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21.6k · Jun 2013
My teacher’s cell phone
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Heard a beeping sound
Followed by A very old Frank Sinatra’s song
My classmates’ heads turned
Who’s phone? who’s phone?
Less chaotic when the teacher glared
Everybody put their heads down
And checked their sophisticated mobile phones
Once again...
When the teacher wasn’t looking..
Mobile phones roamed in a dull classroom
Updating facebook status,
Uploading candid photos of a snoring friend
Copy pasting assignment
Text messaging and gossiping about their stern looking teacher
In the name of advanced technology
Mobile smartphones create the impossibles...
Beyond the blackboard and the four walls of the classroom
O o Frank Sinatra’s song again...
And everybody started looking...
The teacher grabbed her mobile phone
Tried to switch it off....
When students could own smartphones..
Who needs NOKIA from the old time zone....?

~ Sharina~
should have thrown my cellphone into the deep sea...
17.9k · Jul 2013
Love Me Before I Die
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
When I m Dead,
Your Tears May Flow,
But I Wont Know,
Cry For Me Now, Instead..

When I am Dead,
You Will Send Flowers,
But I Wont See,
Send them Now, Instead..

When I M Dead,
You Will Say Words Of Praise,
But I Wont Hear,
Praise Me Now, Instead..

When I am Dead,
You Will Forget My Faults,
But I Wont Know,
Forget them Now, INSTEAD…!

When I am Dead,
You Will Say I Was Great,
If You Tell it Now I Will Feel proud,
So Please Don't Wait, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!

When I am Dead,
You Will Come To My Grave And Whisper "I Loved You, Why You Left",
But I Will Not Be Able To Fill You In My Arms,
Don't Wait if You Have To Express, tell that Now, INSTEAD…!
Before I die.... just sharing some poems..
16.9k · May 2014
Sharina Saad May 2014
What does quality time together mean
When everybody's glued to their smartphones
Mom and dad buy new gadgets
and forget each other... again.

Meals are left cold on the dining table
Nobody pays attention
to homecooked meals anymore
Food is rather thrown in the bin
or reheat again and again...
What is the value of mom's kitchen
when Domino's Pizza can be ordered via online?

The magicof smartphones...
Homes aren't cozy place for us anymore
Everybody enjoys secrecy... privacy...
Living far  apart
but breathing under the same roof....

Dear daughter comes home in tears
Dinner date a sheer disaster, she said...
He checks his Whatsapp notifications
every now and then...and smiling
reading his messages..,
A total shame...

Technology is meant for convinience sake
Same time rapidly ruins our everyday life
What has happenened to real conversations?
Hiding behind the sophisticated gadgets
What good is that?
Get rid of of your latest Samsung
and show your true face...
The usage of smartphones is rampant nowadays... Is it for the better?
14.0k · Oct 2014
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
Handsome is not your dancing eyes
when you smiles
Handsome is not your sunny face
or your well built muscle
I have never been wrong..
in defining handsome
handsome is not your flesh
not your looks
but a little bit lower than your abdomen
Look down...
Its your fat wallet
in your pocket...
Thats handsome...
12.5k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
When you smile...
The sun starts to bright
The flowers start to bloom...
The birds sing the sweetest songs
The dolphins clap their hands..
The whole world cheer to the love
so honest so true and pure..
in your smile ... you speak the words of love.
11.3k · May 2013
Let's Play Holi
Sharina Saad May 2013
Went to my ancestor's home on a Spring season that year..
On a Holi day in the land of Chanchadari
A peaceful morning in Hoshiarpur, the doors to Himalaya
Happy Holli day!! The kids shout with cheer
Holi Hai! Holi Hai! Lets play Holi!!!

He woke up early morning that day..
With a bucket of colored water waiting for me
I stepped outside my grandpa's door
In a split second I was soaked in a coloured water…
From head to toes… red, orange, yellow, purple… the colors of Holi…
Ohh It's a Hoi Hai day alright…
Lets play Holi … Lets play Holi..

