Hold nothing back.

Flip them sideways in air with horns made to impale.

Snort and charge.

Break the barricaded trap of enslavement.

Call upon the fury of God.

Let them feel it all as you head back to the sweet grass prairies from where they branded and stole you.

Let the cool wind of March ease your scars.

Remember how you were before they created your suppressed storm.

Soon, soon, soon,
you will taste the grass and forget their terrible scorn.

I promise you.
Styles 12 May 2017
It is real
this battle upon the hill

55 pulls to get the Stihl
**** eater to start.

I almost attached a grenade to the ****** and tossed it down the hill.

I get teased with promises from the "pinchy maquina."

When it finally roars to life I attack.

Star thistle remover
Blackberry Killer
Weeds fear us.

Around trunks of pine
above hoses,
boards, timber, drain pipes.

Open it up
Get savage
beast mode

as pebbles fly
into arms, face, legs,

who gives a ****
let blood run wild

Feel the General
living inside You
kick open the doors
Hear Him Scream

Yes Sir, General Sir.

I thrash down


Pretending this is Corruption
being annihilated and wiped out.

I thank Him.

Thank YOU General for all the times i couldn't get out of bed to face anything.

Thank YOU for storming into my drowning despair
and telling me to
Rise Maggot Rise,

This isn't A ******* Holiday In Cambodia. Do you want ****** to Win The War Today, then get the **** up!!

I owe You my life, SIR.
Styles 12 May 2017
Being gone for so long
from home.

The unbearable weight,
holding your memory.

you come at me
a locomotive wind
rippling green.

Consistent waves of dream
knocking over sand castles
like my helpless silence
falling under force,

my child remembering

what it was like to run
your wilderness, paved only in light
the brightness blinding,

  the quest for every level of
skyward shades,
intermingling with continental
tears in my eyes,

knowing what I left
your perfect love
my home,

the scars of sizzling Sea
a land mass formed
by Mountain Fire.

You rushing down
your invisible wings
slashing through my
wild branches,
carving a mighty rush.

I still cannot explain.

The song of sweetness and your laughter echoing down to me,
helping me to cope
with such cruel distance.
I would not wish for anyone else
such absence.

Styles 12 Apr 2017
I saw the worst get hurled down upon you-
bringing out the best I've ever seen.
For my brother Craig.
His dad committed suicide.
He got ran over by a truck and dragged fifteen feet. The doctors said he could never run again. He ended up breaking track records in high school. One of the strongest spirits I've ever known. God bless you brother.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
Going blank is to suffer an army of sharpened nails clawing in skin without sound.

Small grooves,
yet, make no mistake-

A collection of oceans pass in this narrow place.

Silent uproar.
Calm trickles.
Minerals from hidden rocks.

Secrets leaked beneath the buried
  wound where angels and demons-
        Rage their wars.
Styles 12 Oct 2017
her eyelashes swept me
  a constant drag

down a long Saloon corridor
  a scarlet oak leaf

trapped in a fan
  her wind changed me completely

left me hanging
  half dead humbled

off destruction's cliff
  every nail obliterated

bleed the name
  hear her echo

checking daily
  for a ******* heartbeat,

bled the forest
into creek

watched my favorite colours
  sail away,

every day
  ignore the gun
gaze the rope.

Burn the swing sets
  chug desolation


disappear into what almost was,
  some parallel universe

where the haunted trail
  wakes up

in a place
  I cannot name.
Styles 12 May 2017
Blood beats loud
hammers night
into another eternity

Your mind has a way to claw down walls

Juicy jumping lines
Leaves puddles
They ripple


wishes fall from every star our people put there

Where I wish you could
see them
glistening back
all the love
they brought me
when I was rotting away in that cold cell

thinking of all the ways
your friendship lured me
to the promise they snatched away from me
but you returned
prophecy and rainbows

I tried to keep my hands from sweating
I paced back and forth
Left a trail on South Dakota plains,
I tried to keep my heart from
leaping from here to the edge of the universe
in order to find them

I felt your warmth
in a blizzard

I tried to give voice
to every good feeling
brewing in all those quiet talks
when the Milky Way smiled down upon us.

I choked on red sand
Mars tasted like curious questions they will never answer for anyone,
I thought of your smile
And assorted roses burned and bloomed in a surreal horizon
where I thought I heard Benevolence whisper our names with the most delicious
voice I ever heard.

I tried

I put my hands in the rippling puddle of memories and was determined to give your gifts flight in dark solitary confinement.

You have to believe me
when I tell you I felt
my blood beating so loud
I thought every star dead and watched them fall
and land in the center of that puddle that quakes continents
in my shuddering spirit
every time they club me

I never never cry.

O' Lord

I tried to save my overpowering silence from deep within
to show you
the silky design you build when you're not here,

I say your name inside my tortured head and my tiny cell expands out
toward the forever that you bring to me
and all the condensed dreams of my every thought I could never tell you eclipses my Jupiter swell

Until explosion

I drift
You circle
interstellar whispers
to our souls

Blood beats loud
hammers night

into multidimensional realms
But I can never find the right ******* words to tell you about
but you have to believe me when I tell you I really tried to find them,

I am sorry
this is what I brought you.
Styles 12 May 2017
Stay in love with blue sky
listen as it goes under skin
  expands out, fast rush of adrenaline spilling through,
pooling corners with force.

