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A streak of light that I am about to hold.
Begins to shine on a gloomy summer's cold.
Often glistens in triumphant stories told.
Venting in breezes of weather that you cannot mold.
Even in the eve of 'September's relenting colors of gold.
Adore the world in a different perspective.
Believe in others and avoid the negative.
Remember the battles that made you tall.
Above all else you should never fall.
Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow-
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.

I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand-
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep- while I weep!
O God! can I not grasp
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?
By Edgar Allan Poe
(J)avelin like strikes is what it feels like when you get stung by his venomous poisoned tail.
(H)orriedly taking your life slowly like a cancer that in your sea of blood buoyantly sails.
(O)n the dead of night he crawls beneath your sheets.
(N)avigating through your camp, away from the fire and to give you the creeps.
(G)rinning like a beast as he makes you scream and shriek.

(H)is a deadly scorpion, a shell case demon who doesn't want anybody bursting his bubbles.
Impassable and has an impossible rage that you would never want to unravel.
(L)ethal is his face that would make you beg for your life when you face him.
(A) depth of a thousand fold vengeance is what he holds and its all about grim.
(R)uthless are the plans that he creates, the kind that would give you nightmares in your deepest of slumber.
(I)n his head you are not a person, but a target and just a number.
(O)ne grave mistake and you may find your self in a stinky niche of a dumpster.
(A) rose within a garden of thorns sits still and glowing.
(N)ot to be prickly but to show a beauty that is over flowing.
(D)own the lakeside crystaline water flows.
(R)ising deeply, to a depth that no one knows.
(E)ventful is the sight created by a "Godly" hand.
(A) magnificent view to behold, an endless story written in the sand.

(U)nderneath a clear blue sky a lovely face sits beneath a tree.
(R)eading a penned story by an author, and that is she.
(E)ntwined, the words that cannot be written in rhyme, and only another tale to be made in time.
(T)o write another is to be done in a different tale.
(A)nd to write it freely is to be like ships preparing to sail.
To my Creator I sing
Who did soothe me in my great loss;
To the Merciful and Kind
Who in my troubles gave me repose.

Thou with that pow'r of thine
Said: Live! And with life myself I found;
And shelter gave me thou
And a soul impelled to the good
Like a compass whose point to the North is bound.

Thou did make me descend
From honorable home and respectable stock,
And a homeland thou gavest me
Without limit, fair and rich
Though fortune and prudence it does lack.
Jose P. Rizal
A smile that gives me a wonderful greeting
Revolving doors and makes every neck spinning
Righteous is my heart upon your scenic meaning
In a day so bright, listening to birds singing
And your eyes are like those of pearl
No dispute, your like the daughter of an earl
Each day passes and years go by, I can only think of you and sigh

Fairly, like the woman from Italy
And fairy tales hailing from the legends of Sicily
Rest I may in your soft and gentle hands
Rest I shall in your caressing arms
And if these thoughts shall never be
Love I will be restless and be lost at sea
Each time I think of you would seem like a century
Such beauty like yours will only remain as a memory
A perfect name fittedly made for a king.
Residing in his blood is a soulful song that the angels sing.
This is my own way of greeting my good grand uncle.
Hope he likes it and when he reads this he doesnt mumble.
Using my words in a string of flattery may not suffice.
Remember that we appreciate your love and every advice.

