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Nov 2018 · 351
(A) rose within a garden of thorns sits still and glowing.
(N)ot to be prickly but to show a beauty that is over flowing.
(D)own the lakeside crystaline water flows.
(R)ising deeply, to a depth that no one knows.
(E)ventful is the sight created by a "Godly" hand.
(A) magnificent view to behold, an endless story written in the sand.

(U)nderneath a clear blue sky a lovely face sits beneath a tree.
(R)eading a penned story by an author, and that is she.
(E)ntwined, the words that cannot be written in rhyme, and only another tale to be made in time.
(T)o write another is to be done in a different tale.
(A)nd to write it freely is to be like ships preparing to sail.
Nov 2018 · 381
Sometimes its braver to cry.
Sometimes its braver not to try.
Sometimes its braver to walk away.
Sometimes its braver not to stay.

Sometimes its braver not to fight.
Sometimes its braver to admit defeat when its right.
Sometimes its braver to take the blame.
Sometimes its braver to be ashamed.

Sometimes its braver to take the fall.
Sometimes its braver to not stand tall.
Sometimes its braver to surrender and be at peace.
Sometimes its braver to say less and not to please.

Sometimes its braver not to be brave.
Sometimes its braver to show that you're afraid.
Nov 2018 · 258
Predestined to sit on a chair is a man long foretold.
Engulf in a manner of truth and democracy that makes him bold.
Defined by honor and valor that in many battles he amassed.
Respiting only when needed be and when he must.
On parchments of solitude before the  coming dusk.

Orchestrated in his mind is a plan for the betterment of all.
Bestowing upon us all, is his service with open arms to heed and welcome every call.
At sophistication he stands as he leans to reach with a helping hand.
Liasing, bridging boundaries to make all one and to mend.
Down the lane arguements will find the way to peace.
On any occasion he may please you for all your pleas.

Jagged may be the path that will come ahead.
Up to the task, overcoming it will be just like a tangled line that could be an ache in the head.
Nicely and carefully straightening it in a graceful trance.
It will not take long before the knots made by confusion turns into chance.
On a pedestal long fortold to be stood upon.
Respect, honor and all that rhymes with it will be embedded in one brand.
Oct 2018 · 265
(V)elvet were the skies when in november rained.
(H)owling was the gustling of the wind before the winter solstice came.
(O)ver the mountain tops trees started to sway.
(N)eatly stretched branches dancing like children at play.
(G)reeting the heavens and waving at the sun and its melodious rays.

(N)ot far from the lake side stood a shack.
(A) spider weaving web of threads so elastic, lives on the back.
(V)aguely watching the world as it revolves and as it slowly cracks.
(A) ghostly whisper was heard in a nearby brush.
(R)elentless as it echoes repeatedly through a green woodland lush.
(R)ight about the country side a bond was made.
(O)ne sacred union between a lumber jack and a lovely southern maid.
Oct 2018 · 312
(J)avelin like strikes is what it feels like when you get stung by his venomous poisoned tail.
(H)orriedly taking your life slowly like a cancer that in your sea of blood buoyantly sails.
(O)n the dead of night he crawls beneath your sheets.
(N)avigating through your camp, away from the fire and to give you the creeps.
(G)rinning like a beast as he makes you scream and shriek.

(H)is a deadly scorpion, a shell case demon who doesn't want anybody bursting his bubbles.
Impassable and has an impossible rage that you would never want to unravel.
(L)ethal is his face that would make you beg for your life when you face him.
(A) depth of a thousand fold vengeance is what he holds and its all about grim.
(R)uthless are the plans that he creates, the kind that would give you nightmares in your deepest of slumber.
(I)n his head you are not a person, but a target and just a number.
(O)ne grave mistake and you may find your self in a stinky niche of a dumpster.
Oct 2018 · 343
(A)bove the church were golden bells.
(N)ext to it was the finest sight, a hunch-back belle.
(N)ested in a tower of cobwebs and dusty shelves.
(E)xcept no one new that she was a princess walking among our common selves.

