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Oct 5 · 102
silentwoods Oct 5
Thick, heavy raindrops beat against the window, reflecting the moonbeams as they chased each other down the window pane.
I watched, fixating my gaze on one rivulet at a time as it joined with another, and another, and another.
It was midnight, and I sat wrapped up in a fleece blanket by the window.  The steam rising from my mug mingled with my warm breath. My mind was blank, with only the steady rhythm of rain in the distance.
A concept
Oct 3 · 28
silentwoods Oct 3
Someone who loves pizza
Is someone I can  trust
Unless they ate that pizza
Starting with the crust...
Oct 3 · 36
silentwoods Oct 3
If I could visit outer space
I wouldn't fool around
I'd just take a photograph
And prove the earth is ROUND
Sep 23 · 248
silentwoods Sep 23
patience is not just waiting. it is a practice of composure and humility. if hope is the thing with feathers, patience is a smooth riverbed stone: gentle, yet uncompromising.
Jul 31 · 76
Calm before the Storm
silentwoods Jul 31
The air is thick with anticipation.
Birds have quieted, their song lost in the darkened sky.
A gust of wind whistles as it whips up dead leaves on the sidewalk, stirring them around before letting them scatter.
All is still.

When at last, the first drop breaks through the heavens, it shatters the silence with it, and beats onto the ground like applause.
perfection in nature
Jul 31 · 39
Home Alone
silentwoods Jul 31
My family's gone, there's no one home;
It's only me - who's home alone.
I should not hear a single squeak,
There shouldn't even be a creak,

So what's that thumping that I hear?
It must mean one thing: death is near.
"You're an adult, you'll be just fine",
I tell myself as I dial "nine"..

Was that a knock upon the door?
My heart beats faster than before.
I know it's closed, I've checked the lock,
At least my killer knows to knock.

I cannot sleep, though I'm in bed,
I've made amends with God instead.
If He decides that it's my time,
Then this will be my very last rhyme.

I hear a bang, and then a break,
My head shoots up; there's no mistake!
I turn my music volume high
So I won't hear the way I die.

I run upstairs, desk lamp in hand
Over my head, ready to land..
And right before it did just that,
I remembered: I have a cat.
Jul 25 · 581
A Simple Life
silentwoods Jul 25
The light fades and the day drains;
Its secrets left untold
And whether the sun will rise again,
Is not by us foretold.

Today has been a gift to you
Despite its aches and sorrows;
Another chance for you to claim
Unlimited tomorrows.

So do what you can, with what you have
And give thanks to the One above.
Give more than you get, and leave more than you take,
And do all these things in love.
Jul 17 · 47
Thought 2
silentwoods Jul 17
I'll know I'm in love
when the time spent with them
is better than the time spent alone.
how introverts fall in love
Jul 2 · 207
wingin' it
silentwoods Jul 2
don't compare yourself to others
don't cut back to try to fit
no one knows what they are doing
everybody's wingin' it
out here surviving, just like you
Jul 2 · 39
choose to grow
silentwoods Jul 2
it's not
the fear
that stunts
your growth,
it's the
Jul 1 · 46
Thought 1
silentwoods Jul 1
Everyone you meet is fabricated in layers.
Their core is their soul,
and in order to expose it, you have
to penetrate the layers.
Although some people
require more digging than others,
the reward is all the same,
because everyone is the same that far down.
Jun 26 · 531
vulnerable ability
silentwoods Jun 26
vulnerability is
not trying to fill the silence,
and allowing yourself
to feel
Jun 26 · 322
silentwoods Jun 26
Listen to what people say,
Don't just wait to speak.
Listen closely and you'll hear
What it is they seek.

