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Mar 2018 · 1.0k
A pair of red shoes
Sharina Saad Mar 2018
The lady in red shoes
She has no absolute clues
On Monday morning blues
She Whistles the song "FOOTLOOSE"

It isn't about the shoes
The red pair she choose
Strangely, someone called Bruce
Offered her apple juice

It isn't about the shoes
but the color that she choose
Oh... she should never loose
Her pair of red colored shoes.......
Dedicated to those who love to wear red....... in whatever occasion.
Jan 2018 · 873
You and Me
Sharina Saad Jan 2018
I got the lock
You gave me key
Look at us now
Jan 2018 · 725
A Hero A Zero
Sharina Saad Jan 2018
Can a zero be a hero?
Only with strong will and determination
with sheer laziness and much
Can a hero be a zero?
Only with ego and ruthlessness
with dignity and being down to earth...
To be a hero or a zero...
Only you decide...
Jan 2018 · 1.0k
Stress free
Sharina Saad Jan 2018
An antidote to stress
Is unconditional love
From a lover to another
From a mother to her daughter
Kind and tender love...
Sweet and everlasting..
Jan 2018 · 844
Sharina Saad Jan 2018
I said good bye
to all the memories
bitter and sweet
past is buried.

I march forward
future awaits
the new year
the new me
write  a new chapter
on a clean fresh paper.
Happy New Year everyone.
Dec 2017 · 1.2k
Joe Cole
Sharina Saad Dec 2017
Once I met a kind,
and friendly old man
He'd become a good friend of mine
We talked about life and his future plans
He is too in love
with the beautiful nature
of his proud land.

Joe lives in a fantasy land
dreams of childhood days
Walks down the memory lane

He planted daisies
and plucked wild berries
the birds singing
the bees buzzing
the rhythm of nature
he loves to cherish...

What a magnificent hometown
he proudly  described.
As he sits in his little fairyland
Where he dreams and writes.

He said I was his mentor
He learned to write from a tutor
He didn't  notice how diligent he was as my teacher
When he praised my writes he gave me flower.

Today... Joe is older
But he'd never grown weaker
Once he marched in several wars
Made England proud of its brave soldier.

life goes on
and he moves on
enjoying the wilderness
on his own..
Dear Joe Cole
You'd never be alone
my words and yours in all good poems........
Thank you Joe Cole for being the nicest friend of mine.
Dec 2017 · 820
Me Before You...
Sharina Saad Dec 2017
It took me a thousand years
To finally realize
You have gone
You'd left  me forever

It took me a lifetime
To learn to accept
It should have been
before you...........
When you were gone you took my words with you.
Have to crawl to write....
Dec 2017 · 383
A lazy soul
Sharina Saad Dec 2017
My heart is gold
but my hands are cold
my magic words
hidden  and frozen
for  too long,
I was told.