My gift to you is this poetic piece.
Although its not much, I hope your happy and pleased.
Reread the lines whenever you have the time.
Take notice that your name is written in this rhyme.
Its the best thing that I can come up with.
Now forgive me if there is not enough length and width.
Even if today you got a little more older.
Zoned in a more deeply made persona that just made you much bolder.
Be ready to face this obstacle.
And start praying for a miracle.
Let the battle of the fittest begin.
Admit your defeat when I win.
Keenly, I will destroy you with my sharpened wits.
I will not stop until you say you quit.
Dont you even think that we are done, because this isnt over the war has just begun.
Be brave to stand up against the overwhelming power of a monopolous tyrany.
All should gather as one to liberate the populus from decades of dynasty.
Let everyone know that the righ time has finally come.
And it is timely to restart and let the people know to end this sham.
Over two decades has and have been long enough for them to rule above us.
Arise, take a stand and prepare your spears to aim and ******.
No more mugging of our towns people, no more summoned ones will go home crippled.
Blue skies hover above the mountains and beneath a blazing sun.
Exciting sceneries are seen below, all are amazing views below the clouds.
Resting underneath the shade of trees are the ones who wonder about.
New beginnings that came from old ends and about the endings that would begin about.
A certain cold in the blowing wind suddenly turns into warmth.
Drums started to roar on the shores of the ocean front.
Eagles soar with preys on their claws to serve a lunch.
Thunderous noises brought by a storm that has a rain to launch.
Through the wide plains water fills the land.
Everything was soak except for the huddle of a million trees that has the tightest bond.
Be still when you feel like shaken.
Resist the thougth of sadness or you will be taken.
If life tries to hurt you try not to stumble.
Each time a thorn ****** you , you should not crumble.
No pain can linger in a strong hearted soul.
Christ is with you and with his all.
Embrace him well and you shall not fall.

New light always comes during sunrise.
Open your love to the one true christ.
Vast as the universe he knows it all.
Even in darkness he'll make you stand tall.
Lean only on the god almighty.
And he shall bless you with countless bounty

Leap with your faith unto the lord
Even ****** would lose with his demon hordes.
Defy evil and believe the mesiah.
Deny old lucy and praise queen maria.
And all will be well according to isiah.
(A)bove the church were golden bells.
(N)ext to it was the finest sight, a hunch-back belle.
(N)ested in a tower of cobwebs and dusty shelves.
(E)xcept no one new that she was a princess walking among our common selves.

(C)arved within her heart is a beauty without comparison.
(U)nsuspectingly she can bust you out and then throw you to a jail garison.
(R)eclaimed by her will was a kingdom of magic.
(T)hat three young lads fought for her though always arguing about logic.
(I)n her eyes you can see a bright red glow.
(S)hining like blood red rubies in a cave under six feet of snow.

(S)ilence is sought out whenever she starts to sing.
(M)ajestic is her voice but can give you an alarming sting.
(I)n her greatest moments she sings with an enormous chorale.
(T)he kind of crowd that boosts her morale.
(H)old your breath for a mesmerizing musical royale.
Crowned in a kingdom far away.
His royal majesty' the prince of galloway.
Enchanting beholder of every lass.
Simply noble and loved by the mass.
The first son of a mighty king.
Engaged to a maiden who owns a horse with a wing.
Raised in a place beyond the sea of battle.

Believed to have slain a dragon beneath the mantle.
Escaped the hands of time from the meridian.
Now a legend for being valiant.
Now a light in the cosmic ocean.
In a church above the mountain he got married.
Nine years later his wife gave birth to three sons that she carried.
Got ascended to the throne when he was older.
Taught his sons how to be good and bolder.
One day when he finally had to go.
Ninety years was enough and his blood stopped to flow.
Chained, on the walls of jericho
Horrified, on the roads of monaco
Rested his will in the promise land
Inviting us to repent and take his hand
Startled, by the king of greece
Throttled, by the eastern breeze
Oblivious, like the men of egypt
Precise, like a code encrypt
Herald of so many man,
Endless, like kingdom come.
Righteous and glorious  like everyone.

All of humanity embraces him
None was taken, but save us from sin
Thorns were on his crown, and rags were his robe
Onto crucifixion he walked that rough and winding road
Neglected by Judas and Peter the pope
In his honor, came the christian hope
Only the highest now, can vow upon him and sleep on his coat