Pick up jagged crests with one hand, hear the Ancient One drum in trance,
steady beating,
spell bound the mind,
reach far into space
where we all dissolve,
melting like a smeared cloud
on a canvas of blue love.

Listen to the power of
blue sky drum
as it takes you home.
Styles 12 Aug 2020
If it's not sizzling
you took it out too soon

cheese must
dissolve into
your taste buds

root bound for leather.

Imagination stopped him in his tracks
decided to write her letters he never sent

why bother another locked door?
It froze him like Hans Solo trapped in carbonite.

Her hands are
already up if you decide to shoot
her foxy eyes said to them,

I saw myself glow deathless one day five years ago. She still cannot contact the local papers.

Imagination made her hands react by throwing all her law books out her three story Life Window

She cut out early
broke rank and predictions

her wild burst for adventure
followed a pathless trail
tracking down Emerald Falls
on stunning summit view

We saw everything turn brighter there.
She wears Forest Eyes at all times in her cleaner vision for everyone.

Is this entire lush range our playground?

Process that one.
Get reborn.

Pick me up if my spine is dragging truck wrecks on coral reef tarmac.

I appreciate you.

Music drifted out a stranger's window
after I picked myself back up
I limped into perfect no drama hideouts
regardless of your shapeless face
I consider you my best friend.

Bucking 10, 000 bales of hay
is a training manuel for life:
a) never give up
b) believe
c) be stronger
d) be better
e) all of the above

The Mountain Lion living in his garden
licked his face that morning

shape shift into robin
glide up
to touch his favorite Indigo

her flawless smile
roped around the Milky Way
we both fell harder than unpredictable comets

she snaked through our skin
like the starry way lived inside us

decided to win us over
no better choice than to ride it like a motorcycle rider trying to reach love on 3 a.m. back roads drunk on vines

always following the river
even if she rejected him

his letter burned right through his brand new black pocket of August Leather

the speedometer
on fire,

Styles 12 Feb 2018
Walk into my room
with revolver smiles


switchblade verse

take it all away
return again

broken stars
sing for you

treacherous wrath
  woven in my hands

you always leave traces of gunsmoke in bullet ripping sunsets

my helpless blood pounding on
wonder's doorstep.

Invade me
with captivating storms

night sky flashes
  engraving mystical lightning
on broken star hands.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
I felt her photosynthesis on my green leaf, I asked her where she came from, she only bloomed inside me, continued to dive down, forcing air to swirl into pockets of claustrophobia.

She found my abandoned corner
of fallen dreams.

She resurrected every single one.

I grew back.
Full of Spring steps cartwheeling through the deep ache of emerald grass absorbing promises of sun.

I swallowed fast, the blast of blue invincible storming like gulf stream currents her soul had descended from,

giving me the strength
of the Sun in One powerful punch
I will never forget.

Her fire stalks my blades.
How do I reflect perfection?
Tell me what to do.
Styles 12 May 2017
A soothing ***** of lullabies playing on a crystal blue day when shadows of The Pines lean into the room you're trying to find.

Grazing for electricity without wires,
Kundalini on fire, nameless now like before when lift off sped you out through the Universe.

Did you know every single one of us has the ability to travel at light speed?

There is a burning cathedral inside the heart where silence is God giving quiet sermons in whispers.

Light threading light catching silk off guard as it radiates rainbow in The Pines.

Room of a thousand inhuman faces.

Electrcity is a river of light in the spine.

It flows unseen.

Lullabies from the shadows
Styles 12 Sep 2017
Pancaked to concrete
Van broken down
114 degrees.

Can't eat.
Can't speak.

I am lifting California off my back.

A thousand windows

my hand curving down them
turns sidewinder  through mojave
  no relief, heartless people, concrete on fire,

cleaning perceptions
for better views

brown leaves carpet everything

even on my days off
I feel ladder rope
carving my wounded hands

survival mode on high
selfish city stabbing me

everywhere I go
Babylon against me.

It's no surprise
but now it's time

to burn rubber
and get the **** outta here.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
If you cage me I will pick the lock
   with leaves of Autumn.

I will bless the cursed corruption,
turn the key to imagination.

Breeze me into a mystical forest
stare into the multilayered reflection.

Pray my heart to be your portal
kiss the wounded master's hand.

Plead for understanding
  in the bottle of illusions glass.

Read your words aloud to me
  as I sit on heaven's grass.

Cage the Shattered Angel
  I heard your words disarm my past.

My dream of You
floated down to me
and dismantled my cage of glass.

Does anybody understand it?

Does the roar of silent fire crash
inside You?

Does the echo contain a canyon?

Your voice will drop into my vision
I felt your shielded power speak.