Hails spring with ecstasy and joy!
The trees smile with their sprout
of tender leaves and blooming flowers,
The land of beauty and greatness,
India, witnessing color of happiness and peace.
Nation come alive to enjoy the spirit
A celebration of color- Holi!
An experience of content, harmony and delight.

Holi colors of red, green, yellow and countless.
A day's canvas - a riot of colors.
Lively crowd running, dancing, playing
Rainbow of colors, Lets play Holi and splish and splash!!
Lets play with the frenzy colors .. play on Holi Hai day….

I am dreaming of playing with colors with you
It is the Holi celebration after all.
I can't play inside my home, the carpets will get tainted,
I cant' play it in the yard, the grass and outer walls will get painted.
I thought I would go to the secret garden of ours,
and play with you Holi hai day …
It's a colourful day just you and me..
In love on Holi Hai day…. Lets play Holi..
A poem about Holi festival of colors I dedicated to friends and relatives in unique India.
9.9k · Jun 2013
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
I chose to hide,
Behind my veil.
In my safe home,
My existence frail.
My identity and my honour,
My own choice to preserve.
Hiding within my soul,
Modesty that i reserve.
Eyeing this dusty world,
Lost treasures of faith
seven virtues for world,
Veil for me is eighth.
Proud of my identity,
happy on my choice.
This is what i am,
Hijab is my voice.
9.2k · Jun 2013
I miss your smile
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
I'm lying alone in my room
Staring at your photographs
This pain tells me that I'm in love
And I can't go on without you
I take a walk down this boulevard
And meet all the people we know
Darling I can't stop missing you
No matter what I do or where I go

I miss your smile, I miss the heaven
That lives inside your eyes. I miss you
From the moment I wake up
Till I lie sleepless at night
Oh, I miss your smile.

I'd give everything to hold you now
Instead of your photographs
I'd do anything now to make you smile
Anything to hear you laugh
I've been holding back rivers of tears
Hoping that you'll back here
As long as I live and as long as I'm sane
You'll burn in my heart like an eternal flame

I miss your smile, I miss the times
I've had you in my life. I miss you
Everyday and every night with
Every heartbeat inside
All the time! I miss your smile.
8.6k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
Feelings are within you
In your deepest heart and soul
Feelings are felt and seen
By those who only feel for you

Feelings unheard troubles the mind
Feelings unread torches the softest heart
Feelings unvoiced torments your soul..
Feelings uninterpreted, unanswered...
Killing you.. killing you softly , suicidal love..

Feelings are words unspoken
Feelings are invisible touches
Feelings are unseen caresses..
Feelings are shared dreams unfulfilled
But feelings are continuous...
Reflections of heart, life, love and soul...

Hidden feelings ... pathetic souls
Blinded kisses... numb and cold..
Unveil... unveil...
Let the magical love be revealed....
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
At the lowest point of my life
He never leaves me alone
I don't get to see him
to worship him
But i feel him
his spirit surrounds
He guides me in the most
holy way...
just when there is no one to talk to
He listens to each prayers of mine
he may not solve all my troubles
but he shows me the way...
he may not grant all my wishes
but he teaches me patience
tests me and directs me
till i accept all the challenges
as i keep my faith stronger
he is the only one god
who will save me from
evil deeds and makes my life complete
In my darkest days,
when my spirit the weakest
I am not alone
Allah is always with me...
I am a Muslim and I am proud. I believe in my god and I respect other religious faiths.
7.7k · May 2013
RIP Democracy
Sharina Saad May 2013
They called it democracy
Given the citizen the right to vote
Is this the so called Democracy?
When Given the right and told to vote
Give your vote to no other
Or you'd face the consequences
Be followers of the system forever
Don't even think or try to be SMART
7.6k · Jun 2013
Aren't we all human?
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Before we were
we were all human.
The funny thing is that we still are
We have just forgotten it...
We are all human,
regardless of religion and race
If you can't accept this simple concept even
say good bye to globalization
and internalization
and be in your comfort zone...
safe and sound...
6.8k · May 2013
A Pencil
Sharina Saad May 2013
Make sure there is a pencil in your bag
A small notebook in your pocket
Ideas are sometimes spontaneous
And inspiration does not come everyday
Look everywhere, listen, and smell,
And don't forget to write things down.
Even if you see and listen well,
What you have seen, might not come back around.
That's where your pencil plays it's part.
And with your pencil, there's no regrets.
Especially when pertaining to the heart,
The pencil remembers, what the mind forgets.
6.2k · May 2013
Phd Defence Proposal
Sharina Saad May 2013
At the defense proposal
I was convinced
I would make it through
The proposal in my hand,
Months of preparation,
mentally, physically, loaded brain...
Well prepared I was for this judgement day
A little over confident, perhaps....