wondering now
Am I too late?
Perhaps too old?
To pen a painful write
from a lazy soul.
I have been gone for too long now.
Oct 2016 · 1.2k
A Daisy love song...
Sharina Saad Oct 2016
Daisy petal peeps
Deep inside my eyes
And sings me a tender love song
Of false hopes and promises
I listen with my crying heart
Torn to broken pieces
I listen with my sad eyes
Brimming with tears
I drowned in colored silky pearls
Streamed of my lonely tears...
Magical daisy love song!
Touches my heart
Bleeds my lost soul...
The visions of...
The broken pieces of yesterday
In every daisy petals
Don't sing me sad love song...
May 2016 · 1.5k
Sincere Love
Sharina Saad May 2016
It really doesn't matter if you love a human or an animal
If only that love is sincere
And love can be expressed
In many different forms
Like patiently waiting for mommy to come back from work...
like listening to all her grievances even if you don't
Understand a thing...
Even if it means
One day you have
to say good bye...
Love is queer in many ways
In happiness comes sadness...
In pain is sweetness...
Bitter and sweet
Part and parcel of life
And letting go
Is inner peace...
May 2016 · 607
Sharina Saad May 2016
Out of habit
I say your name
In a whisper
As soon as I wake up
I remember you
Out of habit
I cry for you
Before I go to bed
I wish you hadn't been
so cruel.........
May 2016 · 3.3k
My daddy's smelly feet
Sharina Saad May 2016
I hate it when dad comes home
He is ***** and he has smelly feet
Having spent long ours at construction site
Smelly and filthy.. what a sight!
I loath him, I look down on him
When I walk pass the working site
I turn my face, pretending he is out of sight
I constantly accuse god, I said he isn't fair
I want a different dad..
who drives a much better car
goes to work wearing tie and suit
The perfect dad I always think I should have...
At school one day
My best friend cried
She was devastated
Her rich dad left home
left for good with a pretty woman...
She has a house as big as a castle
Fat bank accounts and pretty outfits
Constantly travel around the world
Houses, condos, hotels
just name it where
but she has no dad to cuddle anymore
at night when she gets scared
of storms and thunder
I remember my dad's smelly feet instantly
annoying.. disgusting.. frustrating..
This dad of mine
I used to loath...
But he works all day
his sweat is his labor of love
to bring food on the table...
so we kids don't sleep hungry
This dad of mine
doesn't own expensive car
has never been overseas
has never worn a tailor made suit
and but he loves us wholeheartedly...
and always want to give only the best for us.
This dad of mine
whose smelly feet
will annoy me forever
but he loves his family truly
and will never leave our side
at anytime when we needed him most...
I love you daddy
All your perfect imperfections
I am sorry................
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
Forgive those
Who've wronged you
Who've deceived you
Who've manipulated
and abused you
In forgiveness
You feel light
You see light
Light in your soul
Light in heart
The feeling inside
Begone the darkness
Of your ugly soul
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Rise and Fall
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
Do you have a heart
To read my heart?
The place I hide my sorrows
My pain so severe
Deep down
My wrecked heart weeps
The sobbings unheard
Even if its the loudest
Even if its the saddest

Love is a battlefield
Fighting always for a little affection
I lost...
I drowned...
I surfaced...
I dont need another dream
to wake me up
I dont need another same old love
to keep me warm
My faith strenghtens me
I don't need another alarm clock
My passion wakes me up
I wake up
I rise
from my biggest fall.
Dec 2015 · 913
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
In the world of poetry
Everything is magical
The feelings magical
The writings magical
A superb magic touch
lingers in the magical mind
interprets by the magical hands
of a magical poet.
and a plain piece of paper
shines with magic!
Dec 2015 · 1.1k
Life moves on...
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
Have you ever given this a thought?
Who will mourn your death?
Your better half?
Your loved ones?
Your friends?
Sad to say...
Life doesn't come to an end when you die
The moment your breathing stops
The clock ticks still
The wind blows as usual
The sun still shines
Life continues
Never stopping
Never ending
At the funeral
Your closed friends cry
Your family breaks down
Temporarily grieving
They wear black
They visit your grave
Your name may linger in their hearts
But as they start to laugh again
You became a memory
The world continues
Life moves on....
Dec 2015 · 958
I Hello you
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
I found it hard to grieve
but my heart ached with pain
I didn't see your body
beneath the mounds of earth.
I didn't see your ashes
being blown away
by the wind
I found it hard to cope
My state of denial
Been mourning over someone
Who is dead but alive
Its hard knowing
You are breathing still
Some thousand miles away
Cheerfully hugging another
willing soul
My Hello from the other side
Falls on deaf ears naturally
Its cruel
The memories are vivid
I Hello you
I Hello you
A million times..........
Dec 2015 · 550
Sharina Saad Dec 2015
In a state of grief
my depression accumulates
the emptiness inside
A pang of sadness
Almost unbearable
For a mother to endure
the years that passed
Your childhood was happy
The moment
they placed you into my arms
you slipped into my hearts...
You grew before my eyes..
weren't those days meaningful at all?
My beautiful son..
I mourn over the son I have lost
You did not say goodbye
You did not hug me
or wipe my tears
You were gone...
Lost into your very own world
Your internet world
Your virtual Life
Your childish decision
So you are adult
and I am stranger..
Nov 2015 · 716
Love knocks on that door
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
Love knocks on my door,
I greet it with pleasure
My instinct tells that
YES  this is it,
the time I've been waiting for
But 'happily ever after'
does not work anymore
My sheer bad luck perhaps
Or just the wind of change
Fairy tales do exist
Yes only in bed time stories...
But if it happens,
Even just briefly
be thankful that love has dropped by...
Nov 2015 · 499
A Penny for your thought
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
If a thought is worth a penny
Let me buy yours today
So I shall  see
So very clearly
Whether you are anything like
What your deep thoughts are
on the outside

Your silence thoughts
May speak a volume
Let me be your voice
Let the whole world know
Who you really are
On the inside...