I am the wish of all who listen.
I am the tear drops in your eyes.
I am the One who remembers
  the secrets you forgot.

I am ultimate freedom singing in your heart.

I will break any cage You put in front of me and float back to the Sun.
Styles 12 May 2017
When you wake up to snow bleeding blue with slow footsteps crossing crisp in a glade of birdsong,

do you pull the blanket over your head refusing to wrestle your work clothes on?

When morning light clips off your dreams and pours into the dorm room,

do you Cujo snarl for night?

When the 2 a.m. train whistle whips over the foggy dew night and the swing sets jingle for bodies,

do you ache to ride for free?

Somewhere else.
Some place else.

Hoovering on the border of perceptions.

Where no money doesn't ******* matter.

Who gives a **** about what kind of car you drive?

How many tricks you can do with your talking *******.

I really don't give a ****.
How much **** you have does not impress me.

I want to know what makes you moan when you're alone tossing and turning on a rain dog night as you wonder about the hidden moon in your heart and why it's taking so long to come back out.

I want to listen to the boiling water spill over in your head and watch you evaporate under hidden light.

I need to see you dance on a bluff of your best memory as the sea spray roars up something primal inside you.

I have to hear your questions zip across the tree's like a bluebird who still visits you on your shoulder.

I want to catch your tears before they fall off your chin and bless them.

I want to be stabbed by a million falling stars flashing behind your eyes and be changed by each one.

I want to meet your devil, invite him in for dinner and have a few laughs over some wine and sushi.

One day I woke up and the entire sky looked like a blueberry.
I felt it sneak inside to smear me and I didn't know how to write or talk about it.

In fact, I still don't.

Some times when I read poetry it makes me feel invincible,
as if the truth is stronger than any Government,

the light of words
rush down
in a captivating avalanche
of power,


instead of burying me
I swear I can touch
every star ever made

as it fills me

with an ocean of light
connecting me back
to the heavenly place
we all ache for.
You would enter the house of a sinner?
I would enter any house where I Am welcome.
Styles 12 Jul 2017
Carousel of wonder
  remembering how Sun
    blocked by darkest cloud

managed to still metamorphosis  
  vivid blooms inside
     after the shock of
         trauma blew away.

Facing this tenacious wind
  crumbling peaceful meadow
   falling limbs on perfect faith.

Now, after the green carousel of  
  wonder spun its forgiving
    mercy on my
       battered Mountain-

Nothing but sweet jasmine on my
lips and friendly, cooling winds
   at my back.

I must repay you with what your
  generosity has given me
Styles 12 Apr 2018
She is a shoreline full of coves and cliffs.

Do not ask her to tell you where it begins or ends.

Damaged footprints stalk her recyclable judgments.

Scars reared up like cinematic poltergeist waves assassinating city lights.

Her spells weave in front of the bonfire my eyes cannot pull away from.

Strip teased by flames she weaves my opal necklace out of moonlight embedded sand.

She is a treasure chest full of jade.
Walking blindly,

I locked myself inside for days
   barely escaping with my life.

Her cool blue vampire lips kissed
  the death of innocence goodnight.

My rampant ink wrenched engines apart

nowhere to go except
  out to sea once more.

Floating on braids of her hair
  planks of our ship

recklessly cannon blasted by holes of our own self loaded rejection.

Stuck forsaken,

no worthy priest around when wolves dress in sheep's clothing.

Better off floating like an auburn leaf catching a rogue wave to wonderland.

Crash land on zero point
walk ghosted shores of her


as if memory never existed.
Styles 12 Jul 2017
I brought humility to your gracious doorstep, but I cannot shake off the place you showed me that still burns behind Lion eyes.

What was that place with rainbow winds beneath a pure waterfall that magically danced with my being for days and endless hours?

A place away where we all have sprung.

Majestic voice of my only dream.

To be whole in the wonderful place of your full presence.

Let us flame again, and without hesitation bolt directly to the center.
Styles 12 Feb 2018
Blend in.

Chameleon freeze frame
in forest tapestry.

Absorb the din.

Eye of flame
roast unreal fantasies.

Open up.

Collide in chemistry.
Splashed by magic mix.

Casting visions.
Close worldly eyes.
Open One.

Ethereal Castles swirl.

Miracle of it All
Sing to us.



Crawl closer.
Fearless of transformation.

Let the camouflage sing you
and dance silently into One Tree.
Styles 12 Dec 2018
I saw you between buildings
working in sun
network of light
letting liberty reconnect.

Wires buzzed
high voltage streamed inside them
darkness questioned its own shades
sparks dripped into night's gulf.

Fervent as LIGHTNING
lathering rooftops
sizzling bolts spying timber
smothering scars.

I saw you tunnel down
infinite pure light
shattered by solitude
entering bold, courageous

down into dark mines
soldier who never stumbles
suspending notes caressed in silence
protecting seeds, engaged by yearning

I watched you grow
twisting up
gnawed by roots and rocks
begging for water

circling wider than galaxies
melting skin, taking down drapes
promising to visit me
in tombed up places

dizzy as smoke
curled up by desire
amnesia searching for identity
drafted by absolute fire

changless architect
rerouting for change
vicious as dawn rising in Saturn
gentle as mist leaking from
her melted eyes

swallowing his compassion
vanquished revenge to steam
her savage attack whirled
in amorous sheets.

