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Jan 2015 · 1.0k
angry water
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
Quench your thirst
Freshen you up
Dirt, sweat, unpleasant smells
Need water to get rid of them all
Friendly water
Reliable more than friends
Cant live without...
Not even a drop..
In a split second...
Unbelievably angry water
Swallowing everything up
Today i lost a place called home
My neighbour's children are gone
Thousands of people suffer a total lost
Possessions no longer
What a bleak future
The whole country mourns
Praying ...persuading angry water to forgive
So we could atleast gather
what we...
Still left behind...
My heart goes to the flood victims in malaysia.
Dec 2014 · 592
The winter's love......
Sharina Saad Dec 2014
The night is never ending......
The clock is ticking
Outside its snowing
Inside I am freezing
My heart is crying
It was like yesterday
We were sitting on that sofa
hugging, cuddling, kissing......
My winter's love
was gone...
Melted away with the snow....
Dissolved into the river that flows....
Its snowing again now..
The memories of yesterdays keep
coming back...
watching myself in
a movie after another....
The endings were all sad....
I am soaking wet
with tears....
My winter tears......
Nov 2014 · 492
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
Oceans and so many miles apart
Two souls meet
Their hearts....
Feeling each and every beat
Doesn't matter what others say
Can tear them away
It's already written
It's already done
The two souls
Are now ONE
Once together
They will say goodbye.....
Love is borderless..........
Nov 2014 · 482
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
I met a liar
He looked familiar
Almost very similar
To the guy  i called lover

Caught him red handed
Exposed... He surrendered
Learnt a lesson... Dont be blinded
A handsome face a total ****...
Nov 2014 · 1.2k
Hello old flame
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
A sweet hello
From an old flame
Left me in illusion
Mesmerized by the memories
Of an enchanted love
The tenderness of the moment
As we sat there to reminisce
An unforgettable love story
A pang of sadness
As we departed
No more kisses...
No more tight hugs
Just a solemn smiles
And a heavy heart....
Upon realization...
We mature to be
Responsible adults
We took a different path
We differ in opinions  .
A sad goodbye my love
We are no longer....
Nov 2014 · 583
I am no longer
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
I am breaking myself free
From the circle of your life
I am getting myself away
From the shadow of yours
I want nothing else
Just a total freedom
To breathe on my own
Stop following me around
Stop please stop...
I am building my wall
against you
Dont ever try to peep in
I would be vanished
The moment you'd able to step in.........
I am no longer........
Nov 2014 · 544
Too Late.
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
No more tears to fall
No more sadness to bear
No more memories to cherish
No more future to dream upon
No more chances of happiness
No more hopes for love
Everything has gone.....
A little too late
To regret...
But life goes on...
Just walk ahead
and never turn around
to mourn, to grieve....
for what?
Nov 2014 · 448
Thank You...
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
not needing me
was the beginning
of me...
needing myself..

ignoring me
was the beginning
of me...
focussing on myself...

Thank You....
Nov 2014 · 446
The devil....
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
The moment we shook hands
I just knew what I've gotten myself into
In dark circle I lived in
Lurking with the devil
the devil in you....
For some ****** years
I have been missing in action
You held me tight
Trapped me and painted me in black
I hated those days
when I was in love
with the devil........
Nov 2014 · 422
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
Life is like a colorful rainbow,
starts from ground ends in ground.
We are here to learn,
experience and grow,
not to get bound.
Climb the mountain and then being scared to take steps further,
Not even daring this much,
what can we expect from our future.
I would recommend to every beautiful soul,
do yourself a big favor,
With faith, hope, belief, love, Imaan –
Mix your life’s own flavor.
Live this tough battle of life
with strong clear conscious,
Keep in mind the day of judgment,
and it’s powerful justice.
Nov 2014 · 349
A reflection
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
A reflect upon my journey of life
I dont understand a thing
It doesn't make any sense
Searching for who I am... really

I focus on my reflection
On the journeys I took
On the roads not taken
On my behaviors and actions
Over the years...... of my life
I should bow in shame...
The shameless me still standing
between my countless sins
and few good deeds
Should bury my face in the ground instead

Lets run away for a second I thought
Reality *****...
I am nothing but a sinful soul...
but...There's this voice
keep banging in my head
from nowhere it comes
so close to my ears
there is this magnetic pull
pulling me closer
closer to reality...
I am running running
but I am still here...
In this circle of life

I ask my self every single day
Hoping for a clue or two
Voices in my head is clear
Telling me what to do
Sometimes I agree sometimes I dont
My brain says yes
my heart says a different thing
Incongruence, incoherence...
chaos my heart and mind
why? why? I keep on asking.....
Why am I so uncertain
Why am I still doubting?