Alelujah, amen and forever we pray to thee
Not just for our sins, but of what have become we
Alelujah, amen and forever we pray to thee
So now and forever he will defend for humanity....
Counting the minutes while waiting for hours.
On the days that turned into weeks then bloomed the flowers.
Nesting the months till I hit the floor.
Carefully listened till my senses were sore.
Echoing the phrases while I paced each phase.
Not missing my resources when I get lost in the maze.
Then glory comes over and gives the spoils.
Remembering to be carefull and fateful or it will be foiled.
In a few years or later when I get to climb the stairs, I'll finally get to see why everbody cared.
'Xcuse me now, I've got to go, my day is done so see you again tomorrow.
Counting the minutes while waiting for hours.
On the days that turned into weeks then bloomed the flowers.
Nesting the months till I hit the floor.
Vaguely listened till my senses were sore.
Echoing the phrases while I paced each phase.
Reaching through my resources when I get lost in the maze
Glory then comes over and gives the spoils.
Yet still being carefull and fatefull or it will be foiled.
Some years later when I climb the stairs, I'll finally get to see why everybody cared.
Captivated by a deeply trance.
Romanticly disabled when you start to dance.
Accentuated by your every word.
Zoned in an endless medley of your own accord.
Yearning to hold such a beauty that before me was unfold.

Listening to the sound of the singing birds.
Out in the fields where the sheeps gather in a herd.
Voices that whispers the songs of unspoken melody.
Endlessly echoing in such sweet harmony.
Dominance that is in your gesture,
Encourages me to be in the highest posture.
Naphtha, and you are the love of my means.
In enchanted dimensions and obsolete dreams.
Selfless love and kindness mirrors you.
Equally, like of those creatures, from Timbuktu.

Priceless wealth is like your name.
And unchangeable like when the solstice came.
Romantic as Shakespeare and Mozart.
Careful as Joan of ark.
On some occasions you come to me,
Notion-less, but still with curiosity...
Education Gives Luster to Motherland

Wise education, vital breath
Inspires an enchanting virtue;
She puts the Country in the lofty seat
Of endless glory, of dazzling glow,
And just as the gentle aura's puff
Do brighten the perfumed flower's hue:
So education with a wise, guiding hand,
A benefactress, exalts the human band.

Man's placid repose and earthly life
To education he dedicates
Because of her, art and science are born
Man; and as from the high mount above
The pure rivulet flows, undulates,
So education beyond measure
Gives the Country tranquility secure.

Where wise education raises a throne
Sprightly youth are invigorated,
Who with firm stand error they subdue
And with noble ideas are exalted;
It breaks immortality's neck,
Contemptible crime before it is halted:
It humbles barbarous nations
And it makes of savages champions.
And like the spring that nourishes
The plants, the bushes of the meads,
She goes on spilling her placid wealth,
And with kind eagerness she constantly feeds,
The river banks through which she slips,
And to beautiful nature all she concedes,
So whoever procures education wise
Until the height of honor may rise.

From her lips the waters crystalline
Gush forth without end, of divine virtue,
And prudent doctrines of her faith
The forces weak of evil subdue,
That break apart like the whitish waves
That lash upon the motionless shoreline:
And to climb the heavenly ways the people
Do learn with her noble example.

In the wretched human beings' breast
The living flame of good she lights
The hands of criminal fierce she ties,
And fill the faithful hearts with delights,
Which seeks her secrets beneficent
And in the love for the good her breast she incites,
And it's th' education noble and pure
Of human life the balsam sure.

And like a rock that rises with pride
In the middle of the turbulent waves
When hurricane and fierce Notus roar
She disregards their fury and raves,
That weary of the horror great
So frightened calmly off they stave;
Such is one by wise education steered
He holds the Country's reins unconquered.
His achievements on sapphires are engraved;
The Country pays him a thousand honors;
For in the noble ******* of her sons
Virtue transplanted luxuriant flow'rs;
And in the love of good e'er disposed
Will see the lords and governors
The noble people with loyal venture
Christian education always procure.

And like the golden sun of the morn
Whose rays resplendent shedding gold,
And like fair aurora of gold and red
She overspreads her colors bold;
Such true education proudly gives
The pleasure of virtue to young and old
And she enlightens out Motherland dear
As she offers endless glow and luster.
Early in her years she was somewhat abandoned.
Rejected by the only family she knew, unwanted and with no arms to hang on.
Independently she faced a cruel and an uncomforting world.
Keeping her tears hidden inside while she shows us only her most beautiful smile.
A damsel in great distress without anyone to lean on and just weep and cry.

Years passed by and she became a mother.
One little angel, her lovely daughter.
Her reason to go on with life and not think of anymore struggles.
Kept herself back on track and didnt mind the hurdles.
One or two relationships that broke her heart, also became  the reason that she had to restart.