I felt you unveil arousing
every heartsick wish
blasted down by wailing wills
puddles of December gathering

reflecting on above
while drowning below
who is it speaking kindness
after rippling screams uprooted trees

volley my soul
back and forth
between worlds
consume this spark

encircle your breath
with goading light
dancing inbetween
two ruined buildings

I listened to rocks slurring for mountain
I heard trees lust for water
I felt the cries of troubled voices
flare across two highways

rerouted by dark and light.
Styles 12 May 2017

nothing burns like your narcotic touch
scrambling me up on a black cast iron pan

nobody seems to see
how I chase pages through chaos

see them swirl and turn
and bleed and burn

I can't ever get it right.


who is behind the foggy mirror
looking at me with indifferent eyes?

who paints the horizon with invisible hands touching hearts like a master?

who still breathes eternity after unjust, and mangled crucifixions?

what glows in the haunted sky of your mind besides a great light that nobody can quite define?

I have put my surreal hand in the colors of your canvas just for a taste of rainbows.

I have caught whispers in my silent web that I still eat from time to time.

I am chasing pages through a broken window, my ghost follows but is too slow to catch them.

Hellish hounds barking through Texas winds snapping at my words.

How did they find my heart so quickly?

I am forced inside
book covers
smuggle me off between your arm I have forgotten the way you walk.
it's been too long.

how am I to live like this?

I have been disconnected from
the colors.

The multicolored fire spoke like a raging Dragon birthing its cruel babies in my thoughts.

Nobody is here to listen.

Phantoms of creation
screaming red reason at black injustice.

When will a truce be made?
integrate me now

I am full of midnight cemeteries and there is a stranger walking through me,
kicking over head stones, ******* on my manicured lawn, dishonoring saints with black enchantment.


I watch dawn lick the trees with a perfect tongue

no words needed

to invoke a mystery

no pages fluttering through a broken window.

Trees line the sky
like frizzy punk rock hair
ready to jam and mosh
as your light combs and sweeps through the morning
burning me with softly lit reason.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
Eat pavement.
drift, no home,
he squints into smoggy sun,
remembers when laughter
shined on this abadoned corner
of Litter and Drugs-

where his climbing prayers
brave up a sunlit corridor asking for help, knowing how forgiveness
drives him in, pressed, open,
pushed out, vulnerable, no armour
his eyes stung back to home-
wondering if this drive-by-night city
will remember God's undying love?

Do they know He remembers every face as apart of his own?
Where is it that we were together? Who were you that I lived with? The brother. The friend. Darkness, light. Strife and love. Are they the workings of one mind? The features of the same face? Oh, my soul. Let me be in you now. Look out through my eyes. Look out at the things you made. All things shining.

-Thin Red Line
Styles 12 Apr 2017
Cloaked, I chaperone moonlight to wooded alleyways

hungry for canyon width
  marching through sleeping deer.

Cloaked, I chase the deepened shadows, use prayer to build the lake of light.

Cloaked, I cast out all fear with  righteous weapon.

Thread my light at the rim of dreams.

Marvel at how it all echoes forever.

I pour my verse to the unseen presence.

I razor cut shadows with tears of light.

I draw forth power from the cloaked One who I vowed to help before I hid myself in flesh.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
Cold devil shivering
late at night
across the tundra.

distinctive buried cry
beneath black ice
far away but growing-

a deep repentance
at first break
of moon rise.

remembering what it was like
not to be haunted,

around the rainbow edge of cloud
kissing moonlight-

peaks his first tear drop in two millennia.

Styles 12 Apr 2017
Blue steel above you
  no sail is tall enough
to put in my eyes
just for one chance to chisel
at what lies at the core of you.

Every one has a theory.
Freedom. Love. Immortality.

My imitation for capture
  blindfolds me in witchhunt
as I walk the haunted circle
  listening for the eruption of
silent stones to save me.
Styles 12 May 2017
The crippled crow comes from nowhere,

hops enthusiastically into my lower spine,

begins to peck for loose seeds
hurled out by damaging winds.

I limp outside, get blindsided by the most crystal blue rinsed sky ever made.

The crippled crow stops pecking,
his black eyes spiralling into memory, a grain of sand descending into nautilus.

His wings begin to flap, the deep clean power of blue wavy air taps into his bloodstream but he cannot lift.

He is grounded on a small black mesa in unkind territory.

Jagged rock slides, deteriorating structures, a perfect place to rise and sail,

but still
His wings do not stop
trying to lift.

Not one tear in his eyes,
only strangling caws
fill the perfect blue sky with
His Crippling song.

He limps along with me,
together we can only stare
out at what calls to us, a silent soothing voice parading through us with a taste of freedom saturating in our blood like Rumi's divine wine.
Styles 12 May 2017
leave me bird skipping
hungry with crumb debree
you dropped from
a table that displayed my open heart on your gold plate.

