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Sighing Sky Mar 2018
I loved you, always loving you, and forever will love you.
Sighing Sky Mar 2018
When people leave me,
I don't hate them
When they lie to me,
I don't hate them

Instead, I hate myself
Am I that bad?
Am I not good enough for someone to stay with me?

Sighs, deeply sighs
When everything's not alright
I just sigh,
Like it would ease the pain
Sighing Sky Mar 2018
You were my sky
The one that I look up to
The one that makes me smile
The one that's too far

I really love the sky
It's breathtakingly beautiful
I really love the sky
Its oddly wonderful

I fell in love to the sky from above
But I never expected
To fell in love to another Sky
Hello Sky, I love you Skylar
Sighing Sky Mar 2018
I dreamt about something last night
It woke me up
I was filled with fear
I embraced myself to stay calm
But tears just fell

It's really scary
Living in this world without you
It's really scary
Walking down the roads without you

No shining diamonds,
No amount of money,
Can wash my tears away,
Only you

In your vast night sky,
I want to be your brightest star
In your colorful garden,
I want to be your sweetest flower.

Say my name
Say my name
After you'll say mine
I'll say yours too

— The End —