(C)arved within her heart is a beauty without comparison.
(U)nsuspectingly she can bust you out and then throw you to a jail garison.
(R)eclaimed by her will was a kingdom of magic.
(T)hat three young lads fought for her though always arguing about logic.
(I)n her eyes you can see a bright red glow.
(S)hining like blood red rubies in a cave under six feet of snow.

(S)ilence is sought out whenever she starts to sing.
(M)ajestic is her voice but can give you an alarming sting.
(I)n her greatest moments she sings with an enormous chorale.
(T)he kind of crowd that boosts her morale.
(H)old your breath for a mesmerizing musical royale.
Oct 2018 · 279
(J)ust like a noble steed she strides through the boundaries of every unmapped terrain.
(O)ne magnificent beast that could pass any hurdle with one leap and never feels the strain.
(S)uch beauty that she possesses brightly, makes the stars go dim.
(E)ven gods would probably kneel before her and just watch her glim.

(M)ighty as a stallion riding towards barren fields.
(A) vast amount of knowledge is what she has and what she wields.
(R)ested within her is a golden heart said to be pure.
(I)n her soul there is an endless humility with an extent that no man can measure.
(E)ternal like time and change, all cherished treasures.

(B)raving storms that only comes in the darkest days and the blackest nights.
(O)n solid ground she plants her feet as she prepares for the fight.
(R)ushing against the blowing wind and towards a victorious plight.
(J)ourneying through long and rough winding roads  she walks to find her path.
(A)s to where it leads, well lets leave it to her and that is that.

(V)aliant like a true knights sacred mount.
(I)n never ending wars that even kings can no longer count.
(C)ourteously she brings us smiles and laughters whenever the curtains are lifted.
(E)ven if behind it all, all she wishes is that all the sadness would have drifted.
(R)elentless are the tears that would never seem to go away.
(A)nd yet she hopes to find a proper bloke, to mend her heart, and with her to stay.
(L)ove that can over come any test and that is what she prays.
Jul 2018 · 253
Be brave to stand up against the overwhelming power of a monopolous tyrany.
All should gather as one to liberate the populus from decades of dynasty.
Let everyone know that the righ time has finally come.
And it is timely to restart and let the people know to end this sham.
Over two decades has and have been long enough for them to rule above us.
Arise, take a stand and prepare your spears to aim and ******.
No more mugging of our towns people, no more summoned ones will go home crippled.
Jul 2018 · 217
Blue skies hover above the mountains and beneath a blazing sun.
Exciting sceneries are seen below, all are amazing views below the clouds.
Resting underneath the shade of trees are the ones who wonder about.
New beginnings that came from old ends and about the endings that would begin about.
A certain cold in the blowing wind suddenly turns into warmth.
Drums started to roar on the shores of the ocean front.
Eagles soar with preys on their claws to serve a lunch.
Thunderous noises brought by a storm that has a rain to launch.
Through the wide plains water fills the land.
Everything was soak except for the huddle of a million trees that has the tightest bond.
Jul 2018 · 269
Not another face is there in the world that can turn heads but you.
In a brief moment your presence made me feel brand new.
Closing my eyes as I imagine how you ought to be by my side.
And its just a hideous feeling that I cant hide.
Counting the stars while standing under a blackened sky.
A silhouette of you passed by my eye.

Beautiful dreams that seemed like lullaby's.
Resting me in my deepest sleep without questioning why.

Every day is like a millenia without your beauty in view.
Restless from uncountable thoughts that my brain finds hard to chew.
And yet a damsel you are, a pretty lass, a princess that no other can out do.
Jul 2018 · 224
Early winter morning under the weakened sun.
Trees sway with the thunderous roar of the blowing wind above the snowy sand.

Heaven's glorious symphonies are heard as church bells rang.
Young and old gather around as the choir started and sang.

Loud prayers can be heard from an echoing distance.
Emancipating each and every heart in a matter of chance.

Evangelic voices from the chorale continued aloud.
Now the priest started to preach with a voice so loud.

Valiant soldiers arrived to join the uplifted crowd.
In a timely manner unveiling a hidden shroud.

Little children were out in the fields playing.
Out in the evergreens vast wilderness and doing their own thing.