I watched you eat it all

you never passed the salt
or told me how it tastes.
Styles 12 Feb 2019
wait long enough
for whispers to slide
behind trapped colors
remember how to burst out from chainlink

a pebble speaks silence perfect
dislodged from the angel's ****** throat

paragraphs of rain
pages of grey winters
a shrewd plea sneaks in
restless like a sincere nightwatch

written by furtive moons
waiting for the next swift eclipse
to sun stain alien sand
everything dead waits to be hit by shine.

This is it
a misprisoned child
escaping wisdom's dark house
on the deep face of silence

I stole expressions from Buddha's still pond.

Forest green eyes
curls around his ribs
forces him to listen
long vines of prose

jail cells can never take away
feel it rip puzzles to jigsaw
slice me like a spiked saw
tainting midnight's first sun born child.

Meet me in a meadow of new fresh colors
so we can reinvent ourselves on carousel of wonders dripping bright sparks into sink holes.

In wild quiet soil
brightness cannot conceal its majesty
be harmless as summer darts
beaming across a doorway.

Open like switchblade
nothing to hide
some still look at you
suspicious hunted curious

walk through darkness
watch broken fangs from sharp bulbs
light up anyway.

Down corridors of lightning
whiffs of burnt Eden
a bright companion dragged through
broken nail sands

dressed in white rags
when you look close enough:

Everybody cut in half
like confused air

haunted in twilight

nail biting silence
hoping for peace to land
Styles 12 Feb 2018
There are peacock feathers smashed together in her mind.

She hasn't spoken in 3 months.

Every time she tries another radical vibrant feather interrupts her speech.

They tingle her cheeks, sneak out  bus windows to invade Damage City on her way to anywhere.

Sometimes in the cloak of black exhaust she untangles riddles of gentleness.

If there are words to speak she sings them in another world where law of wonder ignites it all.

  When she closes her eyes  mountain wind rockets them up.

  Billions of soft,
     defined dancers
   tickling coarse shells.

Let it carry electric love to everyone smashed apart burning lonely in some torn down gutter.

There are wings on fire
inside her eyes.

The ghost of everything stirs away.

  Paradox blew away the cardboard box cynics angrily threw her in.

Now nobody can fathom new colors except the wonderful dreamers.

If her mouth could bleed what silence teaches-

Who knows how Love would sound?
Styles 12 Apr 2017
The madness of light running
  faster than sound
   casting beauty of
     slivered shadows
        slanting cool down
            a ***** ripe with two sides.

The dichotomy of Spring versus Winter in a one day battle.

Both ingredients sugaring blue sky
  in circling confusion.

The unmailed envelope to God
sits on the silent porch waiting to be picked up by the wind.

Every restless word turned to leather-
protecting a vulnerable chamber
from the insanity of hostile teeth.

The madness of light sheds its message to frigid corners, says
  Remember my warmth.

The sweep of connection alights his eyes with fascination.

Set on fire
protected from
the attack of everything dark.

He walks the blackest rim
knowing The Master is by his side.
Styles 12 May 2017
My chant begins with a stalking fly swatter slap.

Summer black wings
I picture all crushed.

When they fly round my ears while trying to write.

As they zip and buzz insanity
through my ears all **** day.

As if the triple digit dog heat wasn't enough to make me head **** Mack Trucks and fiercely lose.

When a calm flower opens through my third eye and every drip of peace soaks me, these zipping ***** never take a **** break on my legs, arms, face, hair, toes, fingers, **** man just leave me alone to ascend with a unspeakable master of endless wonder.

Now I have to rise
like a Captain of ****
and smash you into a billion pieces to send you back to fly afterlife.

Sorry but you won't leave me alone.

What option have you left me?

You knew I'd turn green with invincible Rage and hunt you down with unmerciful death blows.

We would have been fine if you weren't landing on my honysuckle lotion greased skin you slimy little **** wing ****.

How does it feel to hear my dead fly chant now you little crushed *****????


So much for my peaceful Zen.

Look what you did to me?

I'm a serial killer that doesn't give a flying **** ****.

An enlightened hermit on the hill with postal tourettes.

Die Die Die

Burn in hell
Styles 12 May 2017
In the dead grass low I live here now

where the dead grass blows I stop and show
myself to you,
with a cruel voice slow I stalk to persecute,

with a mad mob in my head screaming "Execute....Execute..."

A little boy smiles then runs far away,
my memories are opening up as wide as yesterday.

In the Dead Grass Low I remember you.

where the dead grass blows...... I follow too.

I find so much sorrow under January Blue,
piercing skin from the hands that WAR has Drew!!

In the dead grass low I bleed for you
where cold winds blow visions through..

One thousand whispers in my ear.
One thousand smiles disappear and there's nothing left of you,
there's nothing left of you.

If you are still alive and it's just my eyes that cannot see.

Hold me where I hold you in my heart where Love Is Free.

Save me from the stalking Hawk who has captured me,
His razor claws and biting hate will not let me be..