Now she has a house of her own that she can always call home.
One fine job that pays more than she could ever hone.
Zestfully she faces the world with a whole new view.
And still smiles but no more tears behind them, for this time they are true.
Keeping on moving forward and thats how she plays it.
It doesnt matter if you lose or win the game, its how you played it.
Early winter morning under the weakened sun.
Trees sway with the thunderous roar of the blowing wind above the snowy sand.

Heaven's glorious symphonies are heard as church bells rang.
Young and old gather around as the choir started and sang.

Loud prayers can be heard from an echoing distance.
Emancipating each and every heart in a matter of chance.

Evangelic voices from the chorale continued aloud.
Now the priest started to preach with a voice so loud.

Valiant soldiers arrived to join the uplifted crowd.
In a timely manner unveiling a hidden shroud.

Little children were out in the fields playing.
Out in the evergreens vast wilderness and doing their own thing.

Roses and rasp berries were plenty on a nearby garden.
Its a beatiful place with a few wooden carvings.

At last the day is retiring, dusk arrives and the night will finally come and settle in.
Escaping were tears from her eyes.
Vicious were the hurting pains heard from her cries.
Endless echoes of deep and hallow voices.
Leaning towards the sun and againsts quiet noises.
Young was her son who never spoke a word and would probably speak none.
Not a day that passes that she has not missed her man.

People talking behind her while showing smiles infront of her face.
As if they were not fools when the truth is that they're more of a disgrace.
Gestures are weaved into words when her hands are in waves.
Uncomf'table with what the world thinks but her heart remains pure and unraged.
Implosive thoughts of anger that she can never let out and explode.
Residing in fears of doubtful taunts and still she remains dauntless and composed.
In days when the rain never stopped pouring.
God lits up a light without her even knowing.
A brightly blaze that is called the golden sun.
No more shedding of tears for those past and broken pieces are again mended into one.
Thanks for coming to see me in this state.

Im really sorry but I dont feel great.

If you want to say something dont hesitate.

Do tell me something before its too late.

Im about to leave you on a given date.

And as I tell you it would seal my fate.

So with these last words I would see the end.

If things could be better then I'll see you again.
For the people who syllabicate their every word.
Lightning slows down when they are heard.
Intricate harmony to the beat of rhythmic melody.
Pesting each other with symmetrical rhymes and methodology.
Telling jokes about the other in syncronized bars and lines with no humility.
One phase in each minute you will hear speech in variety.
Proficiency at its best in the academy...
Fear me for those who have too much of me tend to lose self control.
Repeating their inappropriate actions in multiple ways, that they get thrown in the hole.
Even those who are in shackles its me they aspire.
Everyone around them suffers once I am acquired.
Discipline is out of the question when in people's hands I am obtained.
Only in death they wait for then I will be trully attained.
My meaning is worthless to many when I am awfully stained.
Finding the right ones is the hardest thing to do.
Reaching the outskirts of the world and you'll only find a few.
In most cases you can only search for the finest of companions.
Even if you get too many of them you wouldn't find their real intentions.
Not a single soul would be there to be found whenever you really are in need.
Do not be so careless for they will only use you just to satisfy their greed.
So be careful when you turn around or they will stab you on the back just so you would bleed.
Forgive me if I say this when I'm ******.
Understand that this is what you wished when you had me dissed.
Catch me waving this insignia up in the air.
Keep in mind that I won't give a **** or care.

Yes, I know that you saw it coming.
Outrageous as it may seem but Im just beginning.
Underestimate me again and next time we meet, that *** of yours will have an unforgetable whooping.
(V)elvet were the skies when in november rained.
(H)owling was the gustling of the wind before the winter solstice came.
(O)ver the mountain tops trees started to sway.
(N)eatly stretched branches dancing like children at play.
(G)reeting the heavens and waving at the sun and its melodious rays.