I am willing to pay
a dollar or a penny for...
A penny for your thought...
Nov 2015 · 3.5k
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
A form of rebel
A hidden emotion
A strategy for revenge
A silent cry
A deep thought provoking
An evil thought
A cold treatment to a lover
A boring partner
Not all silence is golden
Nov 2015 · 593
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
I figure
He'd miss this day
Just like he had before
During my most important days
Throughout my grow up days
My first day at school
My concert day
My speech day
My sports day
And other significant days..
But i wished he is here today
To witness this meaningful day
How I wish you are here daddy...
Somewhere in the crowd
Wearing your blazer and your ties
Like the way I used to see you
During my childhood days.....
I take a last glance at the audience
in the magnificent hall
I stand still
A pang of frustration
My anger boils
My name was announced
I am taking my step
Very slowly...
A proud figure standing tall
at a corner
The loudest clap I hear
A handsome smile on daddy's face
Daddy is finally here..........
‪#‎Convocation‬ I wish daddy's here
Convocation Day... Daddy where are you?
Nov 2015 · 515
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
The sweetest smile
Is the smile of a mother
Who loves too much
Who Cares too much
Who gives too much
Who never counts rewards
Just sincere love...
Only a mother can
Die for
Lie for
Sacrifice everything
for her innocent child
To grow up happy safe and secure
The loudest cry
Is in the heart
Of a mother
Who folds her sadness
Deep down
Who fakes a smile at times
Watching how swiftly
Her angel child grows
There are times
A little Sorrow in her eyes
When you let her down
A tiny tear drops
Does it show?
Her gentle heart sometimes scarred...
Occasionally bruised..
Her hidden tears
Her frustration and anger
Will you know?
Her heart always warm
Her hugs sincere
Sweet mother
Never bitter
Trust a mother's love
For better for worse
Her sweetest love
will never shatter..
This poem " Sweet Love" is dedicated to all young graduates of UiTM Kedah who are having your convocation right now!!
Remember this, you will never be who you are today without that humble woman whose eyes are brewing with happy tears at this moment watching you receiving your scroll on that PROUD STAGE.
Nov 2015 · 1.1k
Thinking hat
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
I decided to wear a hat
Its red Its satin
It covers my head
It covers my hair
Its a thinking hat actually
Will people look at me differently
Coz its called a hat
Not a veil..
Look at my thinking hat
Does it cover my hair properly?
And my veil does the same
So what makes it different?
The fact that it covers your dignity
A hat or a veil
Covers a Muslim woman properly.......
Nov 2015 · 359
Blood bath in Paris
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
Devastated I was
Having to witness
The hatred in their eyes
When they shot the pedestrians
The cruelty in those strong arms
when they slaughtered the innocents
Random killings
On a street in Paris

I was shivering at a corner
Unable to speak or move
I was numb.
I lost my heartbeat.

Blood bath in Paris
Paris was painted red
The screams the shouts and the cries
Ripping my heart in two
Dead people... injured citizens
Naive children
were shot in the head
Innocent mean
Sprawling on that street

I covered my face
with my trembling hands
What a terrifying site
A terror attack they said
A random massacre!

I didnt realise
Just how long I stood there
The night was too long
I could not stand it any longer
I couldn't take it anymore
A few minutes of terror
The despair...
Seemed like forever

I wanted to run
My feet was tied to the ground
It was no fun
Watching dead bodies lying around
Victims of  a well worked plan

With difficulties
I finally brought myself up
My veil was soaking wet
Fresh Blood streaming down
from my forehead
I was wounded
I was giddy
I was hurt
I felt like throwing up
I moved  a step forward
Just one step forward...