In the life of a Phd candidate
This is the true battle of Academia
Whether you'd be at the top
or you would be shot dead
The honorable Panels will decide...

The moment you utter a sentence or two..
Continuous attacks from the left and right
endlessly..... till you have your head
buried in the ground
Again you wake up and strike again
This is your war....
Defense is war.. the war of life
the moment of truth
the battle of a doctorate student everywhere

Research Objectives, Research Questions,
The Signification of research
and the Implication, the contribution of this study
One by one was being detailed, scrutinized and questioned

Dear panels,please be kind
Was patiently coping with your brutal  attacks
Head held low, head held high...
Nearly had a stroke,
But I refused to die...

Thank you dear panels,
my courteous smile for you...
I'd be back,
You'd see me again,
When I counter attack....
Wooo..... hate the panels...
6.1k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
Courtesy Is Contagious
Let us start by saying the magical word PLEASE.....
Remember nanny Mc Phee's wisdom?
Say THANKS, say SORRY, say PLEASE...
show them how courteous we are...
so PLEASE say PLEASE.....
6.0k · Jun 2013
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Something so hard
goes straight to the soul;
it seems impossible to get over
and my heart is left with a big hole.

I’m trying to be happy, wearing a smile;
but I’m dying inside.
The world seems to be fading,
and I just want to run and hide.

Everywhere I go I see your face,
and realize how much I miss you;
and on the day you died
a piece of me died too.

Woh dil nawaz ha lekin nazar shanas nahi,
Mera ilaaj meray charahgar kay paas nahi,

Tarap rahay hain zabaan per kai sawal magar,
Meray liay koi shayaan-e-iltamaas nahi,

tere ujalon main bhi dil kanp kanp uthta hai
mere mizaj ko aasudagi bhi ras nahi

kabhi kabhi jo tere qurb main guzre the
ab un dinon ka tasawwur bhi mere pas nahi

guzar rahe hain ajab marhalon se dida-o-dil
sahar ki as to hai zindagi ki aas nahi

mujhay ye dar hai k teri arzu na mit jaye
bahut dinon se tabiyat meri udaas nahi,
5.9k · Jan 2014
Cheating death...
Sharina Saad Jan 2014
My head is spinning
My vision is blurring
My neck is paining
My whole body is aching
My fingers are numbing
My arteries are clogging
My fate... I am hating
My life is shattering
My suffering is neverending...
Am I dying?
My kidney is teasing...
My blood is aggressively pumping
My glucose is cynically laughing
My heart is still beating...
Death... am I cheating?
Tick.. Tock... Tick... Tock...
Am Still breathing...
5.8k · Aug 2013
An Empty Classroom
Sharina Saad Aug 2013
A pin drop silence
An unusual serene calmness
A solemn way to start a day
in an empty classroom

Even the softest moan...
the loudest roar
counting my own breathing
as I was fidgeting to and fro
in an empty classroom...

123 my heart was beating slow
456 my heart was moving faster
789 my heart was thunderous!
blood boiled up to the head...
from cheerful to moody
from pretty to ugly
smiles... yawns.. smirks... temper!
the veins fighting in the face...
dark red with anger burst!