(N)ot far from the lake side stood a shack.
(A) spider weaving web of threads so elastic, lives on the back.
(V)aguely watching the world as it revolves and as it slowly cracks.
(A) ghostly whisper was heard in a nearby brush.
(R)elentless as it echoes repeatedly through a green woodland lush.
(R)ight about the country side a bond was made.
(O)ne sacred union between a lumber jack and a lovely southern maid.
How do you deal with his kind?
You dont even know how he runs his mind.
Plotted againts you are his plans.
Obtaining your trust but will never lend you his hands.
Courtesy he will show you when you face him.
Right on the back he will stab you like your paper thin.
If you know what he can do.
To play his own game is what you should do too.
End his hypocrecy before he finishes you.
If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too:
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or, being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise;

If you can dream---and not make dreams your master;
If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings,
And never breathe a word about your loss:
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with Kings---nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And---which is more---you'll be a Man, my son!
By Rudyard Kipling
I was blamed for a crime I didnt do.
Nobody believed me even when what I say is true.
Not a soul even seemed to care.
On my own I stood for my right as they stare.
Crowded were the cells when they took me to prison.
Excluded from the free world and for no good reason.
Nobody listened to my plea when I spoke for my defense.
That I was framed and accused wrongly but to them it made no sense.
Jousting knights were riding to find their quest in a barren field.
An army of wondering nobles and in their hands are the swords that they wield.
Night fell upon their aspiring esquires in a battle forged in steel.
Unsuspecting barrons have been ambushed by serfs and pages that came from the every side of the marching wheels.
A king was delightfully slain by a cowardly tretcherous duke.
Reigned by terror is his queen who witnessed his death and it made her puke.
Young was the prince who planned his father's fall, in order for him to rule the throne and be the master of all.
Jitters ought to make you stomping not jumping
A piercing needle filled with ink on your skin to be etched in
Yell it out and start screaming, here comes the tattooist from tables end

All you need is a sense of taste, a little green and blue or red and black if you have what it takes
Right to left, up to down, just bear with it and soon it will be over and the pain will be gone

Guided by a stencil and whatever kind of print
Use your imagination, the concept will come to life with the power of ink or tint
Say rest for a moment and he'll give you time
It will then be forever, never you will erase this from that skin, it will be forever be embedded in time
Jerusalem is the place where he grew.
Entrusted with a burden to save humanity and to walk with jews.
Satan tempted him ones to abandon his task.
Unto the night he prayed to the father till morning and dusk.
Son of "God" as we have come to call him.

Crucified on the cross with blood all over his skin.
He defied death when the third day came.
Rose from the dead and humaniy was reclaimed.
In "Bethlehem" he was born in a manger.
Shone a light for three royal strangers.
This is "HE" the king of kings, when he was born the angels descended from heaven and they came to sing.
Joyful streaks of light shine from a distant path
Hailing from a world where nothing seem to last
Eager hands for the heart of who we want to reach the most
Absolute power was never a thing to boast

Not a bolt of lightning is enough to pour this hour
If such life is less than what  you expect for a little fire
Calming the beast is not the best of answers
Heave your thoughts and watch rocks from meteors falling in shower
Open your mind and free it from infinite hate
Learn to live a life and start to have fate
Even in sorrow, you can lighten up the weight

All the things that you may think about
Nicely presented in your head, is what to not to doubt
Not a point in reality is there to be sad about

Vicious things may come along the way
Imagine only, that there will be another day
Laugh at every moment while you can
Life is not long enough to live my friend
All is temporary and all is just
Not even your beauty would seem to last
Uncover your truths from all of your known lies
Even if the truth has lies to hide
Vested upon you is your soulful right
All you have to do is to play the game that we call life
For the best the thing that ever happened to me. Jhea Nichole Anne Villanueva. I love you baby.
Jotting words that flows like water is not that easy.
Honestly its a hard thing but it keeps the mind busy.
Each line is like a heart beat that turns into melody.
A melodic rhythm that in any time could lose balance and just turns into a broken harmony.
Nice and naughty notions will somehow come into motion at times.
Negative words that could hurt feelings but it ain't a crime.
And it matters not if your syllables dont make sense as long as the given emotions will rhyme.