Keep on searching high and low
Every second and Every minutes
And endless search for identity
If I cant really know the real me
How possible is it for me...
To even  know or meet my creator
In eternity...
Nov 2014 · 342
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
My addiction
My desire
My lust
My pills
My medication
My cure
My balance
My serenity..
My love...
Nov 2014 · 663
Poetry is Life...
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
Where else can a poet stay
a secret space in his poetry
The best get away
Hidden from this crude ugly world
In the name of creativity
Be comfortable with words of arts

A poet hides in a metaphor
Unveiled the untold...
Unapologetically figurative...
Being complacent in his secrecy...
In making each stands

The beauty of poetries....
The poet  bets his fortune
In each magical words
In every stanza.......
His breath...
His life...
Nov 2014 · 432
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
You spat the word goodbye
on my face....
Am I not mad?
Am I not sad?
Are you not mad?
Are you not sad?
Accepting the fact
is Hard truth
There is goodbye
in every Hellos...
Feeling low ... yes!
Feeling depressed... yes!
Feeling lost... yes!
How pathetic is your goodbye.......
Nov 2014 · 447
a missing puzzle...
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
I see pieces of me
everywhere I go
like a missing puzzle
its you... only you
will complete me...
Nov 2014 · 388
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
Who will listen to
the unspoken words
the unsung songs
the silent screams

Who will witness
the unseen pain
the unshed tears
the wounded heart
the restless soul

Who else will listen to the unheard?
Who else will see the unseen?
Oct 2014 · 4.3k
Jigsaw Puzzle
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I wish to see
The color of your eyes
The expression on your face
At dawn when you said goodbye..
A handwritten note good bye
Left on the side table...
This jigsaw puzzle
Took years to solve
Why did you say goodbye?

I wish also
Time would heal all wounds
But only time would tell...
Forgiving might be easy
Forgetting crawls while time passing by...
When will the clock stop ticking ?
I just wish to die....
Oct 2014 · 1.3k
Repent and move on...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Do not dwell on your moments of weakness
Repent and move on...
“Every son of Adam sins,
and the best of those who sin are those who repent.”
Oct 2014 · 759
The demon in my head
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Know what i fear most
This uninvited demon in my head
Keeps telling me to rebel
Begging me to succumb to wicked ways.  
Whispering and praising..
What i did wrong was what i did right..
This demon i fear most
It stays in the back of my mind
Telling me evil stuff
Never letting me go...
Until i surrender myself..
To collaborate more..
In evil conspiracy theory

The demon in my head
Once we shook hands..
Had a toast... Few drinks
And it was hooked on me
Followed me around..
Deciding things for me.  

