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Aug 2020
If it's not sizzling
you took it out too soon

cheese must
dissolve into
your taste buds

root bound for leather.

Imagination stopped him in his tracks
decided to write her letters he never sent

why bother another locked door?
It froze him like Hans Solo trapped in carbonite.

Her hands are
already up if you decide to shoot
her foxy eyes said to them,

I saw myself glow deathless one day five years ago. She still cannot contact the local papers.

Imagination made her hands react by throwing all her law books out her three story Life Window

She cut out early
broke rank and predictions

her wild burst for adventure
followed a pathless trail
tracking down Emerald Falls
on stunning summit view

We saw everything turn brighter there.
She wears Forest Eyes at all times in her cleaner vision for everyone.

Is this entire lush range our playground?

Process that one.
Get reborn.

Pick me up if my spine is dragging truck wrecks on coral reef tarmac.

I appreciate you.

Music drifted out a stranger's window
after I picked myself back up
I limped into perfect no drama hideouts
regardless of your shapeless face
I consider you my best friend.

Bucking 10, 000 bales of hay
is a training manuel for life:
a) never give up
b) believe
c) be stronger
d) be better
e) all of the above

The Mountain Lion living in his garden
licked his face that morning

shape shift into robin
glide up
to touch his favorite Indigo

her flawless smile
roped around the Milky Way
we both fell harder than unpredictable comets

she snaked through our skin
like the starry way lived inside us

decided to win us over
no better choice than to ride it like a motorcycle rider trying to reach love on 3 a.m. back roads drunk on vines

always following the river
even if she rejected him

his letter burned right through his brand new black pocket of August Leather

the speedometer
on fire,

Styles 12
Written by
Styles 12  42/M
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