Roses and rasp berries were plenty on a nearby garden.
Its a beatiful place with a few wooden carvings.

At last the day is retiring, dusk arrives and the night will finally come and settle in.
Jul 2018 · 137
An unexpected meeting of two souls that happens in one sudden moment.
Brief glances that turned both our heads and locked our eyes for one another so such a feeling could commence.

Courtship that started with a hope that I may be able to get your sweetest response.
Dealt with a task so seemingly impossible while praying for that one chance.

Each minute that turns into hours and the days that turns into weeks.
For all those months that became years and its your love that I still seek.

Great feats that will still have me tested through all task that I must overcome.
For it is how I must be weighed with what I am capable and if I can better myself, outdone.

Heading towards you with a bouquet of flowers that I hold in my trembling hands.
Its that woderful feeling that makes me nervous to ask you out and bond.

Joyful is what I was when we first went out on a date.
Keenly keeping my self composed as we stay out late.

Little talks that turn into lengthy conversations as we forget about the time.
Marvelled by your magnificent beauty as you smile.

Now I really mean and been needing to ask you if we shall ever be.
One answer that I waited long enough and worked for and if you'll have me.

Pulling myself together as I gather the strength to ask you these words.
Quick on my knees to ask you five or six words.

Reassured by your refreshing and relieving smile.
Stood me up and you said yes, it made me feel the luckiest man alive.

Then one day you gave me such one good news.
Uplifted me with happiness as if I could lose my screws.

Valuable but priceless our own sweet little dainty pearl.
With you and this lovely gift I want nothing more in this world.

X? what shall I do with such a letter, maybe put it in the trash.
Yes, because its been over and it was someone who had my heart crushed.
Zero is now the right word and also fits the number of emotions that I no longer have.
Jul 2018 · 141
Jotting words that flows like water is not that easy.
Honestly its a hard thing but it keeps the mind busy.
Each line is like a heart beat that turns into melody.
A melodic rhythm that in any time could lose balance and just turns into a broken harmony.
Nice and naughty notions will somehow come into motion at times.
Negative words that could hurt feelings but it ain't a crime.
And it matters not if your syllables dont make sense as long as the given emotions will rhyme.

Let your heart be your guide so you could find the right words to say.
Evenly scribe the ink as you try to pronounce those words to be in play.
Even if you loose your grey matter, but i pray it not to happen at any given day.
Jun 2018 · 433
Early in her years she was somewhat abandoned.
Rejected by the only family she knew, unwanted and with no arms to hang on.
Independently she faced a cruel and an uncomforting world.
Keeping her tears hidden inside while she shows us only her most beautiful smile.
A damsel in great distress without anyone to lean on and just weep and cry.

Years passed by and she became a mother.
One little angel, her lovely daughter.
Her reason to go on with life and not think of anymore struggles.
Kept herself back on track and didnt mind the hurdles.
One or two relationships that broke her heart, also became  the reason that she had to restart.

Now she has a house of her own that she can always call home.
One fine job that pays more than she could ever hone.
Zestfully she faces the world with a whole new view.
And still smiles but no more tears behind them, for this time they are true.
Keeping on moving forward and thats how she plays it.
It doesnt matter if you lose or win the game, its how you played it.
Oct 2017 · 299
Do you still remember the days when we were seated in a class.
Back then when we did a lot of foolishness and man it was a blast.

Can you recall all the stupid things that we once did.
Those epic moments when the teachers hated us, almost kicking us off the grid.

Do you remember that we used to have a crush on someone within the same room.
The one that looks like an angel and seems to always be in bloom.

Do you remember when we played tricks on the girls.
Then they would come back at us for vengeance while in skirts and making twirls.

Do you remember when we skipped classes so we could go for a stroll.
We were like rockers who are always ready to roll.

We used to climb the roof and goof around.
Used to cheat on our quizzes and still we hit the ground.
Oct 2017 · 216
Varying in character, wisdom and in some other things that we inarguably bare.
And our individual attitudes are as different as the things that we like and care.
Lo us, a clique that no one can break or tear.
United in camaraderie and with every bit of compassion to spare.
Empathetic to one another when the only color there is to see is blue.
Some times we fight but we get reconciled in a few.