A sudden... gentle knock on the door..
broke the golden silence
a sweet angel walked in
with head held down
Applause... Applause... Applause...
Thank you to the sweetest soul..
An empty classroom came to live...
Teaching is a noble profession.
Patience is virtue.
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Papa bear whistles
Mama bear sings
Baby bear jumps
and he yells out loud!
Papa look what I have found!
a yellow hibiscus for mama!
Papa bear grins
Mama bear smiles
Baby bear struts with pride!
Mama bear, Papa bear and baby bear
are enjoying their walk in the woods.
Sharina Saad May 2013
I feel like falling in love once again...
When I listen to this song...
I feel like a teenager again..
When I read the lyrics line by line...

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe **.Toh zinda ** tum!

When you carry restlessness in your heart,
then you are ALIVE

Nazar mein khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe **
Toh zinda ** tum!

When you carry dreams in your sight,
then you are ALIVE

Hawa ke jhonkon ke jaise aazad rehna seekho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise, leharon mein behna seekho
Har ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein
Har ek pal ek naya samaa dekhiye

Learn to be free like the swaying air around you
Learn to flow like the tide flows with the water
Meet every moment of your life with open arms
and experience newness every second you live

Jo apni aankhon mein hairaniyan leke chal rahe **
Toh zinda ** tum!
When you carry wonder in your eyes,
then you are ALIVE

Dilon mein tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe **
Toh zinda ** tum!
When you carry anxiety in your heart,
then you are ALIVE
This is my favourite Urdu language shayari(poem) by the famous Javed Akhtar.
5.3k · May 2014
Chasing the rainbow.........
Sharina Saad May 2014
Chasing the rainbow
Where it starts
Where it ends
Like a dreamer...
I chase the rainbow

Chasing the rainbow
Vibrant colors in the sky
pretty and gay
the colors of rainbow
so bright.. shiny and wonderful...
the colors of life...

Chasing the rainbow
Sometimes it gives me hope
Like a promise...
Like  a journey...

Chasing the rainbow
Sometimes its too exciting...
All the beautiful things..
I see only in dreams...

Chasing the rainbow
hate the sunlight
My rainbow dissappears...
My dream scatters...
Like a life falling apart...
5.2k · Jun 2013
Cinderella's Story
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Step sister 1:
Cinderella! Cinderella!
Have you seen my Blackberry?
Prince Charming is having a grand party
Texted everybody in this country

Step sister 2 :
Cinderella! Cinderella!
Don't tell sis, I received a message too
Iron my dress, polish my shoes
Will not let her dance and step on my shoes
Prince Charming is mine, I am not gonna lose

Cinderella :
My sister 1 , my sister 2
Please do whatever you told yourselves
after cooking, I'd be busy myself
fairy godmother will come at my side
to offer a dress and a carriage to ride.
Prince Charming didn't text or call me
I do not own a Blackberry
but he had come here in person yesterday
Funny, He didn't ask me to try on a shoe
instead he had asked me to recite a poetry
He said he was head over hills in love with poetry
and found Cinderella a poet he wanted to marry

Sister 1 and Sister 2 :
Shut up Cinderella !
You are filthy little liar!
Liar Liar Liar

While the step sisters were getting mad
A golden carriage came for rescue
Cinderella stepped in a carriage
Held her poetry books tightly in her hands
and Fairy godmother sat very cool on her side

Stepsisters were in state of shock
Busy texting their mother and friends
and complaining, and crying, and shouting, and cursing
as Cinderella Went straight to the castle to marry her Prince Charming.
beauty without brain is a waste.
5.1k · Jun 2013
Cupcakes Cravings...
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Craving for my mummy's cupcakes
But mummy isn't at home
She has classes day in and out..
Who will bake me cupcakes?
I am super cravings..
I want yummy cupcakes..
Hah! Let's bake my own cupcakes
and surprise mummy a little..
when she gets home
flour, butter ,sugar, eggs
put them all together in the mixer
and out I go to play some games
Oh .. now I remember the fun of my cupcakes
but oppss... what have I done?
my mom's kitchen is in disaster!
5.0k · May 2013
Until I Met You
Sharina Saad May 2013
I never knew I could trust someone
Until I met you

I never knew how beautiful I look when I smile..
Until I met you

I never knew how good laughter is
Until I met you

I never knew love could be so sweet
Until I met you

I never knew touches are warm
Until I met you

I never knew a simple walk on the beach
could be so special
Until I met you

I never knew the vocabulary of LOVE
Until I met you

I never knew a kiss could hold my breath away
Until I met you..

