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 Jun 2014 Soph Raikes

A crescent moon now overhead
As I come rising from my bed
Remembering the words I said
A few short hours ago
Like linens hanging on the line
The clouds a comfort for my eyes
In secrets whispered on the skies
Along with breezes flow
I wonder of this time apart
As longings cling so tight my heart
In gilded frame like precious art
The sun comes into view
When then my open eyes can see
The man that I can surely be
If only you would come to me
Whatever I must do
With endless trees and hills to climb
My aches, my pains on borrowed time
The distant church bells set to chime
The miles in between
I follow on in destined task
Is it too much for me to ask
Within your arms I long to bask
If you know what I mean
To stumble on the crooked path
And weep these tears of aftermath
For comes the heat of summer wrath
In everything so new
I wander here and wander there
In hopes to show you that I care
With you my dreams I long to share
Until my days are through
 Jun 2014 Soph Raikes
 Jun 2014 Soph Raikes

They say the world is smaller,
it’s still too big
 Jun 2014 Soph Raikes
take me!
on a ride we should go
secrets not to hide anymore but to spit them all
to whisper slowly in the cold night
when we stay embrace, face to face.
take me in a dream
to discover a new place for both
'cause we need to engage in life
like we never did before
what better way for me to watch your back
and you to watch mine.
we are worth fighting for, not tapping out anymore.
have a moment with me
tell me not what I want to hear
but what I need and I'll do the same for you.
chasing for an open space, with clear view
we should discover how is to love
how is to fall in love again.

take me again on that ride
make me to anticipate what pleasure is like
I know you won't go there,
remember and show me what is foreign now to me
what I've forgot I crave so much
what safe and belonging is like.
The art of being humorously disagreeable*~ Amitav
My words
these words
to her they mean nothing
I feel like burnt bread
left stale in the oven
she wants
she wants
me to feel
and feel all of these things
but she wants nothing to do
with the one
that means
to me
 May 2014 Soph Raikes
3:11 pm
 May 2014 Soph Raikes
and i'm afraid that soon, *there will be no one left that i love..
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