Listen to my pledge
How to get rid of this demon
Building his nest in my head
For too too long
Oct 2014 · 505
Let it go...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
At the end of the day...
I will hide in my nest...
Lying on my bed...
and let go...
There is a little pang of sadness...
each day
Why must I drown
in the stream of  tears
after each laughter ends...
Tears brimming in my eyes...
waiting to fall...
The tiny drop falls
each drops of tears
symbolize my feelings...
Some happiness
Some sadness
Some confusion
I do not really know what it is...
I do not know how to comprehend it..
The tears.. let me go..
Just let it go...
Oct 2014 · 533
The language of your body
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
The Language of Your Body
Your body says its enough!
Your body says please stop!
Your body is telling you
It hurts... Its paining...
Don't ignore its pleas
It doesn't request in perfect sentences
It doesn't say in polite manners
Your body just shrieks and shouts...
Do listen to the language of your body...
when your veins scream in silence
when your muscles cry in pain
When your tendon rebels..
Do listen when your body talks
Before it expires...
in great pain...
Ohh... exercising is a must but please don't overdoing it....
Oct 2014 · 3.1k
Allah is enough for you
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
If you have Allah,
you have everything you desire
If you don't have Allah,
nothing you desire
will make you happy,
Trust your beloved...
His love is sufficient for you...
Allah is enough for you and me...
Oct 2014 · 568
You are the only one...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Who can allow you to forget...
what made you cry
Who can allow you to forget..
what made you sad...
Who can allow you to whisper
what made your heart despair
Who can allow you to repent
what made you stray...
what made you sin...
"O' Allah, allow happiness to surround us,
O my Almighty  accept us.. forgive us...
make us fill our heart with your love...
make us humble with your blessings
make us  forget our sorrows
make us forget what made us cry and what made us sad."
O Allah... you are the only one...
our rains during drought season
our light in sheer darkness
our knight in the shining armor
our hopes and wishes...
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Holy Quran
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I listen to some words
verses in the holy quran...
I read some words
from pages to pages
from this beautiful holy book
I read the meanings
in the pages and chapters
The beautiful meanings,
An eye opener to my heart and soul...
A Complete stories about..
The past the present and the future
Let us all read and be told...
Let us all read and spread the message
This holy Quran is more than just words...
Oct 2014 · 722
Emotional wound
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Why goodbye is always so sad..
The unspoken deep emotion
The longing hearts
The Endless sobs
The Pouring tears
The unanswered questions
Till the person you're reluctant to let go
is back..
Wrap tight in your hug again...

Don't ever say good bye then..
if it is too heart breaking...
to depart..
Just disappear in the thin air..
and never return again..
Just go missing somewhere far...
and never show your face again
so we do not have to bear
this costly emotional wound again...
Oct 2014 · 801
Your love makes me cry
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Living in a vacuum
Emptiness fills
My heart screams
The echoes unheard

Deserted in this barren land
Time is stagnant
Life is meaningless
Fatal numbness

When darkness falls
I shiver... I almost die
The only vision I see
is the cruel vision of you..
Why does love makes me cry?
Oct 2014 · 371
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I love you but...
Ohh i hate obstacles in love

But    i love you
Isnt that more promising?

Love ... When its true...
Is against all odds ..
Is nothing but the feelings...
Is always you
Is always me
Oct 2014 · 478
Missing you...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Missing you
Dont know how much its worth
Till I shiver in your arms again

Missing you..
For I dont know what price
Valuables are the times
When i breathe i breathe with you

Missing you...
For as long as I live
Forever and always...
Oct 2014 · 377
The beauty in silence...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
The beauty in silence...
Only heart that beats
The words and speeches we keep
In the deepest heart they drum
Heart that speaks the loudest
Let them not spill the words
If they 'd only irritate others...
The beauty of silence is in your heart
The words remain... and sound.
Oct 2014 · 12.8k
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Handsome is not your dancing eyes
when you smiles
Handsome is not your sunny face
or your well built muscle
I have never been wrong..
in defining handsome
handsome is not your flesh
not your looks
but a little bit lower than your abdomen
Look down...
Its your fat wallet
in your pocket...
Thats handsome...
Oct 2014 · 3.5k
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
She wears Prada from head to toe
All eyes on her when she steps in..
breathtakingly a beautiful goddess
Femininely revealing ....
Provocatively showing...
Her Silky white flesh hidden and revealed...
Is it the dress?
Is it the face?
Its the body
Is it the *** appeal?
No and Yes I guess
So help to define **** please....

**** is not always beautiful
Being beautiful is ****...
**** in your eyes
Pretty ugly in mine
**** is hard to define
isn't it?
Oct 2014 · 620
The Moon and You...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I look at the moon,
It shines so bright..
It glitters in the mid night sky
The moon is beautiful…

I look at you...
Your smile used to
shine my empty life
Your beauty used to
brighten up my gloomy days

I look at you once again...
No more sunshine in your eyes
No more diamonds in your smiles
Where have my beautiful angel gone to?