I never knew holding hands and hugging...
Could give me a sensational feeling…
Until I met you...

I never knew I could love someone
as much …
Until I met you…..
4.9k · Sep 2013
Sharina Saad Sep 2013
Madam we are at your door
No worries... of the body odor
We took your advice we went outdoor
At the mall  bought a bottle of Jadour..
Fresh smell we are Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Miss Taylor
Do increase consultation time by 15 minutes or more...
Okay now open the door...
Take your turn but stand at the door...
Hey! now don't you cheat
Fresh looking nice and neat
but still I smell... your smelly feet...
Out you go and wash your feet!!
***** socks *****!
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
Tears of the seven dwarfs
Drowned the casket made of glass
Where Snow White lies lifeless...

Prayers of the seven dwarfs
Ordered god to stop the time
Be it a hundred years
We'd wait for Snow to open her eyes...
resubmitting the poem.
4.7k · Jun 2013
Paper Dolls
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
When I was small
I had a favorite game
A game only girls loved to play
Paper dolls, pretty paper dolls....

My sister Sara dressed the paper dolls nicely
Elegantly dressed, pretty dolls...
and we loved to style them our ways...
We got bored easily and Sara begged me to buy more dolls...
I used my childish charm to get a rupee or two
My grand papa joked about our  paper dolls
"no saree wearing dolls"? " no chapati making dolls"?
" No parantha making dolls?
and both of us replied.... " ohhhh.... shut up grandpapa"

When we grew up a little,
My sister and I were sent to a boarding school.
It was all girls school
and we were taught grooming, social etiquette
and how to be a lady...prim and proper
Dressed smartly, talked only when necessary
and sat up neatly, no head turns..
No giggling... only smile delicately
No tantrums or emotional plays...
just be poised... controlled.. poised and controlled...
Of course
We were not allowed to play paper dolls anymore

After awhile I hated the school...
Told my sister.....  They were turning us
into paper dolls...
Paper dolls have no say...
They only follow.. They are puppets
Remember paper dolls we used to play?
All pretty in the outside but there is no life
to breathe....
Suffocated i felt here.....all I wanted to do is flee
Sis, cmon this is certainly not us... let's flee

We managed to be who we wanted to be in the end
to live in real world, be with real people
given a freedom to choose what we wanted to do
with life...
We enjoy our life not the traditional way anymore
Have career and still we dressed nicely and elegantly
We are real people...
Unlike the paper dolls , who only look poise and beautiful..
but inside they are freezing.... lifeless....paper dolls..
4.7k · Oct 2014
Jigsaw Puzzle
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
I wish to see
The color of your eyes
The expression on your face
At dawn when you said goodbye..
A handwritten note good bye
Left on the side table...
This jigsaw puzzle
Took years to solve
Why did you say goodbye?