Older as we may grow and wiser we may become.
For all as we know, we are still children longing to play under the sun.

Forward we march to greet every new day.
Residing in our hearts is a forged unity that even death cannot slay.
Insatiable are the desires that within us may grow.
Enthusiastic'ly we float to where the water flows.
Neat smiles and laughters that are photographed in our cerebral nodes.
Dancing under the moon and the bright sun as if our hearts could explode.
Scenic moments that are framed within our heads.
Hangs in all of our memories like a spider's thread.
If time ages us and someday we all just fade.
Put your hand on your heart and remember the oaths and promises that we have made.
Oct 2017 · 177
Sought by many is I that both have the essence of power and fulfillment in my name.
Up the ladder everybody climbs, so that I could be obtained.
Countless failures are faced before I am reached.
Cruel are the lessons in the loses that to you I get to teach.
Every step of the way I will send you a hardly passable obstacle.
Strive hard to climb every wall, every barricade and every hurdle to get to my pinacle.
Stop at nothing, fear none and one day you may have me, for I am the most seek crucible.
Oct 2017 · 199
Jerusalem is the place where he grew.
Entrusted with a burden to save humanity and to walk with jews.
Satan tempted him ones to abandon his task.
Unto the night he prayed to the father till morning and dusk.
Son of "God" as we have come to call him.

Crucified on the cross with blood all over his skin.
He defied death when the third day came.
Rose from the dead and humaniy was reclaimed.
In "Bethlehem" he was born in a manger.
Shone a light for three royal strangers.
This is "HE" the king of kings, when he was born the angels descended from heaven and they came to sing.
Oct 2017 · 207
Fear me for those who have too much of me tend to lose self control.
Repeating their inappropriate actions in multiple ways, that they get thrown in the hole.
Even those who are in shackles its me they aspire.
Everyone around them suffers once I am acquired.
Discipline is out of the question when in people's hands I am obtained.
Only in death they wait for then I will be trully attained.
My meaning is worthless to many when I am awfully stained.
Oct 2017 · 190
Juviniles are those who are seated on the side of the law.
United by their appointmet in power with their claws scratching their flaws.
Some look angelic while hiding their demonic side.
These devils are in office with no rules to abide.
In liberty they speak to you with elegance.
Corrupting your taxes, so called democrats and republicans.
Every one is not safe from their hunger of power and their arrogance.
Oct 2017 · 178
People from every corner of the globe fight wars just to have me.
Every man killing their own so with them I could be.
All the world requires me to be acquired.
Can't they see that the more they fight the more I retire.
Each day is a battle that is on the loose, hear me humanity and have a truce.
Oct 2017 · 195
Finding the right ones is the hardest thing to do.
Reaching the outskirts of the world and you'll only find a few.
In most cases you can only search for the finest of companions.
Even if you get too many of them you wouldn't find their real intentions.
Not a single soul would be there to be found whenever you really are in need.
Do not be so careless for they will only use you just to satisfy their greed.
So be careful when you turn around or they will stab you on the back just so you would bleed.
Oct 2017 · 162
Jousting knights were riding to find their quest in a barren field.
An army of wondering nobles and in their hands are the swords that they wield.
Night fell upon their aspiring esquires in a battle forged in steel.
Unsuspecting barrons have been ambushed by serfs and pages that came from the every side of the marching wheels.
A king was delightfully slain by a cowardly tretcherous duke.
Reigned by terror is his queen who witnessed his death and it made her puke.
Young was the prince who planned his father's fall, in order for him to rule the throne and be the master of all.
Oct 2017 · 243
Volumes of uncountable notions are lurking within my brain.
Ousting like scorching flames that can evaporate the pouring rain.
Needing to let them go like prisoners breaking out of their chains.
Senseless words that comes out of nowhere like bandits raiding a train.
Hailing from far beyond my head are immeasurable yet merky words.
Incapacitating my rationality yet it brings me to a place of thinking that is about to unfold.
Restless times that exhaust me withers my mind and my wandering soul.
Entirely escaping a niche that I came to call my sanity being burried in a shallow hole.