I.. I… I’d rather look at the moon again...
Oct 2014 · 416
We own our life
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
We can be dreamers
We can be fearless
We can be lovers
We can be winners
We can be
who we want to be
what we want to be
We own our life...
Oct 2014 · 1.2k
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I remain before you
You have dominion over me
It is you who extracted the resources out of me
I am being alienated from my self
I stand **** before you
Exposing all my assets
If not satisfied
Let my skin too be removed
Take everything
Whatever you want
My love
My dreams
And dignity
Have a wild exploration
That my children have bright days
Still I know that I am lost
Give me a little space
Where I was born and brought up
To weep bitterly
I will be glad to see
A few drops of tears
Kissing the land
Where I am wanted to live
(C) JC
Oct 2014 · 1.4k
The fallen evils...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
In this barren land..
You are all alone
Seizing the opportunity
The devil whispers
Lure your stubborn heart
Deceive your weakened soul

Collect your stones and throw..
Each one of the devils..
Tarnish them...  banish the devils
Desert them in the dungeon of darkness
Let the evils gather with joy
to dance their wicked souls

On the judgement day
you'd stand tall
Your deeds and your risen iman
Your success in tests and trials
Proudly you live
to witness the fallen evils

Alhamdulillah you've completed
your hajj.......
The test of patience....and faith...
This poem is dedicated to Muslims all over the world who are performing their hajj in Mecca.. May Allah accepts your prayers and grant you with mabrurah hajj...
Sep 2014 · 407
Chalk and Talk
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
My teacher wears her usual stern face
Struts into the lecture theatre
Looking so stiff and aloof..
She is untouchable I knew
Well what could I do?

She writes some vague words
On the board...
And talks and talks and talks
Almost non stop
When she does stop finally
That is only to check on us
Whether we are listening
Whether we are dreaming
And she will start screaming...

We are always scared to disagree
Always agree... Always say yes
Yes teacher we nod..
We fake our understandings mostly

And she writes another big word
And talks to the entire universe
So in love with the echo of her voice...

We cant wait for recess
Or else we will die out of boredom
I just pray that our teacher
Would atleast allow us
To also talk sometimes..
To also write sometimes...
She cant always be doing
The chalk and talk...
The entire time
Can she?
Sep 2014 · 542
hello you fool
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Hello hello you fool
Do you still remember me
Do you still recognize this face
The one you claimed
You'd never ever
Dare to leave...

Hello hello you fool
Take a good look at me
So this is me now
The same  naive woman
You had lived with  
A decade ago...
But this is the woman
Who has been given a chance
To breathe again...
She has risen from a deep fall...
She who has learnt to live again...

Thanks to you...
You fool ..
Sep 2014 · 382
Hello poetry
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Forgive me for being me
A romantic freak of the century
Just cant let the words bury
Alphabets upside down in my heart I carry...

Dont worry about me
Dont also feel sorry
I am just writing my story
Hello poetry is enough for me...
Sep 2014 · 502
A humble follower
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Even in pain
I smile
In confusion
I understand
In betrayal
I keep my trust
In fear
I continue to fight
In darkness
I see the light
I have no fear
I have no regrets
My creator is the reason why...
I am a follower of my faith...
I am strong...
Stronger than I have ever been
Sep 2014 · 376
A sweet woman
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
She doesn't look strange
Not at all dangerous
She's all sweet and smiles
So fragile looking
Could break her upon a scold..

Her body...
As light as a feather
Her moves...
As graceful as a dancer
Her face...
As innocent as a saint
So what is she doing in here?

In this freaking cold old cell
Surrounded with unfriendly walls
The lock as big as a bull's head
Total darkness during the day and night...
Nothing but paralysis in here..