I wish also
Time would heal all wounds
But only time would tell...
Forgiving might be easy
Forgetting crawls while time passing by...
When will the clock stop ticking ?
I just wish to die....
4.7k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
Champions don't always win
losers don't always lose
but Hero is Hero
a champion at heart...
Dedicated to the opposition Party Leader DSAI
4.6k · May 2016
My daddy's smelly feet
Sharina Saad May 2016
I hate it when dad comes home
He is ***** and he has smelly feet
Having spent long ours at construction site
Smelly and filthy.. what a sight!
I loath him, I look down on him
When I walk pass the working site
I turn my face, pretending he is out of sight
I constantly accuse god, I said he isn't fair
I want a different dad..
who drives a much better car
goes to work wearing tie and suit
The perfect dad I always think I should have...
At school one day
My best friend cried
She was devastated
Her rich dad left home
left for good with a pretty woman...
She has a house as big as a castle
Fat bank accounts and pretty outfits
Constantly travel around the world
Houses, condos, hotels
just name it where
but she has no dad to cuddle anymore
at night when she gets scared
of storms and thunder
I remember my dad's smelly feet instantly
annoying.. disgusting.. frustrating..
This dad of mine
I used to loath...
But he works all day
his sweat is his labor of love
to bring food on the table...
so we kids don't sleep hungry
This dad of mine
doesn't own expensive car
has never been overseas
has never worn a tailor made suit
and but he loves us wholeheartedly...
and always want to give only the best for us.
This dad of mine
whose smelly feet
will annoy me forever
but he loves his family truly
and will never leave our side
at anytime when we needed him most...
I love you daddy
All your perfect imperfections
I am sorry................
4.6k · Jul 2013
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
Temptation ...
Between Love and Lust
Losing battle
that blissful minutes
was it worth it?
this ***** thought you must dismiss
4.6k · Sep 2013
Sharina Saad Sep 2013
violent waves

hit and run

rage with anger


everything vanished!

widely dispersed.....
4.5k · Jun 2013
Love is like the weather
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
You said you don't even know me anymore
my moods, my personality, my characters
keep on changing like  the weather
Morning when it rains
I am sweet , gentle and romantic
afternoon, when its hot and humid
I am mean, I am harsh and I snap at you
...a little grouchy

Well, I really dont know...
but here is the story...

On one sunny sky bright day
Our love story started to bloom
and the whole world cheered and clapped
to celebrate this greatest love story
When all of a sudden a dark cloud appeared
and stole the sunshine smile away
love went into coma... for a year or two

The monsoon rains and again we missed
the gentle love on wet cold nights
Inseparable in the love nest we built
Glued together the whole  rainy days

It was midnight when we had a storm
Ugly weather
We were forced to build this wall
and  kept our distance again
A whole year in complete vacuum
missed the love nest
but preferred the cocoon better

Today is a warmer day
The sun is coming out lazily
a little bit of warmth in the atmosphere
I tried to smile a little
and I said Hello
You grabbed my hand and told me
Never to change the weather again
I smile with tears in my eyes
reminiscing all the weathers
when we used to love and hate
How much time have we wasted?

This is me... This is you...
We are so much in love
Why must we change with the weather?
I might be Tornado in some days
or hurricane in another
but my heart beats still the same
despite the weather changes
Trust me
My love I never changed
4.3k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
I tried to be white but still I am black
Black sheep In the past, and I still am
My siblings scored straight A’s
Mom and dad smiled ,
stood proud on stage,
applause, standing ovation from audience..

What I did? I failed throughout...
Burnt my report cards...
Tarnished their good image
Not fame but shame I am black sheep to you..
A flame in your heart , I am a burden to you..
So again I am black, black sheep until my last..
I feel sorry...I truly am..

I am simply hopeless and helpless child
No matter how hard I ever did Try...
Still I am black.. not white and true..
I'm the Black Sheep in the family
Mom and dad please forgive me...
Sharina Saad Sep 2013
Tears of the seven dwarfs
Drowned the casket made of glass
Where Snow White lies lifeless...

Prayers of the seven dwarfs
Ordered god to stop the time
Be it a hundred years
They'd wait for Snow to open her eyes..

Patience of the seven dwarfs
endless prayers, tears, wishes and hopes
In a  casket made of glass
lies the most beautiful princess
who gently moves her fingers
her hand slowly touches a dwarf...

Tears, Prayers and Patience of the seven dwarfs
Snow White comes back to life...
4.2k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
Mrs Sharma is looking busy
Walking back from her yoga class
In Her right hand a bag full of potatoes
In her left hand, 2 kilos of onions
Its a freaking hot day in Delhi,
She stopped a taxi and hurried home
Aloo paratha her family's menu for today.