I heard a loud siren
A fierce shout..
Screaming ****** words
Then... BANG!
I heard nothing after that
Because I was shot dead....
I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist. Humanity has no religion...
Nov 2015 · 410
The word is you............
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
I lost my words
When I lost you
The magic has gone
So did the magical words
I used to have in my head

The words used to flow like a river
every single words ...
every magical phrases..
Tender words of love
Sad and happy lullabies
Dreams in words of dreams
Wake up with stanzas of poems
In my head...

The most precious gift
My magical words ....
All of them have been erased
As soon as you walked away

Can I have the lines that rhyme again?
Only a word I have left with
The word is you...
Oct 2015 · 849
Sharina Saad Oct 2015
Yesterday I was a school going kid
Always Hungry for knowledge
Always Thirsty for lessons of life
Obediently sitting in a large noisy class
Listening and recording every words preached
Hoping they were stored forever...
Or atleast before the exam day was over

Today I still go to school
Twice a week
with a bunch of happy people
We have fun learning!
embarassing ourselves mostly
In the most intellectual way!!
laughing at ourselves for being silly
Sometimes unsure
whether we are hungry or thirsty
But knowledge is like the sea...
Endless and wide.

Rather ...
We are desperate to digest it all
The ZPD, Scaffolding, Sociocultural and Constructivism?
Hey hey whose theory?
And Skinner, Pavlov, Vygotsky and Chomsky
Hope they are here to tell us a story.

To go or to let go
Hard .. dont you know?
Decided to go with the flow...
Determined that one day
We will stand tall
On that humble stage
Wearing that long pretty robe ...
in our hands a scroll...
There's nothing like having a PHD
With your sweat and tears...
and a whole lot of laughters too....
The feelings?
Of course... unexplainable
The experience?
Sep 2015 · 376
Sharina Saad Sep 2015
I was neither too naive
Nor too ignorant
To let myself falling...
falling into you...
It was either me
or you
Who let the door wide open
causing heart turbulences
and silliness started to happen...
Love is crazy
you smile unnecessarily
You dream castles and mountains
Craziness is love...
one day
Come back to life...
Sep 2015 · 1.1k
Knock! Knock!
Sharina Saad Sep 2015
Knock! Knock!
Anybody home?
Knock! Knock!
Hey I am home
A silent whisper
of the wind...
A grave silent from within...
Knock! Knock! again
No answer
Knock! Knock!  a hundred times
Just a long complete silence...
A second later...
A hand written note
Pushed under the door
An unsigned warning letter
Please walk away
Please do not stay
How could you leave us
just like that
How could you show up
and dare knock on that door again
Do not Knock Knock anymore
Just leave us alone
We wont be missing
that knock knock
on that very door ever again!
good bye forever
Feb 2015 · 3.1k
Haters VS Lovers
Sharina Saad Feb 2015
Haters  rapidly continue
Spreading hates and lies
While lovers smile
warmest hearts
kindest words
Love can never be patronized
Haters will one day
succumb to love.......
Feb 2015 · 618
Sharina Saad Feb 2015
Travelling in my sleep
Somewhere so far away
A place so strange
I have weird feelings
Unfamiliar voices
surrounding me
Where am I?
What a long journey
I went through
Hours in my sleep
I dreamt a strange dream
But I was not scared
of meeting the one ...
I love most
I have been seeking for
so long....
almost forever
almost an endless journey..

But I have found you at last
My eternity... My love
You are heaven in my dream
Cure of my every pains
Let me sleep forever
My dream will never cease..

At dawn is my reality
snoring beside me
sleeping like a log
Time to rise and jog
My fantasy ended here.......
Jan 2015 · 1.3k
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
You stabbed me in the heart
Pierced the veil
I am now left exposed to the raging storm,
The scalding sun,
The slashing tongues
You stabbed me in the heart
So deep I bled
I stagger and sag
You stabbed me in the heart
Right there where I hid
My love secured
How was I to know?
How could I have seen?
You stabbed me in the heart
I am left alone now
Soaked in my stream of tears
The rain is falling and
I am soaked,slapped and
Beaten roughly
Standing outside the lonely
Street of life....
credit to Edi
Jan 2015 · 699
Temporary death
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
A few hours ago
I was away...
In dark deep sleep
I experienced a lonely death
On my luxurious bed
I life gone
Completely to a blank space...
Suddenly I woke up
In the crack of dawn
The call of prayer
From the nearest mosque
I thank you god for this opportunity
To be alive again..
To breathe for another day
Death appeared several times
To visit me
In my sleep
Perhaps god gives me
A second chance
To repent...
I cheated death
For how long?
Only god knows...
Jan 2015 · 777
This heart of mine
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
Will you ever loved me
Like I do you?
I forgive you still
For the biggest crime you did
for Stealing my heart
for Toying it around
For crushing it
And breaking it
For not apologizing
For what you did...

