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Silverthorn Feb 2016
Cold stone feet of mercy save me
Take my broken will
And cleanse it
Cold I sit and wait and hear you
Not a word comes from my lips
Endless are the hours waiting
Nothing new but old old songs
All around the mountains bowing
Crying out their cold love song
Loneliness is worse than torture
Alone I have no song to sing
Stark white eyes of healing take me
Still as moonlight on the stone
Crying out of voices long lost
Where my soul so longs to go
Restless helpless weary traveler
Sit awhile at love’s cold feet
Waiting on the dawn to save you
Joining in on my heartbreak
Nothing stirring ceaseless whirring
Fills the mind but not the soul
Love creates things when it’s living
Dead it leaves the road to wind
Pale face of longing call me
Bring me to your stone embrace
Sitting at your feet I wonder
Why the stars are hard to trace
Lemon drops, I think not
But cold bright teardrops out of place
Trees are groaning stone hearts moaning
Bending down like backs of man
Love likes leaving not receiving
With the wind it flees the world
Silent raving begs for saving
Let your wings enfold me now
Touch me softly, brush and rock me
Save me in your stone embrace
Silverthorn Jan 2016
I can only think that you
Could never want to
Would never get through
Even one of my walls
Carry one of my broken crosses
Love one of my distorted limbs
Suffer solely things unholy
Share wholly tainted streams
Binding blood and bone to death
Could you even share my breath
Misting ****** glass and writing
Letters meant for vicious biting
Would you turn the pages slowly
Or tear them
Rip them
Or worst leave them lonely
Unturned, spurned and clinging to
Each other until the ink bleeds through
Until the papers turn to black
And white will never make it back
Then sodden I will sink
No more to weep or think
How could you such a burden bear
But in fact I only want to share
To drink your dregs as you drink mine
And thin between us blood too thick
Burn two candles with one wick
I can only think you would shiver
But of hope I have a sliver
That someday I will hear your song
And in it you will prove me wrong

— The End —