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Be brave to stand up against the overwhelming power of a monopolous tyrany.
All should gather as one to liberate the populus from decades of dynasty.
Let everyone know that the righ time has finally come.
And it is timely to restart and let the people know to end this sham.
Over two decades has and have been long enough for them to rule above us.
Arise, take a stand and prepare your spears to aim and ******.
No more mugging of our towns people, no more summoned ones will go home crippled.
Blue skies hover above the mountains and beneath a blazing sun.
Exciting sceneries are seen below, all are amazing views below the clouds.
Resting underneath the shade of trees are the ones who wonder about.
New beginnings that came from old ends and about the endings that would begin about.
A certain cold in the blowing wind suddenly turns into warmth.
Drums started to roar on the shores of the ocean front.
Eagles soar with preys on their claws to serve a lunch.
Thunderous noises brought by a storm that has a rain to launch.
Through the wide plains water fills the land.
Everything was soak except for the huddle of a million trees that has the tightest bond.
Not another face is there in the world that can turn heads but you.
In a brief moment your presence made me feel brand new.
Closing my eyes as I imagine how you ought to be by my side.
And its just a hideous feeling that I cant hide.
Counting the stars while standing under a blackened sky.
A silhouette of you passed by my eye.

Beautiful dreams that seemed like lullaby's.
Resting me in my deepest sleep without questioning why.

Every day is like a millenia without your beauty in view.
Restless from uncountable thoughts that my brain finds hard to chew.
And yet a damsel you are, a pretty lass, a princess that no other can out do.
Early winter morning under the weakened sun.
Trees sway with the thunderous roar of the blowing wind above the snowy sand.

Heaven's glorious symphonies are heard as church bells rang.
Young and old gather around as the choir started and sang.

Loud prayers can be heard from an echoing distance.
Emancipating each and every heart in a matter of chance.

Evangelic voices from the chorale continued aloud.
Now the priest started to preach with a voice so loud.

Valiant soldiers arrived to join the uplifted crowd.
In a timely manner unveiling a hidden shroud.

Little children were out in the fields playing.
Out in the evergreens vast wilderness and doing their own thing.

Roses and rasp berries were plenty on a nearby garden.
Its a beatiful place with a few wooden carvings.

At last the day is retiring, dusk arrives and the night will finally come and settle in.
An unexpected meeting of two souls that happens in one sudden moment.
Brief glances that turned both our heads and locked our eyes for one another so such a feeling could commence.

Courtship that started with a hope that I may be able to get your sweetest response.
Dealt with a task so seemingly impossible while praying for that one chance.

Each minute that turns into hours and the days that turns into weeks.
For all those months that became years and its your love that I still seek.

Great feats that will still have me tested through all task that I must overcome.
For it is how I must be weighed with what I am capable and if I can better myself, outdone.

Heading towards you with a bouquet of flowers that I hold in my trembling hands.
Its that woderful feeling that makes me nervous to ask you out and bond.

Joyful is what I was when we first went out on a date.
Keenly keeping my self composed as we stay out late.

Little talks that turn into lengthy conversations as we forget about the time.
Marvelled by your magnificent beauty as you smile.

Now I really mean and been needing to ask you if we shall ever be.
One answer that I waited long enough and worked for and if you'll have me.

Pulling myself together as I gather the strength to ask you these words.
Quick on my knees to ask you five or six words.

Reassured by your refreshing and relieving smile.
Stood me up and you said yes, it made me feel the luckiest man alive.

Then one day you gave me such one good news.
Uplifted me with happiness as if I could lose my screws.

Valuable but priceless our own sweet little dainty pearl.
With you and this lovely gift I want nothing more in this world.

X? what shall I do with such a letter, maybe put it in the trash.
Yes, because its been over and it was someone who had my heart crushed.
Zero is now the right word and also fits the number of emotions that I no longer have.
Jotting words that flows like water is not that easy.
Honestly its a hard thing but it keeps the mind busy.
Each line is like a heart beat that turns into melody.
A melodic rhythm that in any time could lose balance and just turns into a broken harmony.
Nice and naughty notions will somehow come into motion at times.
Negative words that could hurt feelings but it ain't a crime.
And it matters not if your syllables dont make sense as long as the given emotions will rhyme.

Let your heart be your guide so you could find the right words to say.
Evenly scribe the ink as you try to pronounce those words to be in play.
Even if you loose your grey matter, but i pray it not to happen at any given day.
Early in her years she was somewhat abandoned.
Rejected by the only family she knew, unwanted and with no arms to hang on.
Independently she faced a cruel and an uncomforting world.
Keeping her tears hidden inside while she shows us only her most beautiful smile.
A damsel in great distress without anyone to lean on and just weep and cry.

Years passed by and she became a mother.
One little angel, her lovely daughter.
Her reason to go on with life and not think of anymore struggles.
Kept herself back on track and didnt mind the hurdles.
One or two relationships that broke her heart, also became  the reason that she had to restart.

Now she has a house of her own that she can always call home.
One fine job that pays more than she could ever hone.
Zestfully she faces the world with a whole new view.
And still smiles but no more tears behind them, for this time they are true.
Keeping on moving forward and thats how she plays it.
It doesnt matter if you lose or win the game, its how you played it.
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