Listen to what people say
And hear the things they don't.
The silence in a pause alone
Will speak what the mouth won't.
Jun 12 · 193
Dreaming in Color
silentwoods Jun 12
I woke atop a bed of green
Enveloped in endless blue
Honey rays danced over me
Melting the morning dew.
Poppies all around me blushed
In scarlet and merlot
Daffodils and daisies peeked
Beneath the thawing snow.
I danced among the emerald hills
Tasting the wind’s sweet sighs
The rhythm pulsing in my chest
With nature - harmonized
I feared that I was still asleep
And all this, but a dream
And if it was, I prayed I’d wake
Atop a bed of green.
Jun 11 · 257
silentwoods Jun 11
We all know of someone who's tougher than nails
     Amid sorrow and failure, whose courage prevails
The one who is down but denies his defeat
     The one who will rise back up on his feet,

The one whose voice is as strong as it's steady
     The one whose knees don't feel like spaghetti
Upon whose shoulder we often have cried
     The one who is fearless...
     But shaking inside.
Not everyone is as strong as they seem.
Jun 3 · 464
silentwoods Jun 3
Once upon a special day,
Twenty years ago,
God placed a legend on this earth:
Anzhelika Van Gogh.

She's the epitome of art,
Her curls are a sculpture.
Even the coffee that she spills
Creates an abstract picture.

When she walks into a room,
All eyes turn to stare.
It may or may not be because
She overturned a chair.

Eating healthy is a chore,
Water just won't do.
She'll wash down her chicken wings
With a Mountain Dew.

Her fashion inspiration
Is any mom of four.
All outfits are determined by
The options on the floor.

She's wild and chaotic.
But often, so is art.
The more you get to know her,
The more you see her heart.

Fellas, are you hearing this?
She's beauty AND she's brains.
But bring umbrellas with you
'Cause in her life, Christ reigns.

She'll leave an impact on your life,
And shower you with love.
Happy birthday to the gift
God sent us from above.
This is a birthday poem I wrote for my sister.
Apr 24 · 694
gift of spring
silentwoods Apr 24
just like
   tree buds
    in the
i have been
  a season
     to grow
Apr 24 · 1.0k
Circle of life
silentwoods Apr 24
Winter springs
into summer,
as the setting sun.
Summer falls
into winter
and then all at once.
Apr 16 · 119
Type Ones
silentwoods Apr 16
Schedules, deadlines,
Lists, and plans;
We work best
Under demands.

All or nothing,
No mistakes,
Is at stake.

If it’s wrong,
Make it right,
We see things
In black and white.

Inner critic
In our ear,
Correcting us
So loud and clear.

Perfection is
Just out of reach,
We always practice
What we preach.

Just for fun,
That’s what it’s like
To be a One!
This is based on the Enneagram personality type test.
Apr 10 · 62
silentwoods Apr 10
It’s going to **** me.
It’s going to cut me up into neat little fractions until I am no more,
It’s going to spread through my body like a disease, filling up every compartment of my being,
It’s going to take root in the pits of my belly like a green leafed plant ,and I’m going to water it with my tears until it grows too big to be contained.
And then it’s going to smother me.
And then it’s going to **** me.
silentwoods Apr 9
My dearest Prince Charming, am I being stood up?
It's starting to look like you'll never show up.

There's thoughts in my head that are hard to ignore;
Like you showing up to another front door.

Maybe you're hurt, bleeding out on the ground,
Or worse - you've decided to just turn around.

Your horse will not ride, it's dying of hunger,
Or maybe you've met someone else that is younger.

I wish you would send me your current location,
I'd order a faster mode of transportation.

And if you're asleep in the shades of a tree,
I hope that you're dreaming a sweet dream of me.

Keep moving, dear prince, clear the path with your sword,
At the end of this journey will be a reward.

It will be you and me, together at last,
And it can happen soon, if you ride very fast.

But no matter how long your painful endeavor
I pray that you get here, better late than never.
Mar 23 · 148
silentwoods Mar 23
first love is
a candle flame
you watch from afar,
admiring its red hues,
by its tenderness,
for its comfort
but then you allow yourself
to get too close,
letting the passion consume you,
not feeling the burn
you are reduced to ashes
Mar 8 · 151
dear kids
silentwoods Mar 8
if kids could read, i'd tell 'em this:
don't grow up, its a trap
fight everyone while you still can
and take a longer nap
Mar 3 · 45
Inner Critic
silentwoods Mar 3
Your cheeks are too round and your hair is too flat.
That dress you tried on? It makes you look fat.
Your pimples are spotted a mile away.
Don’t you dare leave the house without make up today.