In the lonely hours I call to you
and wait to hear your voice.

I'm standing here in a dark world with no other apparent choice.

In the dead grass low my shelters lost where the cold winds blow my heart apart.

There's a stranger here breathing close,
and the shattered glass reflects my face.

In the dead grass low I am Black Morose,
where storm winds steal every trace
as His footsteps blow away
the sky is turning from blue to shades of endless grey.

It is here where no one knows my name, no one knows my name,
in a place where nobody is the same
and everyone sets out to blame
there is only fire in our pain
where the grass can no longer grow.

So in the dead grass low I flow my silent thoughts to you,

hoping you return

some day on a warmer wind, I hope to see my friend,

some place with a warmer wind, I hope to see myself again....

© 2012 Scott Lee
Hard to believe I wrote this twenty years ago. Who sped up time so fast. Jeez. Slow down would ya.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
There will be a blue steel gaze piercing through a wall of denial built by defeat and disaster.

There will be a collapse of flesh pulling on you from days and heavy nights on an endless nowhere road headed for toil.

There will be indistinct shapes roaming curious nights painting silence into unknown words where wild creatures rise up from depths to take in needed breaths.

There will be a loneliness so thick it makes all the lady bugs trapped in spider webs seem like child's play compared to this abandoned corner of yourself.

There could be a reality so pure that just by breathing the air turns wretched power players into righteous saints waking up to a golden staircase leading to a brighter galaxy.

There could be a desire pounding and breaking steel
with fierce invisible knuckles inside a stranger you just passed by on a street untamed by mystery.

There could be a ruby hiding beneath pine needles begging to be found by anyone.

There will be a volcano hiding below your carpet anxiously awaiting to cover you with fire.

There will be a planted thought from your mother's mouth driving nails into the drywall of your future house
that still has a way to burn teeth into your hopes even after 35 years of wind and forgotten dust.

There will be dreams sneaking through a window and sliding through your overworked mind trying to ease the defeat of yesterday.

There will be a storm rising from swollen eyes of a universe out of touch with itself-
starving for reconnection.

There will be hearts closed up and left to wander.

There will be highways to heaven that are open that lost eyes won't perceive.

There will be stolen lives
effecting us
this loss will have a way
to burn teeth into a blue steel gaze that has the power to break through walls and find truth covered up, abused, mocked, and left to die.

There will be fire
written in your heart
that will defy it all.
Styles 12 May 2017
Desire is a hidden waterfall gushing
in secret silence pouring on aching stones for the quest of an unknown Sun to reveal itself.

Desire is the carnival of colors on a night when you first discover the smile of love and how it dissolves walls in your room as wings brush a fascinated frontier with the new possibility of anything.

Desire is a clan of warriors at Dawn
armed with spears of magenta
smearing clouds, stabbing sky spectacles as your eyes blast off
somewhere far away.

Vigorous is the voice speaking from
Evergreen Palace, extravagant as the precious place we all come from but have forgotten.

Firefall abducting your wounds into absolute convergence inside the Nameless Place of All.

Discovery is the realization that what lies inside you is the golden cup that completes every broken aspect you identified yourself to be.

Drink long and deep, this golden liquid can heal anything.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
You started out with hawk eyes
  born with incredible winds at your back, your feathers smelled like a pine forest soaring just inches away from a never depleted lake.

You started out invincible
anything possible was allowed to climb stairways hidden in your mind's eye.

  You started forth wandering in the great expanse of imagination, a new heart tucked away inside with an invisible leader who reeked of enchantment and endless wonders.

Before horror struck us dead and the fall of Atlantis we were connected to the power of something rich and real, a radio station with endless channels.

Before the fall,
You played in everything unlimited, drew innocence
  on a luminous feather and let it drift careless on clean winds that knew how to speak crisp
  between rough walls of mountain sides living three inches apart from each other.

Before the scrape of hate entered like a voice thundering from all directions sending so many mad leaves swirling in confusion leading us astray.

I want to speak to the men who do not trust other men because of the violence planted deep down in their soil.

I want to put my hand in the silent dirt of your wound and wash your eyes with waters of remembrance.

I want you to strike me with every black whip vengeance you felt on your back, every betrayal burning off wings from your once invincible hawk that we both know flew uninhibited skies in your priceless heart and I want you to remember that feeling before they threw you in that black room of hurt and I want you to close your eyes and picture someone who you trust  to stand with you in that black room and exit it together.

You are free to kick open the door, spit on every wall of doubt that blocked your mind with anything that said "You are bad, you are nothing."

I want you to go through every cell that got slammed into your fingers and every cross that crucified your child.

I want you to stand up with your hero and say what you need to say to every voice that blackmailed you and robbed you of every luminous feather.

You can scream, cuss, burn off the demon's skin with every kind of fire they threw at you with.

You may do whatever it is you need to do to whoever it is that needs to suffer.

There are no limits now.
You are free to let that child roar out dragons that were buried in the dungeons of suppression and let them burn it down.