Laughing on my own while the rest of the world laughs at me.
Only to lose more of my mentality while I hid from them this epic side of my humanity.
A portion of me is on a leash since its mostly out of control.
Denting a hardened spirit that has almost took its toll.
Burning into ashes like trees  caught up in the fire.
Only to rise up once more like a **** that never gets tired.

Over this life time I have accumulated more than I could actually handle.
An exobite of entries still not enough to have me dismantled.
These are the things that runs through my head on every rising day.
Breaking this habit is like an addictive vice that shall never be out of play.
Admiring my own sense of reality while I stay in color when the world is in grey.
Yearning to make more pieces of poetry in acronyms served on a silver tray.
Oct 2017 · 1.0k
On a cold winter morning, in the time before the light.
In flames of death's eternal reign, we ride towards the fight.

When the darkness has fallen down, and the times are tough alright.
The sound of evil laughter falls around the world tonight.

Fighting hard, fighting on for the steel through the wasteland evermore.
The scattered souls will feel the hell, bodies wasted on the shores.

On the blackest plains in hell's domain we watch them as they go.
Through the fire and pain and once again we know.

So now we fly ever free, we're free before the thunderstorm.
On towards the wilderness our quest carries on.

Far beyond the sundown.
Far beyond the moonlight.
Deep inside our hearts and all our souls.

So far away we wait for the day.
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a life time lost in a thousand days.
Through the fire and flames we carry on.

As the red day is dawning and the lightning cracks the sky.
They'll raise their hands to the heavens above with resentment in their eyes.

Running back through the mid morning light, there's a burning in my heart.
We're banished from a time in a fallen land, to a life beyond the stars.

In your darkest dreams see to believe  our destiny is time.
And endlessly we'll all be free tonight.
And on the wings of a dream so far beyond reality.
All alone in desperation, now the time has gone.

Lost inside you'll never find.
Lost within my own mind.
Day after day this misery must go on.

So far away we wait for the day.
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a life time lost in a thousand days.
Through the fire and flames we carry on.

Now here we stand with their blood on our hands.
We fought so hard, now can we understand.
I'll break the seal of this curse if I possibly can.
For freedom of every man.

So far away we wait for the day.
For the lives all so wasted and gone.
We feel the pain of a lifetime lost in a thousand days.
Through the fire and flames we carry on.
Oct 2017 · 136
Killing me are the thoughts of you that still resides within my head.
Im having a paranoia that Im thinking to stuff it with lead.
My heart tells me to love you still.
But my brain is profoundly against it that its about to loose its will.
Every day your face is taunting me.
Retiring at night with your smile that  keeps haunting me.
Lurking in my dreams is your ever shapeless silhouette.
Yet your laughter reminds me of a face that I can't forget.
Not a moment that belongs to eternity that I regret.
Oct 2017 · 426
There is this endless song that plays in my head.
A complex tune that is thinner than a piece of thread.
A note that composes a toneless lyric that can never be said.

Piecing its rhythm and harmony through a broken medley.
Written on a distinctly colored string of unsuspecting melody.

There is a beating percussion that lies for the truth.
A key to strum that opens the eye of the youth.

A balance of ballads that just sways and dance.
That plays a masterpiece in a deeply woven trance.

There is this music and it is unsung.
It makes me feel like screaming out of my lungs.

This is a soundless piece of harmonically made lyrics.
That no rhythmically accentuated type of melodic medley can better its music.
Oct 2017 · 183
Showing a thing of gratitude is never easy.
Even if the wind blows the tide ashore and our lives gets breezy.
People come as they slowly go.
Truth is Im grateful that it is you I came to know.
Endowed by you is a frienship that god has bestowed.
Much meaning, a gift you showed.
Best as a companion and youre greater as a friend.
Entangled in a friendship that with hopes shall not end.
Rejoicing with gleeful laughters and a forever gladness that our hearts are mend.
Keeping a thought to himself though he wants it to be spoken.
Undesiring not to speak but his incapability wouldnt let him.
Residing in his lips are the words that he would just want to say.
That wont ever happen since his speech box is broken and those words can never be in play.

