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Oct 2018
(J)ust like a noble steed she strides through the boundaries of every unmapped terrain.
(O)ne magnificent beast that could pass any hurdle with one leap and never feels the strain.
(S)uch beauty that she possesses brightly, makes the stars go dim.
(E)ven gods would probably kneel before her and just watch her glim.

(M)ighty as a stallion riding towards barren fields.
(A) vast amount of knowledge is what she has and what she wields.
(R)ested within her is a golden heart said to be pure.
(I)n her soul there is an endless humility with an extent that no man can measure.
(E)ternal like time and change, all cherished treasures.

(B)raving storms that only comes in the darkest days and the blackest nights.
(O)n solid ground she plants her feet as she prepares for the fight.
(R)ushing against the blowing wind and towards a victorious plight.
(J)ourneying through long and rough winding roads  she walks to find her path.
(A)s to where it leads, well lets leave it to her and that is that.

(V)aliant like a true knights sacred mount.
(I)n never ending wars that even kings can no longer count.
(C)ourteously she brings us smiles and laughters whenever the curtains are lifted.
(E)ven if behind it all, all she wishes is that all the sadness would have drifted.
(R)elentless are the tears that would never seem to go away.
(A)nd yet she hopes to find a proper bloke, to mend her heart, and with her to stay.
(L)ove that can over come any test and that is what she prays.
Written by
SHEROVIN ACROSTIC  30/M/Manila, Philippines
(30/M/Manila, Philippines)   
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