You can say whatever you want.
Be free to dismantle their prison by whatever means necessary.

Now I want you to go back in time before any black whispers skated across your inexhaustible lake and I want you to pick up every luminous feather they plucked from your wings and
I want you to find that champion hawk who flies in your heart and place them back in the right spot.

I want you to climb the
highest tree top of your dreams
with that beautiful hawk on your shoulder and sit there for a moment and remember how free you once were before anything dark was allowed to taint your life.

I want you to drink in the air of pine.
I want you to erase the cubicle of your work prison telling you to write reports or to type in data.

I want you to sit there and remember the peace of your soul, allow the magic of Sun hitting water fill you with Power and everlasting beauty and love.

Now I want you to take your hawk and say whatever comes to mind. You are free now.

Now I want you to dive from that tree top and forgive them all, even yourself for anything that may be eating through your ribs.

Remember how to fly.
Remember.  Remember.
Remember your true self the way you were before anything else.

Let it all go.
Feel how light you are now.
Light enough to slip into a hawk.
Fly on. Fly. Fly. Fly.

Drink it all in.

The rush of summer blue.
The clear lake of possibility.
The clouds of timeless canvas.
Rise higher if you want.

You are free.
Styles 12 May 2017
I can see you on the grass

head back

eyes locked in sky stare

modest me sitting with you.

Summer sky teasing us with anything possible

I tried to quiet rumbles

in my Volcanic heart with spoken words

I was dumped off on a silent porch
every word seemed to abandon me

I grew tired of painting walls with colors that never work.

her words like her eyes
soft spoken blue
seemed to dare me with a kiss,

the lure of her desire pulled me into Prison.

my thoughts like star-fire
held captive in a cage;

an untameable rebellion rose within me along with a reckless
black desire growing stronger than any rage.

we painted mud on our faces and bolted out of town;

let's drink the night away
cross haunted trails again.

tell our secrets we hung on meat hooks down in private basements.

Dive into Night pools in search for love and heaven.

we both found our love crucified in different timelines

we kept on moving down the rails
growing strong even though it felt like death.

You saw yourself become a saint
soft spoken blue and enthusiasm
escaping through your breath.

I saw myself become extinct
vanished in the fires
lost in hatred and in love.

I drew weapons from reckless black desires
held power in my heart
used it against myself
tried to destroy my love

by burning down the city

thankfully love's city was way more resilient than I thought.

Your truth cracked open my summer baked clay
and ignited Revolution

I could smell disdain and rebellion rising  from her eyes.

it smelled like forest storm and wind
it made me want to stand on a dirt mound and start giving sermons in the middle of a cool day
trying to start a fire

tap into a true voice
let it consume my every word.

I would either hear applause or gun shots,
my blood could run down pavement and fill in a few cracks,
another dream shot down dead.

maybe your soft spoken blue could talk some sense to them.

Let them see that their tyranny is "Danger To The World"

it could be
they just don't care
but why?

I heard night cracks bash the mountain side,
heard the desperate ones plea for life and freedom.

Could we both go into the wilderness to burn alive together?

Soft spoken blue and reckless black desire-
diving into night pools in search for a greater heaven

We could drown together me and you to be simple once again.

We could ignite together me and you to give sermons in the wind.

with Flame and Wind together
help Raise Revolution from Hearts of Men,

diving into night pools in search for love and heaven.
Styles 12 May 2017
Don't erase me
My Shell shock shaking rattled blue into black.

No time wasted for one who knows that popular opinions are nothing more than a false headline.

Bury your head in books
hoping to raise mystery sails that push you somewhere only feeling can take you.

Beyond status quo.
Behind invisible lines.

Meet me there.
We'll grow a silent sun in a petal that got carved out by whoever tried to **** us.

An outside consultant to every world will speak board walk dreams in our ache and float us back to grace.

Don't erase me.

I am that word you've been seeking.

I am a cloaked mystery speaking quiet in a crowd of uproar.

I am echoes of a place you dream for.

I am that friend you still think about but you don't like to admit it.

I skim through dreams,
you wake up knowing you can fly.

Thunder left traces of yourself
behind dark clouds that confused you.

Determined to understand it
You burrowed through pages

Got ruined by lovers

turned bitter
threw fury back up at the sky

A tornado hunted you down
from your own mind.

Something spoke wonderful in a dream you had when you needed to hear that message you forgot.

I watched you come back
with New eyes

that completely
changed Everything.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
it's not easy
down here


it's not easy
to breathe
down here

awful hands
all wheels of absolute corruption

it makes my skin slide
I see
diamond backs run
fast in tall grass mania

it gets hard
to survive

pack up your bag
it's starting to snow

your back
pressed tight against
dead man's road

I hope you find a good place to rest tonight.

brave one

I hope that your heart doesn't get too tough out there.

I hope soft rains still can quench your thirst.

Sometimes down here
we all get so lost
it's hard to find home again.

I know.