What has she done so wrong?
to deserve this hell on earth?
She doesn't look harmful to me
She looks sincere and genuine..
Have I... have I been deceived by her sweet looks?
I have this strong feeling
Something must have gone so wrong
Unless the prosecutors could prove me wrong
I bet this pretty woman in your prison
is more right that wrong....
Tell me what could turn
a purely innocent..
a sweet woman like her
into a brutal monster?
Sep 2014 · 792
love is a joke
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
I could see it at last
The wickedness in your smiles
After all these years...
You finally revealed your true colors
Burn your sheep's clothing
You're the bad bad wolf
The devil inside of you
Does not deserve any kindness
Or mercy...
I would **** you if i could
I would hang you upside down
I would do anything to torture you..
You deserve this cruel treatment
For your art of mockery
Your love a total lie..
Your love was nothing but a joke
Wonder how you did it...
To turn sweet love into blatant lies?
Sep 2014 · 461
The daily routine
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
When the sun goes down
Just a little while
The day is coming to an end..
Birds flying to their nest..
People walking on the streets
heading homes..
Tired faces on their wheels
Endless Traffic jams till late night
The day is fading away...
Lethargic body and mind
Screaming for a hot bath
Super nice dinner
with loved ones
and a cozy bed with
the hottest sleeping partner...
Good night.. Good exercise..
The next hectic day
the daily routine starts again...
Sep 2014 · 1.6k
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
You are still the first thing
on my mind
when I open my eyes
in the morning
when the birds chirping
in our used to be garden
You are still the last thing
I have on my mind
before I covers my face
and close my eyes
tossing and turning
on this king sized bed...
In between my sleep
You appear with your kindest smiles
Your dancing eyes
never left your handsome face
You are too vivid
How would I believe
that now everything is in past tense?
Sep 2014 · 493
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
How easy it is with words
Lovers can be strangers
Friends can be enemies
Families torn apart
Words can be the sweetest
Words can be the most disastrous
a dangerous weapon
against those
whom you  love ..
those whom you care..
careful with the choice of words...
never underestimate the power...
Sep 2014 · 1.3k
Sand Castle
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
We built a sand castle
Strong waves washed it away
The castle collapsed..
so did our dreams...
Buried in the ocean deep...
Sep 2014 · 342
The horror story...
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
The door slams...
Wind howling fiercely...
Lights flickering...
Laughter can be heard from the room above...
The haunting melody...
Fills this haunted house...
The floor is flooding...
with fresh red blood...
The wall gets taller... narrower
meaner... angrier...
swallowing me up...
chewing my bones...
The terror ends...
The horror story begins...
Sep 2014 · 311
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
I couldn't understand a thing..
A reflection of me
in the mirror...
What I see
is what I have been seeing
for almost 45 years
the same cheerful girl
the same oval shaped face
the familiar pair of eyes
and the sweet smiles
that warms each rooms I live in...

Confusion has filled in my room today
As I was standing right infront
of the same mirror I had for years
Has it been lying to me?
How much have I been deceived...
How much have I aged?

Oh my god
As I was brushing my hair tonight
I almost fainted...
I almost screamed...
at the top of my voice...
Aging sign oh no!!!!
I cursed my magic mirror
and have it covered forever...
Sep 2014 · 355
Hello Stranger....
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Hello stranger
Hide your anger
Love is a bliss
Let go your priciple please...

I found Love in your eyes
Say it... Say you love please try...
I love you I can't lie
You're  my heart till the day I die...

Ohh I try I try I did try...
For years it seems
Couldn't break the concrete wall
Built around your blinded heart
Your heart has been freezing too long
Your  frozen heart ...
Would hammer it hard...
I'd rather it melts one day...
For true love sake..

I might be a fool to hope
The truth hurts really deep
For a hundred years to come
So it seems...
We can't be lovers
We can't be friends
We become strangers
Strangers till the end...
Sep 2014 · 693
Vintage Love
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Naked love
Your love and mine
Your lips touch mine...
like a hundred times each day
Your hands wrap around my waist
Never leaving my sight...
Your love and mine
is transparent indeed
Your hands holding mine
and I Hug you tight..
our hands...may
not be so pretty anymore
our lips wrinkly and ugly
but hugs are tighter
kisses are better
Intimate lovers we are
for a thousand more years..

Love knows no bounds or wrinkles
Your love is indeed very transparent
Crystal clear...
Sep 2014 · 580
Silent Killer...
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
You feel numb
Your nervous system is dead
You don't feel a thing
You are dead while you are awake
your eyes wide open
your brain does not function
the silent killer attacks
It kills you slowly
It kills you suddenly
You'd never know...
Till you're dead...
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