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Jul 2019
Learning how to talk without words
head **** the brick wall of the world.

Expect laughter.

Everything inbetween.

Notice the unknown face smiling behind every flower.

Prepare for War and be at peace with it.
Expect death at any moment.

Hurl the future loss into the waiting room.
Read the Haiku Master.

Be patient.
Practise how to function in hell while just leaving heaven.


This is awkard.
Look at all this damage.

Head held in both hands.
Sorrow deeper than oceans.

Look past shadows.
Study LIGHT.

Don't tell anyone you have a secret diploma in the haunted land of Darkness.

Remember how to use the eraser.
Blank page.

Start over.

Scribble down notes.
Meditate. Yoga.

Transform mountain sides.
Eat solitude.

Break down.

Rise up.
Drink enormous cups of fire.

Get blinded.
Reclaim soft halo hung careless on Lucifer horn.

Notice glacier eyes smoke.

The indifference seems impossible even to Antarctica.

Don't let icy silence freeze you in middle of The Bering Sea.

Write home telepathically.
Ask for help.

Burn after reading.

Smash self entitled notions
that we own anything or anyone.

Notice how bitterness tries to clasp tighter
to materialist philosophy.

Run off in different direction.
Reverse on wrong way street.

Let's be burning rubber.
Drive like James Dean.

I'm Interstellar Rebel.

Give out blankets to people who are cold.

Take my boots.

They were gifted to me by priceless friends.

Take it all.

Don't give up.
We all can heal.

Remember how to knock.
Styles 12
Written by
Styles 12  42/M
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