Caged in his soul is a song that he can never sing.
Often picked at and frequently treated by others like he is somewhat other people's play thing.
Very carefully he observes the entirity of his sorrounding world.
Executing to let out a speech but you wont hear him saying a single word.
Never may he be able to talk with moving lips, but he can converse with you with his fingers and up to its tips.

Pronouncing his syllables in an endless string of silence.
Accentuating his ideals though to some it wont make any sense.
Gesture after gesture he will tell what it is that he has been needing to say.
Unsure of those endless quiet battles he only wish he could slay.
In his somewhat voiceless soul lies the need to yell a thousand phrases.
Residing in his spirit is a muted volume that cannot be erased even if he pleases.
In his mind lives a storm that he can hardly calm.
Greeting a tragic scene of a great noiseless loneliness that will never be gone.
All he knows is that his unending silence is a tool,  that may one day change the world.
Nothing is sure but it is a disguised gift from the lord.

A day may come when his greatest obstacle ends.
Beauty of being able to speak freely without the use of his hands.
A fine morning that will one day shine him a light.
Letting him to express him self in a whole new way in his right.
Only in a given moment that only time can give.
Such a day will come when god gives him what he has asked to receive.
This one is dedicated to my high school classmate's mute son.
Oct 2017 · 292
Escaping were tears from her eyes.
Vicious were the hurting pains heard from her cries.
Endless echoes of deep and hallow voices.
Leaning towards the sun and againsts quiet noises.
Young was her son who never spoke a word and would probably speak none.
Not a day that passes that she has not missed her man.

People talking behind her while showing smiles infront of her face.
As if they were not fools when the truth is that they're more of a disgrace.
Gestures are weaved into words when her hands are in waves.
Uncomf'table with what the world thinks but her heart remains pure and unraged.
Implosive thoughts of anger that she can never let out and explode.
Residing in fears of doubtful taunts and still she remains dauntless and composed.
In days when the rain never stopped pouring.
God lits up a light without her even knowing.
A brightly blaze that is called the golden sun.
No more shedding of tears for those past and broken pieces are again mended into one.
Sep 2017 · 222
Tell mell you want me, tell me to stay.
Tell me that you wouldn't have it any other way.
Tell me I'm all yours, tell me today.
Tell me right now before I turn and walk away.

'Cause I've been thinking, over thinking.
Every little thing you say and do.
I've been thinking, over thinking.
When you looked at me and said you felt it too.

Tell me you love me, tell me to stay.
Grab me around my waist don't let me walk away.
Tell me I'm all your, tell me today.
Tell me I warm your soul when clouds are cloudy grey.

And I pray you fell the same.
'Cause I've been thinking about giving you my last name.
This world is full of crazy things, and the most insane must be waking up without you next to me.
I don't want to wake up without you next to me.

Tell me you love me and that will never change.
Tell me that I'm the one you'll call your ball and chain.
Tell me I'm all yours and youre here to stay.
Tell me you'll die if we don't kiss every day.

I'll be the "MR" if you'll be my "MRS".
And I'll be the wizard to grant you all of your wishes.
Follow me alone, we'll tiptoe down a golden road.
And when we finally find our home.
I'll put my queen atop a throne.

And tell you I love you every day.
I'll come home with chocolates and a red bouquet.
We'll get through the hard times, we'll never fray.
We'll stay in color while the world's in black and grey.

So tell me you want me, tell me to stay.
Grab me around my waist and don't let me walk away.
Tell me you'll love me till our final days.
'Cause I've been hopin' that you'd marry me someday.
I've been hopin' that you'd marry me someday.
Sep 2017 · 264
I am an eternal being that cannot be touched.
That goes with a saying unless you have a watch.
My seconds as I call them are my pawns.
I am the father of eternity  ever since it was spawned.

I have minutes to spare whenever I can.
My generals are called hours that everyone spends.
One of my people live in a glass.
The other walks with you in a shadowy class.

If there is forever then that would be me.
I dont change that much even if years pass indifinitely.
I reside in the present, the future and the past.
You cannot escape me no matter how you go slow or fast.

