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maria Nov 2020
the words that wish to come out of my mouth
are slowly being held back by logic
my body aches wanting your kiss
it aches to feel the warmth of your hand
maria Nov 2020
I see the world with such admiration and wonder. Imagine if I could save just a fraction of that love for myself?
maria Nov 2020
I find myself not wanting to say goodbye.
Looking for ways to stay longer.
I can’t remember the last time I felt something just from fingers briefly touching.
I think I’d pass out if we shared anything more.
maria Oct 2020
I can tell from personal experience
that type of love isn’t sustainable.
you can’t get lost in someone that deeply and still keep yourself.
maria Oct 2020
What was the last thing I said to you before we went back to being strangers?
maria Oct 2020
your fingers, my mouth
I press my *** against you
an invitation
Do I write haikus while having *** now? Maybe.
maria Oct 2020
the minute i leave you
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