Will you ever loved me
Like i do you
For i have a forgiving heart
I have loved you for who you are
As a person
Not for what you 've done
With my precious heart

Will you ever loved me
Like i do you
My heart is overloaded with love
It has no hatred it has no anger
Even if you steal some
this heart
Of mine...
My heart still beats
To the same rhythm of song
Jan 2015 · 595
The secret garden
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
Who will resist
A blooming flower
Stand out the most
Beautiful among the rest

It blooms it lasts
The entire days
Glowing perfectly
In the her father's secret garden

The sweetest nectar
From a full bloom flower
Patiently wait
For the right bee to buzz
Finding its way into the secret garden

Sipping its sweetness
Abusing its beauty
Snatching it away
far away from the comfort
Of a garden made of gold ...

Its long gone
Its story half forgotten
Trapped in a glass house
With a heartless king of bee

The beauty of a flower may fade
It dries it dies
But the trail of
Of its fragrance
In her father's secret garden..
Jan 2015 · 1.2k
Mommy's Kitchen......
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
The soft butter melts slowly
Caressing every inch of
this white soft and fluffy...
from the top of the dough
To the center.. and it falls
gracefully to the bottom
Golden brown color it turns to
as it mixes with some brown sugar
dancing, rocking the buttery bread
attractively rise and shine....
the whole kitchen of mine.....

The aroma of sweet cinnamon fills the air
My mommy's kitchen homemade bakery....
the true meaning of love is here...
The labor of  love
passionately blends
in every dough it kneads
in every bread it produces
seduces the young and old
Calling all bread lovers..
my attractive butter sugar buns
seductively smiling
waiting for you to grab
one, two, three...... and sold
In mommy's kitchen I bake
with love...........
I simply love baking..........
Jan 2015 · 818
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
If I dream when I sleep that life is full of joy,
then I wake up and feel that man just plays the role of a toy.
If I dream when I sleep that life is a game,
then I wake up and feel that man lives just for fame.
If I dream when I sleep that life is a journey,
then I wake up and feel that man cannot decide his destiny.
If I dream when I sleep that life is a song,
then I wake up and feel that how man can sing it for so long.
If I dream when I sleep that life is a beauty,
then I wake up and feel that life is a duty.
If I want a dream to share with you,
then I hope it will come true.
If I want to be a ray of light,
then I wish it brings glory to the dawn and dispels the night.
If I want to be the river that makes the soil fertile,
then I wish it should last forever.
If I want to be the dew drop that adorns the grass and the flowers,
then I wish they dance when the winds pass.
No matter if I am none of these!
My life is an accomplished one if,
I can spread the fragrance of “Humanity”.
credit to Farheen Naz..........
Jan 2015 · 3.2k
Runaway Bride
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
I wept as I walked down the aisle
My heart was throbbing in severe pain
A bouquet of roses in my shivering  hands
I felt like a zombie in a wedding dress

My dad, dashing in tuxedo
Smiling proudly as he gave my hand
To this total stranger...
A wealthy entrepreneur  ...
His type of son in law
Very little information that I knew about

Marriage was not something that i planned
Marriage was something that arranged in my culture
My So called Happiness was set before me
Just needed me to say I Do
Love marriage is something impossible
Falling in love?
Yet another taboo

I cried oh I cried
I wanted to see the world
I have so much to do
Places to visit
People to meet
Happiness is what I sought for
On my own  

Yes the diamond ring
i was tempted to wear
Wasn't so sure should
I tie the knot.
Should i travel the universe