Close your lips when you smile, they might notice your teeth.
It’s all about looks, no one cares what’s beneath.
Just be more outgoing, maybe then you’ll fit in.
You have to be perfect in order to win.

A good education? You’ll never pull through.
That’s why your mom’s disappointed in you.
Get off your phone and go read a book.
Who wants a wife that doesn’t know how to cook?

You’re not good enough, that’s why you’re alone.
Should’ve just settled, now your chances are blown.
No one will want you, so just **** it up.
You need to start acting a little-

Feb 24 · 292
cotton skies
silentwoods Feb 24
a world of cotton
lies above
white puffs
s c a t t e r e d into the blue.
I watch them move
from a world below
and wonder
if they’re watching me too.
Feb 22 · 114
I am the sea
silentwoods Feb 22
the deep blue sea is my attire,
I wear the depth I so desire
crashing waves make up my gown
bejeweled brine adorns my crown
my sleeves are trimmed with gentle grace
I sleep under the moon’s embrace
through fingers of a hand I’ll slip,
yet on my shoulders, hold a ship
I am the tide, I come and go
I keep my secrets down below
a current rushes through my veins
my flux cannot be caught in chains
midst calm and rage, I’m never still
I hold the power of free will
I’m partly still a mystery
look out to sea,
and you’ll find me
Feb 19 · 197
silentwoods Feb 19
they met
he was
so fine
his words
were sweet
she wished
they'd meet
he was
on guard
she still
fell hard
and then
one day
he did
not stay
he led
her on
just to
be gone
she had
a cry
but now
with time
she is
just fine
his messages
have been erased
his memory
has been replaced.
Feb 19 · 37
silentwoods Feb 19
Today I watched you fall again.
I felt your weary heart.
The burden you've been carrying
Was tearing you apart.

I longed to take your pain away,
I longed to make you whole.
If you would just look up at Me,
I'd surely mend your soul.

But you continued steadily,
Relying on yourself.
Pushing every thought of Me
Onto the farthest shelf.

You thought you had everyone fooled,
You put up a facade.
But you can’t hide even one tear
From the Almighty God.

My child, why are you ashamed?
Why do you hide, unspoken?
My job is not to heal the whole,
I’ve come to mend the broken.
Feb 19 · 57
yellow heart
silentwoods Feb 19
the keeper's yellow canary dwelt in her cage,
          her smooth, silky feathers untouched,
    tucked gently to her sides,
as she listened to the soothing quivers of her own beating heart.
and when came morning,
her joyful song echoed all around,
illuminating even the darkest shadows
of her beloved keeper's heart.

but alas, the day had come:
      the keeper left the gate unhinged.
it beckoned freedom,
   whispered chances,
and with a ruffle of those dainty wings,
the keeper's yellow canary
fled home.

days, weeks, a month had passed,
the keeper waited for her return
       searching for a glimpse of yellow,
              the only color he had truly known,
    but afraid
his heart has found another home.

and then, come nightfall,
he saw the bird under his window
  the perfect feathers he once knew
        were torn and mangled,
stained deep red.

he lifted her
and cradled her broken wings in his palms
until they were whole again.
and then he placed her gently in her cage,
sealing the gate forever.
vowing never again
     to let her taste her freedom.
Jan 17 · 965
silentwoods Jan 17
I stare at my reflection,
You're staring back at me.
A flaw so insignificant
And yet, it's all I see.
There's no way you define me
So why don't I agree?
Why is it that I still fear
It's you they see, not me?
Dec 2018 · 385
an unwritten story
silentwoods Dec 2018
when will you read between the lines
of the words I’ll never speak?
Dec 2018 · 405
sunken chances
silentwoods Dec 2018
they fell into
a sea of words
and drowned side by side
in silence.
silence is heavier than words.
Dec 2018 · 281
silentwoods Dec 2018
i am the sea
and you think you are a submarine
completely submerged
in the deepest part of me,
but you are a boat
barely touching the surface of the water.
and the only way to let you in
is to fill you up
with me.
Nov 2018 · 209
silentwoods Nov 2018
unspoken words
are black smoke
spreading slowly through your body,
filling up every inch of you
until it’s hard to breathe.
it looks for a way out,
and when it doesn’t find one,
it seeps, stains,
and destroys
everything inside of you,
bit by bit
until you are reduced to ashes.
Nov 2018 · 95
silentwoods Nov 2018
and then you cry.
you cry so hard, and for so long,
depleting yourself of every emotion.
you cry until your eyes burn
and your chest aches.
until you feel hollow
and nothing matters anymore.
until you are so numb, that for a split second, you think you are okay.
Nov 2018 · 234
Crazy About You
silentwoods Nov 2018
I cannot help but think of you
And though it’s been a while,
When I remember times with you,
I cannot help but smile.