I am a father of twelve but sometimes twenty four.
I fly quick, its up to you to hate or adore.
I can be given and even be chased.
Just dont blame me if youre running late.

One of my children stays in your pocket.
Another wrapped on your wrist so please pack it.
Sometimes you see me hanging on a wall.
Some people would trick you so with me they could stall.

I can be borrowed but never be bought.
You cant change me but I can make you learn the deepest thoughts.
Sep 2017 · 152
A perfect name fittedly made for a king.
Residing in his blood is a soulful song that the angels sing.
This is my own way of greeting my good grand uncle.
Hope he likes it and when he reads this he doesnt mumble.
Using my words in a string of flattery may not suffice.
Remember that we appreciate your love and every advice.

My gift to you is this poetic piece.
Although its not much, I hope your happy and pleased.
Reread the lines whenever you have the time.
Take notice that your name is written in this rhyme.
Its the best thing that I can come up with.
Now forgive me if there is not enough length and width.
Even if today you got a little more older.
Zoned in a more deeply made persona that just made you much bolder.
Sep 2017 · 402
Thanks for coming to see me in this state.

Im really sorry but I dont feel great.

If you want to say something dont hesitate.

Do tell me something before its too late.

Im about to leave you on a given date.

And as I tell you it would seal my fate.

So with these last words I would see the end.

If things could be better then I'll see you again.
Sep 2017 · 193
Lift your head and stare at the heavens.
Open those eyes before the means justifies the end.
Orchestrate your words like theres no tomorrow.
New light will come you wont stay in sorrow.
Imprint in others lives and you will understand it.
Each minute that you will breathe will be worth it.
Sep 2017 · 317
Captivated by a deeply trance.
Romanticly disabled when you start to dance.
Accentuated by your every word.
Zoned in an endless medley of your own accord.
Yearning to hold such a beauty that before me was unfold.

Listening to the sound of the singing birds.
Out in the fields where the sheeps gather in a herd.
Voices that whispers the songs of unspoken melody.
Endlessly echoing in such sweet harmony.
Sep 2017 · 197
My pen is my finest blade.
Its sharpened with words that shall not fade.
My blood is the ink that writes my rhyme.
My soul resides in the phrases that I embed in time.

When I fight I use my eternal words.
I shoot them like bullets and thats how I speak to the world.
Sometimes my words come out rotten.
Though Im sure each one of them will not be forgotten.

Others like me will put a stain on your souls.
With the deepest thoughts that under your skins shall crawl.
There are times that I wrote things that I too cannot understand.
Those moments when my brain goes out of hand.

I reveal the truth when all there is are lies.
I uncover the shrouded flaws that the truth also hides.
I am a great liar who speaks the truth.
I am a truth teller who keeps a million fruits.

I could be your greatest ally and your finest friend.
Betray me and you wouldnt like the way I create your end.
So be it now I bid you farewell.
My mind is now writing new poems that my heart starts to beat like hell.
Sep 2017 · 168
A streak of light that I am about to hold.
Begins to shine on a gloomy summer's cold.
Often glistens in triumphant stories told.
Venting in breezes of weather that you cannot mold.
Even in the eve of 'September's relenting colors of gold.
Sep 2017 · 161
Somehow this is not what it seems.
However you see it is not what it really means.
Explaining it all would just derail your perception of reality.
Relax, Im not going to destroy your innocent mentality.
Obnoxious as I may appear to your parted head.
Visions about me that you will never be able to sew with your own threads.
If thats complicated for your swelling brain.
Never ask this book the amount of his grains.
Sep 2017 · 258
When the poet sings, his lines could take you.
When the poet sings, his rhymes could make you.

When the poet sings, his thoughts could break you.
When the poet sings, his words could taunt you.

When the poet sings, harmony  becomes a game.
When the poet sings, his words are gathered from your name.

When the poets sings, he defies word chemistry.
When the poet sings, grammar decays its anatomy.

When the poet sings, he shows you his heart.
When the poet sings he tears reality and rips it apart.

When the poet sings, he creates a philosophy.
When the poet sings, he speaks in trilogy.