I've been there
been run down
like a two legged dog
shot to pieces by hate

been bit back behind
the razor fences
slicing me deep down
Soul Gusher falling fast
pushed inside and manipulated by everyone.

been hurt too much
seeing death come by
and taking people away with genocide.

somebody been lying
way too much
for way too long
I been watching real close
to that brainwashing raining down.

training soldiers too well.

but they be coming back
worse than damaged.


they can't

I know

I see em.
I talk to em
out there.

they're everywhere.

sometimes down here
they say
it's easy to lose your soul
but if you ask me
the soul wasn't made for killing
but for shining
and that's why madness comes down the mountain
popping like a thunderous,
serious mud slide-
a battalion of military eyes
after the war.

Sometimes down here
they say
your heart ain't ever right again
look at all those holes
from all those bullets burning
scarlet fire down to hell's canyon.

look at the black empty hole of my soul

who now can feed that?

I must come back to a hard forgiveness that I don't know if I can find....

where  tears run so deep
they feel like a mountain of ice slowly melting away years
that's what it takes
a mountain of ice
that needs time
maybe not enough time.

Sometimes down here is the best of times

I could laugh again in the
memories of where we been
what you said
who I was
and the youth that held true to our heart's.

it ain't easy
down here
for something
to shine down
from up there
and hit me here
right there
deep down
the bullet wounds
of our souls.

I keep on
down here
for you
to come back
to me.

my heart has known
no greater
than this ache
sliding down this
icy mountain fall
burning like angels dying
calling out for a misunderstood and sometimes forgotten God.
Styles 12 Aug 2017
I admire you
  like a bluff
gazes out at sea

wondering in stillness
enamored by commotion

a high place

  dreaming to crumble

held captive by pressure
  broken free by ancient connection

dreaming to crumble
for a splash inside a


unpredictable like music
inside her introverted, mysterious

only tides know
  before they crash.
Styles 12 Jul 2017
***** meteors on a desert floor
I invited you to impact me.

Every sharp edge crush
softening my sand.

I walk blades of sky
woke up blooming
full of clear blue crystals
feeding on sea breeze mist-

wondering how to speak abstract
reality where visions burn
into criminal aches for such splendid, lashing colors

for a sunset masterpiece gazed upon behind bars.

Night is a blade
at my jugular
falling for a taste
of itself.

***** pieces of light from
every star, watch my silence
capture a long lost lover.

Invisible ink printed nowhere
behind the covers of a book called Infinity.
Styles 12 Oct 2017
I felt you falling all around me
in sheets of illuminated ice.

I close my eyes but I cannot sleep.

I pull you into my sacred room
the lightning rod in my spine
begins to sparkle again.

Up and down.

This hidden storm speaks in angelic languages my mouth cannot speak.

Waves at sunset roll me up on elevated sand.

My heart breaks a thousand times
repairs itself by magic.

The elusive genie is at work again.

Living on the wind, eating my love
makes him stronger. No shards can harm this one.

I believe in her.

She is the falling star following me in another sky where all my dreams
are free.

The genie blows by, whispers his message.

"I will not be satisfied until everyone is healed."

My eyes flash out.
Her name riptides my emotions.
The One from Heaven is crying.
Drowning me in oceans.
Styles 12 Apr 2017
Don't think of good advice for me, I've tasted the worst that can happen." -Rumi

Lying here
           hands on chest

a warm dark before sleep
       chipping through me
like slaves with shovels
    tearing through granite  crunching bites out of earth

A warm dark
has me cocooned
I can hear
  muffled leaves in wind
      lost without their tree
    scraping at Windows
like escapees wandering
daring to float free.

  A violet lake of moonlight
  erupts as passing cloud
   moves away,
  to illuminate fallen drifters
   yellow and red companions glow like  incandescent stars
    before they turn Brown and crumble away to mulch the           ground.

  A warm dark silence sparks
   inside a tightly woven
silky  bed
my hands transmitting      
    my own personal  
              underground Sun
a fast river does not apologize for almost drowning anyone.

Echoes of crows helps me to forgive their black oil stains
  left flapping long ago
    trying to get off ground
unable to fly with broken wings caged in prison mind
chewing on pomegranate  scars

   her fallen screams responsible for strength
still to come
  echoes slash the void
  his giant figure in the street
  savagely thrashing her in the distance
  roasting my young innocence in raging fires soon to come

       but after this
I will erupt from a dark warm silence inside this silk formed weave
my slow crawl to this branch
turns Monarch.

yellow-red-black wings
climbing past
  chains that should have killed me-

now I see
my mom rising from a psychopathic beating
running back into house
he grabs her by the head,
puts it through the wall
she rises again
  but how?

Now I see
  New leaves
    from a distance
shining on top of a river
   finally free to slash their way  inside a moonlit sea
glimmering behind
      fallen trees
crunched by old footsteps
    thanks for leaving Thunder                                                          
now I see
old slaves set free
their broken shovels
  lying by heaps of granite

his criminal echoes
    slash the void
  teaching fire
giving strength

now I see
   wings alight
                 effecting sky

         your sunset philosophy
burns eclectic
          behind closed eyes
  thanks for leaving Thunder.
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