I know I’m just a friend to you
And that’s okay with me.
But still it makes me sad to think
That’s all we’ll ever be.

I overthink each move you do
And every word you say.
Looking for the smallest hint
That you feel the same way.

I’m driving myself crazy here
And you don’t have a clue.
One question keeps me up at night:
Would you care if you knew..

I’m crazy about you?
Nov 2018 · 258
silver lining
silentwoods Nov 2018
gloomy days
soothe my soul
by reminding me
that nature has off days too.
Nov 2018 · 187
Please Watch your Step
silentwoods Nov 2018
Welcome to my home, where

The foundation of my house is strength,
The walls are painted with a thick coat of perfection,
Comfort is my source of light,
Grace spills out of intricate vases,
The refrigerator is stocked with love, commitment, and loyalty,
Financial stability is boiling on the stove,
A photograph of trust hangs up on the wall.

Beneath the floorboards is a flight of stairs
leading to the cellar below. Please watch your step.

Down here,
The air is damp with disappointment,
Rusty old shelves line the walls of despair,
The shelves are stocked with labeled jars of
Tears i haven't cried,
Pieces of a broken heart,
Clouds of regret,
Pages of words I haven't spoken,
An empty jar of loneliness,
Pins of pain,
and so much more.

Each jar is tightly sealed.
Some are damaged,
Some are broken.
Few people have handled them,
and some remain completely untouched.

Welcome to my home. Please watch your step.
Nov 2018 · 61
a wave of loneliness
silentwoods Nov 2018
in the vast, blue sea
a ripple is born.

it churns,

onto the shore.
Oct 2018 · 412
silentwoods Oct 2018
leaves spin softly,
orange and yellow.
warm sunlight, like honey
spills onto the trees
then drips like a rainfall,
softening edges.

gusts of wind,
like the bite of an apple
slice though the honey
with a somber sword.

two worlds collide
bitter and sweet
a beginning and ending
when two seasons meet.
Oct 2018 · 78
If You’re Reading This
silentwoods Oct 2018
If you’re reading this, you’re probably asking
Me to share some things about myself.
But before I answer, you should know this:
I hate this question more than life itself.

Now, how do I begin; where do I start?
I think I have forgotten who I am.
You see, I live an uneventful life,
So I’ll just exaggerate the best I can.

I have a desk job at a doctor’s office.
A foot clinic - to be exact.
Come in to see us if you’ve got a bone spur,
Or toenail fungus, or if your heels have

Sometimes I can be funny, when I try.
But if you have to try, then you’re not funny..
How is it that I work 5 days a week
And still feel like I don’t have enough money?

I enjoy running, reading, writing poetry,
And going out for breakfast on days off.
I used to get embarrassed pretty easily,
But now I’ve learned to simply laugh things off.

That’s all I can come up with as of now.
By now, you’re probably sorry that you asked.
I wrote this poem to make myself feel interesting
And I thank you for helping with this task.
I always hated being asked to “share something about myself” so I came up with a response poem.
Oct 2018 · 1.1k
silentwoods Oct 2018
change is
without change,
you will never grow.
Oct 2018 · 168
road trip
silentwoods Oct 2018
head on a pillow
watching the light fade
out of the back window
deep thoughts
uninterrupted dreams
the gentle hum
of tires on the pavement
closed eyes
music playing in my head
circles of light
blurring past me
I lose myself in the nothingness
slowly drifting from reality
slowly drifting into a
Oct 2018 · 908
Old Lady
silentwoods Oct 2018
There lives an old lady that looks a bit shady
Who came to my house all alone.
One day she crept in - maybe I let her in?
I locked the front door, that's for sure.

