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peyton Jun 2020
hidden in the shadows
gone from the world
away from the life you once lived

unneeded by the people
a waste of materials
pushed far from family

unwanted by the one you want most
nobody wants you near
life would be better without you

you left the once happy life
being unneeded and unwanted was unbearable
leaving was your only option.
peyton Jun 2020
they won’t miss me
she whispers as she pours
another pill in her hand

they won’t miss me
he mutters as he ties the
knot of the rope that will
be his end

they won’t miss me
she laughs ironically as
she loads the gun

they won’t miss me
he sighs as he picks up
the knife

i wish it didn’t have to be like this
they all cry

but now
it’s too late
the pills gone
the rope knotted
the gun loaded
the knife stained.

— The End —