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Missy Beminio Apr 2019
I believe in good
People can love each other
Being vulnerable might feel like a risk
Promise, it won’t all be bad

If kindness felt likes ****
I would maybe understand
Open the doors, invite me in
Because love is worth it

Give this world a chance
Experience with open arms
Even when everything’s a zoo
I just hope all this is true
Missy Beminio Apr 2019
Here I am
A new person again
I almost don’t recognize myself yet
But I’m getting there

Here I am
Lucky to have what I do
I almost don’t recognize who I was
But I’m getting there

Awake, always learning
As we walk together on our paths
Every step one foot forward
Or backwards if we chose
And standing still will connect us all

Here I am
A person just like you
Feeling lost and somehow found
But the future can be bright

Here I am
Messed up over a break up
Finding myself and feeling more alive
Because that’s just what you do
Missy Beminio Oct 2018
I hope I bring you genuine joy
Sweep you off the the next galaxy
Inspire maybe romantic dreams
Something that makes you feel good at least
Something real
That makes you feel free
From the torment of this world

I hope I bring you genuine smiles
Sweep you off to another plane
Inspire maybe great things
Something that makes you feel good at least
Something real
That makes you feel from deep inside
From the darkest truth comes a peaceful light
Missy Beminio Mar 2017
Sometimes I will lose my way
just like you, I can betray
my heart ignores the given chance
to learn again the rules to play

Sometimes I will forget a name
just like you, I lose my game
my mind will never be flawless
just one more time it wants the fame

Sometimes I will lose my sight
no matter how I hold on tight
my soul will tend to lose the path
and just like you, I'll see at last
Missy Beminio Feb 2017
humanity has turned away from itself
said goodbye to the inner truth
the self that feels the pain of others
listens with an open heart
reaches out to everyone
holds you close without demand

the greedy spend all the money
silencing the rest of us
leaving all the values behind
with a blind eye to the truth
have turned off the universal light
it seems we may have lost the sight

the powerful shake its people to the core
washing away all the freedoms
rinsing off leftover droplets of love
replacing them with all the lies
living life in full disguise
I will never show demise

if you choose to live this way
know that it will not end well
the last thing that we should do
is walk away from who we are within
listen to your purest heart
that is where you can hit restart
Missy Beminio Feb 2017
it's you I think about at night
olive skin, deepest stare
the one with the solar eclipse eyes

sometimes love is hard
if you wonder if it's worth the sting
it's not the real thing

all the warmth inside your heart
something like the sun
with you, there's no disguise

nothing here that's left to shake
I feel like I'm awake
everything I have is yours to take

I'm simply just a girl
who can't imagine life without you
you make me see the whole world

stick with me through every fight
you could hold my hand tonight
keep me warm all through the night
Missy Beminio Jul 2016
it's the perfect time to start
reaching deep inside your heart
no more time to waste you see
there's no better way to feel free

what we have is all too real
close your eyes, it's time to feel
I won't bite and I won't sting
I'll give you all of my everything

because I love you every day
no way I'd ever walk away
you're the best of everything
love me always, just the same

the time has come to see truth
this task that sometimes needs proof
you're the one, it's nothing new
I believe in everything you do

now's the time to be wide awake
take the time to feel the quake
I'll hold your hand and keep you warm
be your shield from every storm

because I love you every day
there's no way I could walk away
you're the best of everything
love me always, just the same
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