She was awfully frail, and smelled a bit stale,
And she glared with disdain and complained.
She made me stay home so she wouldn't be alone
While she groaned at the ache in her bone.

The days dragged on but she wouldn't be gone
She's still here - as we speak - in my chair.
I could kick her out but she'd probably shout
You should hide if you're on her bad side.

I've tried "go away" but she's decided to stay
Taking over my life without strife.
I want to be free, but she lives inside me
You see, that old lady is me.
Sometimes I feel like there's a grumpy old person inside of me that I can't get rid of.
Oct 2018 · 92
Moving On
silentwoods Oct 2018
Moving on is like growing up.
You never really remember going through the process.
It just comes as a realization.
Oct 2018 · 1.5k
Little Things
silentwoods Oct 2018
It's the cool autumn breeze that smells of earth and new beginnings.
It's that one country song that makes me feel nostalgic.
It's the ominous clouds and heavy air before a thunderstorm.
It's that moment of bittersweet emotion after reading the last word of a really good book.
It's watching the sun slant in through my bedroom window and create a mural on my wall.
It's rolling my windows down as we near the shore, and breathing in the salty air.
It's hearing my mom's contagious belly laugh.
It's that tired-happy feeling after a productive day.
It's when the Ferris wheel pauses and I'm at the very top, admiring the lighted world below.
It's the lump in my throat and tears in my eyes during a heartfelt prayer.
It's my niece wrapping her chubby little arms around my neck and putting her head on my shoulder.
It's laughing uncontrollably with my best friend at the grocery store, and not caring what people are thinking.
It's lying on the trampoline and watching the stars on a summer night.
It's the adrenaline running through my veins after a run.
It's listening to the sound of rain pounding on my window as I'm tucked under the covers.

It's the little things that impact me in the biggest way.
Oct 2018 · 644
silentwoods Oct 2018
The train has departed.
I’m in an unfamiliar town.
Unfamiliar faces all around me
I want to belong here
But there is no comfort.
I’m roaming with no destination.
Underneath the facade
I am screaming,
Searching for familiarity.
I keep searching and panic sets in.
I can’t find it.
I don’t feel it.
There must be a reason why I’m still here,
Why I’ve been left behind.
I’m lost and afraid and
Nobody will help me
But they’re watching
I don’t belong here.
I want to run, but
My feet are chained down.
So I sit down
And I wait
As if it was my choice.
Oct 2018 · 113
My Family
silentwoods Oct 2018
My family is not too small
Just one short of a dozen.
Ten of us under one roof
And not one of them’s a cousin.

We drive in a 12-seater van
Sometimes even long distance.
But we’re not going anywhere
Until mom takes attendance.

My siblings greet me after work
With “Can I have a dollar?”
Oh look, my missing leather belt
Is now the cat’s new collar.

Our chickens provide our breakfast
Collected straight from the coop.
I hate to admit this but, last year
One of them cooked in our soup.

Our cat is great at catching mice,
He’ll even eat a few.
Unfortunately that is why
We’re down a parrot too.

We’re out of milk, there’s no clean socks,
Did someone feed the chickens?
Please don’t tell me it’s my turn
AGAIN to clean the kitchen.

Every day is an adventure
Some days more than one.
But let me tell you one thing:
We’re always having fun.
Oct 2018 · 1.4k
silentwoods Oct 2018
I'm feeling kind of lonely
but please
leave me alone.
I want to open up my heart
but please
don't ask what's wrong.

I'm longing to be rescued
but please
just let me drown.
I've built these walls
to keep you out
but please

just tear them down.
Sep 2018 · 360
silentwoods Sep 2018
I am the sun
when it is night
I am the autumn
when it's spring
I am a cello
in its case
I am a star
in early daylight
I am July
when it's November

I am
patiently waiting for
my time
to be beautiful.
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