Let your heart be your guide so you could find the right words to say.
Evenly scribe the ink as you try to pronounce those words to be in play.
Even if you loose your grey matter, but i pray it not to happen at any given day.
Joy is what you bring to me.
Hopeless but still dauntless that we could be.
On a mutual feeling just you and me.
All I ask is a wee bit of chance from thee.
Not more than that but your sweet yes maybe.

Just quite a few seconds is all that it would take.
One glimpse of the alternate reality that we can both create.
Ambient minutes turning into hours when we go side by side.
Not a single soulful feeling would find a place to hide.

Just quite a bit of honesty is all that it would take.
One glimpse of another reality that only god can retake.
Ample time turning tides just to meet the deadlines.
No other soul can have you, just let me love you till that day that your finally mine.
Just look at the stars when you feel blue.
Hold the lightning like a streak of burning flames.
On the cold and darkness of endless space.
A beam of sun light will brighten up your day.
Never forget to think of him or to pray.

Loneliness is just a word.
Each day will be brighter.
All things will be better.
Let it not get to you any further.
Judge by the world just because of sexuality.
Over criticised by law due to abnormality.
Excluded from the rest of men.
Learned to wait for the moment that only god knows when.

Battling for co-existance when the world does not permit.
Aspiring that with their resistance someday they will submit.
Defying the odds and the twist of fate.
Unscorched by destiny still fought but didnt hate.
At last the war is over and the battle is done, the victors take the spoils for they have won.
Jaw dropping was the sight that came before the tide.
On a river that flows with a brush of dandelions right beside.
Marching down from the distance in a long and winding path.
A curious beholder emerging from a well shrouded shaft.
Resting his feet while holding a scripture on his lap.

And with a tree that he found in the open field.
Beneath its shadows and the shade it wields.
Reading a lovely story while he holds its scroll.
Off he went and his imaginative mind goes for a stroll.
Jacked into the realm of novel and the world of fiction.
Entangled to a different space and reality of conviction.
Nested  as a bird in a perfect ly written conclusion.
And was deeply submerged in an endless fictional delusion.

Blown by every word in structure.
Admiring the rythmic strings of a vocabulary that seemed different in its own feature.
Yearning to attain the same prowess and skill.
Oddly thinking of words within the thoughts that makes him still.
Trapped in his mentality is a knowledge still unscratched.
A wee bit more of hidden capacity that is still unhatched
Jesus once walked among his sinful children.
One holy child who shouldered a worldly burden.
Saints were part of his life long journey.
Everyone was fed with bread and fish when they are hungry.
Peter the first known pope once denied him but was given hope.
Humbly killed by a spear while nailed to the cross, fear not for there was no lost.

Valiant son of the almighty.
And prince of good that enlights we.
Lifting our spirits with joy and hopes.
Divine mercy from the holy ghost.
Enter we shall to his holy plain.
Zapped by his grace and kindness for he reigns

May his name be in your heart.
A mighty king and the son of god.
Cry no more for he is coming.
All the world will gather to praise him.
Gone will be the days of hurt and pain.
United we shall be while he reigns.
Bestowed upon us are his blessings.
All of the world pray to the king.
No more suffering and no more hate.
God is with us so lets keep the faith.
Juviniles are those who are seated on the side of the law.
United by their appointmet in power with their claws scratching their flaws.
Some look angelic while hiding their demonic side.
These devils are in office with no rules to abide.
In liberty they speak to you with elegance.
Corrupting your taxes, so called democrats and republicans.
Every one is not safe from their hunger of power and their arrogance.
Knights will rise and kings may kneel.
And barons fall from battles that they mill
Truth is, I don't know how to say how I feel.
Real love, perfection of eternal dreams.
Imploding thoughts of uncharted realms.
Never would I forget your face.
And your laughter, echoes within my imaginary maze.

Dreaming of those moments when I'm with you.
Each time I wonder if they can ever be true.
Love, my only notion, is to forever be with you.

Romantic as Beethoven or Claude Debussy.
Over the vast madness of sincerity.
Such desires, and they all grew.
Astounding, like how Picasso drew.
Reminds me of how in my brain, I painted you.
If my feelings ever let me be.
Offering you is my love so true.

