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Nov 2015
Devastated I was
Having to witness
The hatred in their eyes
When they shot the pedestrians
The cruelty in those strong arms
when they slaughtered the innocents
Random killings
On a street in Paris

I was shivering at a corner
Unable to speak or move
I was numb.
I lost my heartbeat.

Blood bath in Paris
Paris was painted red
The screams the shouts and the cries
Ripping my heart in two
Dead people... injured citizens
Naive children
were shot in the head
Innocent mean
Sprawling on that street

I covered my face
with my trembling hands
What a terrifying site
A terror attack they said
A random massacre!

I didnt realise
Just how long I stood there
The night was too long
I could not stand it any longer
I couldn't take it anymore
A few minutes of terror
The despair...
Seemed like forever

I wanted to run
My feet was tied to the ground
It was no fun
Watching dead bodies lying around
Victims of  a well worked plan

With difficulties
I finally brought myself up
My veil was soaking wet
Fresh Blood streaming down
from my forehead
I was wounded
I was giddy
I was hurt
I felt like throwing up
I moved  a step forward
Just one step forward...

I heard a loud siren
A fierce shout..
Screaming ****** words
Then... BANG!
I heard nothing after that
Because I was shot dead....
I am a Muslim and I am not a terrorist. Humanity has no religion...
Sharina Saad
Written by
Sharina Saad  Malaysia
     Weeping willow, Timothy and ---
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