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 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
grazed knees
climbing down
from the trees
thick skin
won't give in
never fall
down again

singed eyes
no disguise
no more lies
your demise

tender there
it's everywhere
opens up
I realize
it's not to fear

I'm in the air
stripped bare
surrounded here
looking dead
inside the mirror
 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
sometimes when you meet someone
the heart beats faster
there's nothing better
I can't wait to see you again

feeling more alive these days
awake in this outer space
seeing double vision
a bird you can't touch

close my eyes and feel the sun
i feel it's only just begun
feels like summer in my heart
with trees taller than earth

that genuine smile gives me chills
I want unlimited refills
there's nothing I wouldn't give
to hold you close again.
 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
there's a little extra kick in my step
all full of butterflies
living life from the inside
giving more and feeling right

going somewhere extra bright
finally time to see the lights
reaching deep within my soul
believing in the higher role

i can feel it starting in my heart
this time ready for it to start
letting go of all the past
only way to make this last
 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
give yourself a chance
entertain this gift
create your own path
we've all been set adrift

we all want to feel alive
want the happiness to be real
we have to survive
there's no better deal

have some faith this time
justify your right to live
we are all the true divine
almost out of time to give

make me believe your love
forgive me if I go inside
you're all up above
I might just run and hide

forgive my stubborn pride
it's the mask I sometimes wear
to keep the fear inside
every wound has it's own tear

with every drop of earth I dig
the path to learn again
with every inch of pain
I turn and start again
 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
hold it now
take a breath
feel the smoke

to be alone
with no regret
too many reasons
to just stay at home

you'll feel my love
as you tear the fabric
off my dress

my heart is your chest
leap inside this mess
have a look
then come inside
 Jan 2016 Shikhar97
Missy Beminio
this little number
is for your sake
cause if you know
just how I feel
I won't have to fake
make no mistake
this is the quake
inside us both
if you hold me near
you can feel it too
you take away my blue
make me feel alive
I think I love you
 Dec 2015 Shikhar97
come to me.
to the floor where i kneel
in front of you.
follow me- pay attention close
and bend.
your will.
your beliefs,
your promises.
your boundaries.
your comfort.
follow me with your stare as i slither back above the floor.
and crawl over
your expectations
your judgments
your rehearsed words
dripping like drool from a baby's lip.
delight, devine
as i slide off this good girl's skin
contain your
desire while i
take you up mountains in your mind, lover.
i raise you from the center of the sky.
while i  blind you with lust
'till you feel silken places inside-
so fragile they will tear
ill bring the goblet to your mouth sir-
with the richest ruby reds slither down your throat as if it were alive.
oh yes, we will climb,
feel the mount behind us holding us up... wind up so high must be stealing our breath
I will give you touch, lover.
the kind you never found in all your searches.
the kind the does the touching with it's shadow not it's skin
and the shadow dances to tickle in the most promising of places.
yes ill give you whispers up here-bounce them around
like a helium star
slowly whisper here, bouncing, slowly whisper there.
rake what used to be my fingers....
now though they are sticks from the forest bound together to
glide through your silky hair and leave their beautiful pine scent.
come to me, and share old magic
just a baby of the woods-
lay you on a bed of branches
cold leaves, borough in your naked skin...
bring to me now your empty pallet
and fill my sorrow with your fight.

******* believer in love against all odds.
 Mar 2015 Shikhar97
You see
A person only truly falls in love
Once in their life time
And once that time is used up
There is no more.
You can lie to yourself
And to others
But if you were truly in love with them
That love cannot be undone.
I am in love.
A love that won't go away
With my best friend.
I fell off
The bridge of love
And into the waters
Where he followed
But his love came with strings attached
A bungee
And he jumped back up
And left me sitting there in the waters
While he's up on the bridge
Calling me up there
While I'm wishing him down here
And I have no bungee.
It's a mess.
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