Vanity is your face .
Ascending from a great and holy place.
Strength is in your name.
Quested by masters of tactical games.
Unity is your smile
Each day that comes,is like a mile.
Zebus from Camelot will show up in a little while.
Keenly thinking of thoughts of you within my head.
In uncountable words that I couldnt say from the side of my bed.
My days become brighter within the moments from serenity.
Blowing like the eastern breeze while seeking for eternity.
Endless songs echoing within my brain.
Renouncing the uncertainty to when to step out of the rain.
Lost myself in words that I know I could never tell.
Yet the day just started and all would be well.
Not another word for me to tell.

Left alone covered in a blanket of shadows before you found me.
Embracing all my weakness and handed strength to guide me.
Done was all the hatred that put me on this state.
Drowning me in a flood that was filled with hate.
All thats left to bind me is my faith.

Emancipated by an unknown beauty that is full of grace.
Giving me the courage to find my rightful place.
Astounded by you is I a humble lad.
Lust and devotion mixed in my blood.
Look at me im just a normal bloke.
At your mercy I am filled with hope.
Killing me are the thoughts of you that still resides within my head.
Im having a paranoia that Im thinking to stuff it with lead.
My heart tells me to love you still.
But my brain is profoundly against it that its about to loose its will.
Every day your face is taunting me.
Retiring at night with your smile that  keeps haunting me.
Lurking in my dreams is your ever shapeless silhouette.
Yet your laughter reminds me of a face that I can't forget.
Not a moment that belongs to eternity that I regret.
Keeping a thought to himself though he wants it to be spoken.
Undesiring not to speak but his incapability wouldnt let him.
Residing in his lips are the words that he would just want to say.
That wont ever happen since his speech box is broken and those words can never be in play.

Caged in his soul is a song that he can never sing.
Often picked at and frequently treated by others like he is somewhat other people's play thing.
Very carefully he observes the entirity of his sorrounding world.
Executing to let out a speech but you wont hear him saying a single word.
Never may he be able to talk with moving lips, but he can converse with you with his fingers and up to its tips.

Pronouncing his syllables in an endless string of silence.
Accentuating his ideals though to some it wont make any sense.
Gesture after gesture he will tell what it is that he has been needing to say.
Unsure of those endless quiet battles he only wish he could slay.
In his somewhat voiceless soul lies the need to yell a thousand phrases.
Residing in his spirit is a muted volume that cannot be erased even if he pleases.
In his mind lives a storm that he can hardly calm.
Greeting a tragic scene of a great noiseless loneliness that will never be gone.
All he knows is that his unending silence is a tool,  that may one day change the world.
Nothing is sure but it is a disguised gift from the lord.

A day may come when his greatest obstacle ends.
Beauty of being able to speak freely without the use of his hands.
A fine morning that will one day shine him a light.
Letting him to express him self in a whole new way in his right.
Only in a given moment that only time can give.
Such a day will come when god gives him what he has asked to receive.
This one is dedicated to my high school classmate's mute son.
Like a child I sat in a corner and played.
Intuitively did the things that I wanted so the ones around me had to be persuade.
Mindless as a stone I kept on going.
Perfectly playing the part of a fool without me knowing.

Brick by brick my body slowly crumbled.
In the eve of night my life suddenly stumbled.
Zoned in a derailed capacity and now with a limited motion.
Keeping only my mentality but unable to make a notion.
I started to realized my biggest mistake.
Talking to the wall and the ceiling now finally seeing the path that I choosed to take.
Lost in translation I began to fade.
In the shadows of a million trees I went to find the shade.
Never wanting the gallows to pull me into the maze.
Killed the hypocrite who set me in blaze.
I closed my eyes and repented to the father.
Nimbly asking the heavens to open up the weather.

Paused for a moment and began to think.
Assisted the angels while they sang in sync.
Repainted the skies until the clouds turned pink.
Keeping my freedom till my wisdom made me sink.
Lift your head and stare at the heavens.
Open those eyes before the means justifies the end.
Orchestrate your words like theres no tomorrow.
New light will come you wont stay in sorrow.
Imprint in others lives and you will understand it.
Each minute that you will breathe will be worth it.
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