When the poet sings, its a fantasy.
When the poet sings, its a different reality.
Sep 2017 · 222
Forgive me if I say this when I'm ******.
Understand that this is what you wished when you had me dissed.
Catch me waving this insignia up in the air.
Keep in mind that I won't give a **** or care.

Yes, I know that you saw it coming.
Outrageous as it may seem but Im just beginning.
Underestimate me again and next time we meet, that *** of yours will have an unforgetable whooping.
Sep 2017 · 423
Say my name and I will disappear.
I am the endless song that only the deaf can hear.
Listen to my eternal depth as it echoes through the wind.
Enunciated by the mute with no words to send.
No man can keep me for a long period of time.
Catch me for a second and next thing you know I'm gone.
Even the most quiet moment can lose me when its done.
Sep 2017 · 187
In a few years I'll be done.
Like in the movies, in 60 seconds I'll be gone.

Im just passing time till there is none.
Until then my last battle will be won.

There is nothing left to think of now.
All I can do is to take my final vow.
Before the last of me gets dismantled and disavowed.

So I'll just say one last quote.
And it may be the last of me, my final oath.
Sep 2017 · 154
Adore the world in a different perspective.
Believe in others and avoid the negative.
Remember the battles that made you tall.
Above all else you should never fall.
Sep 2017 · 309
Be ready to face this obstacle.
And start praying for a miracle.
Let the battle of the fittest begin.
Admit your defeat when I win.
Keenly, I will destroy you with my sharpened wits.
I will not stop until you say you quit.
Dont you even think that we are done, because this isnt over the war has just begun.
Sep 2017 · 129
Many years ago I went around the world to travel.
At will I stepped on every boulder, on every rock and stone and on every sand and gravel.
Into every concrete jungle.
Navigated every ***** with every stroke that I can handle.
Explored every place, with all the phase I kept my pace, to keep my face.

Moving restlessly from one county to another.
Every country had a different currency from the other.
Night and day I kept on going.
Dove into every water that was flowing.
One voyage to another.
Zeroed down to my bed, I thought of the weather.
A tree outside my room was about to wither.
Sep 2017 · 273
Joy is what you bring to me.
Hopeless but still dauntless that we could be.
On a mutual feeling just you and me.
All I ask is a wee bit of chance from thee.
Not more than that but your sweet yes maybe.

Just quite a few seconds is all that it would take.
One glimpse of the alternate reality that we can both create.
Ambient minutes turning into hours when we go side by side.
Not a single soulful feeling would find a place to hide.

Just quite a bit of honesty is all that it would take.
One glimpse of another reality that only god can retake.
Ample time turning tides just to meet the deadlines.
No other soul can have you, just let me love you till that day that your finally mine.
Sep 2017 · 306
(S)ending his thoughts to a place of complete nothingness.
(T)hinking of ridiculous things that no one could ever guess.
(U)nderstanding only the most senseless things that nobody would mind.
(P)aying attention to a game that can only be won by his kind.
(I)mprisoned in a world that no one would dare to visit.
(D)efending a title that he only has and would never make him get out to the nearest exit.
Sep 2017 · 110
Crowned in a kingdom far away.
His royal majesty' the prince of galloway.
Enchanting beholder of every lass.
Simply noble and loved by the mass.
The first son of a mighty king.
Engaged to a maiden who owns a horse with a wing.
Raised in a place beyond the sea of battle.

Believed to have slain a dragon beneath the mantle.
Escaped the hands of time from the meridian.
Now a legend for being valiant.
Now a light in the cosmic ocean.
In a church above the mountain he got married.
Nine years later his wife gave birth to three sons that she carried.
Got ascended to the throne when he was older.
Taught his sons how to be good and bolder.
One day when he finally had to go.
Ninety years was enough and his blood stopped to flow.
Sep 2017 · 116
She stole my heart when I first saw her.
Like a relief from out of nowhere she made me better.
It happened like the strike of lightning.
Precisely fast and accurately frightning.

Kicking the life out of me it was breath taking.
Never stopped thinking of her till my head started aching.
Once more the hands of time moved.
Then the hourglass drained the sand in a delightful groove.
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