I hated what I did
But I was not regretting either
Sorry daddy
What a big disappointment
Once again...
I had to be a runaway bride...
Jan 2015 · 858
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
I can see the sky
The birds are flying
Clouds are moving by
My heart is flying

The moon will be my witness tonight
In my dream I see myself fly

"Fly, fly high,
though land is at my feet,
I will find the sky
Fly, fly high,
blue cloud awaits,
with rainbow in the sky"

Always thought that I could be on my own
But you make me feel alive and I don’t feel alone
The moon will be my witness tonight
Coz in my dreams you and I will both fly
MH17 and MH370, you will always be with us. no matter where you are now, you will be remembered as those who lost their lives without knowing. I wish the best for Malaysia Airlines!
Jan 2015 · 777
Love makes me cry
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
Love makes me cry
a thousand times or more
But true love
does crazy things
like loving someone
for a thousand years or more
even though ...
one could only live
up to 50........

Love makes me cry
Living in ruins
Eternity in dreams
Making impossibles possible
How could it be?
Jan 2015 · 520
Where are you poetry?
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
I have lost for words
An imperfect diction takes hours
A crooked rhyme for days
An Incomplete lyrics for weeks
A boring song for months
Have I lost those magical words ?
My magic of poetry
is missing...
Jan 2015 · 2.0k
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
keep falling on my head
Falling in my heart
Soaking wet I am
Inside and out........
Jan 2015 · 764
A smiling woman
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
A smiling woman
Sitting in silence
Creepier than a ghost
Scarier than a volcano...
Silence can be gold
Silence can be threatening
the most dangerous animal in the world..
A smiling woman
Sitting in silence
Jan 2015 · 496
blank space
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
You walked away
Should i be sad
Should i be glad
The blank space
You left...
For a more deserving heart
The blank space
Is here
For someone's better...
Jan 2015 · 2.9k
A dream........
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
A private jet to Paris
Selfie at Eiffel tower
Catwalk on a runway
Pose for a magazine
Celebrate with caviar
Jet lag... eyes closed
Snoring on the bed
A happening dream
Sweet success starts
first... a dream.
Jan 2015 · 883
Crazy something...
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
Kind words
Praises for you
Nasty interjections
A little expression of madness
Romantic verses
whisper words of love
Love songs
Music to your heart
Stanzas of poems
You in every lines
Book of love
Chapters of tears and smiles...
Crazy something words...
Because of love....
Jan 2015 · 814
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
The image of you is vague
Everything you says
Everything you claim
I doubt them
You are not a real person
You are just a vision
You are an idea in my thought
Perhaps my illusion...
Fell for your charms
Sugarcoated words
Unrealistic expectations...
You are not even human
You are...
What you are ...
Is only virtual....
Jan 2015 · 763
Old shoes New steps......
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
The old sneakers
Wrapped my feet so tight
Jog around the lake
Greeting the neighborhood
Everything looks the same
The same atmosphere
Similar jogging route
The sun still rises in the east
But... I am making new move
I jog... walk... jump...
adding another hour in the gym
few strokes in the pool
melting kilos of fat in the sauna
still wearing the old pair of shoes though
Only my steps are new...

Happy New Year .....
Jan 2015 · 387
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
The phone rang so early
A heartbreaking news
Froze us for a second or two
Another tragedy has just happened
Not just another tragedy
Another flight was down
Broke our heart in two
Who do we blame this time?
Is there some explanation?
Or just another fiction...

Blame it on the ugly weather
Point your fingers to the innocent pilot
Might be another faulty machine ..
or a well planned  conspiracy theory ?
Whatever happens on that unfortunate plane....

Only god knows how and why?
something fishy is going on our aviation industry...
Jan 2015 · 407
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
The phone rang so early
A heartbreaking news
Froze us for a second or two
Another tragedy has just happened
Not just another tragedy
Another flight was down
Broke our heart in two
Who do we blame this time?
Is there some explanation?
Or just another fiction...

Blame it on the ugly weather
Point your fingers to the innocent pilot
Might be another faulty machine ..
or a well planned  conspiracy theory ?
Whatever happens on that unfortunate plane....

Only god knows how and why?
something fishy is going on our aviation industry...
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