At home she went straight to her kitchen
Peeled and boiled the Potatoes
finely chopped Onion, coriander, ginger and chillies
Now where is the garam masala?
Here you are Mrs Sharma,
Salt Red Chili powder, Garam masala and some butter
Aloo Paratha with lots of butter,YUM YUM
Lunching at Sharma's home is Splendid
better than Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu, Andheri.

Let's get started says Mrs Sharma
Let's make the dough
Make two chapati
add the filling to one chapati
and cover it with the second one.
Now Mrs Sharma rolls it slightly and heats it in the oven...

Let's ask Mrs Sharma,
Is food the elixir of life?
Yes very much she said
She feels like she is living for it.
As she spreads butter over the paratha
She says her mantra twice,
Eat healthy but don’t over eat.

She serves aloo paratha hot to her smiling kids
adds yoghurt to Mr Sharma's plate
she is so proud when she says to her family
Eat in moderation and eat healthy..
Smile and let's eat Aloo paratha Mrs Sharma's way...
Aloo paratha is my late mom's favourite..
4.1k · May 2013
Politic Tsunami
Sharina Saad May 2013
Unexpected defeat
A shock to the nation
Politic Tsunami, they said
Time to mourn? Time to analyze?
Try to decipher this Tsunami
Being fed the same chocolate flavor
High time to switch to another
  Which flavors they fancy now?
of sweets, of biscuits of cakes
Do you know?
Creativity, innovate, concern
Listen to their plights
Why do they retaliate?
Blame the Tsunami again?
So unintelligent, put yourself under a microscope
analyze, examine, please understand more.
4.1k · Aug 2013
Sharina Saad Aug 2013
Something forbidden is temptation
A challenge to belief
A test of faith
Something forbidden is exciting
Succumb to greed
Fall for the bait of ***** thoughts
Something forbidden is sweet
a question of needs and wants
A greater temptation,
Surrender to cruel evil surrounds
Lured by the power of his temptation
who'll only destroy your faith...
Making you agrees to the forbidden seas...
Tangled in each waves of deceits
in your conscience
guilty still....
but you fail to self-guard your burning heart
and soul...
convinced by greed and crude desires..
this devil called never tiring
seducing and tempting...never stopping
caught in the web of forbidden lust...
Tempted...  at last...
4.0k · Jun 2013
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
gimme a hug,
the only antidote to my lonely heart
gimme a hug
the true and effervescent manner of cometh see
gimme a hug
the way to everlasting love
gimme a hug
the fervent route to unblemish happiness
gimme a hug
and i'll forever engrave you on my mind
4.0k · Jul 2013
A snoring buffalo
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
A buffalo snores
small and big birds
sitting on his back
relaxing entirely
and munching on his fleas...
4.0k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
Knock! Knock! There’s a knock on my door
Ohh who could that be?
Its noon... Its lunch time... I am starving!!
Come on in folks... yes what can I do for you?
Let us make the best of 15 minutes
Before i decided to eat all of you...
Yep tomorrow is exam and good luck to you..
Oppsss.. now don’t tell me I haven’t taught you...
Please don’t say you don’t know what to do...
Everything that i have taught you is in you...
Having cold feet? Sweating on the forehead?
Sleepless nights? Feverish? Vomitish? Giving up?
Hell no... come sit here on the couch
Inhale... exhale... and relax...
Let’s settle your panic attack...
then you’d know what else to do..
Take a deep breath... count 1, 2, 3
Close your eyes and say a prayer...
God is watching you... God is listening to you...
He knows how hard you’ve worked...
And I know it too, see your progress report here..
Who says you did so bad?
So don’t you worry about tomorrow..
Face it with confidence, be brave, be strong...
I know you can do it... and you know it too..
Go now to your table and continue to read
So strive for excellence until you succeed..
And dont Dont forget to Pray...
Pray... Pray... the best remedy is pray...
You know I love every single of you. So disturb me more students!
3.9k · May 2013
Sharina Saad May 2013
I was torn between the worlds of a dream
and the awakened life
Tonight... I feel torn.. I am torn apart..
why does it have to be this way?
torn apart by time and space why?

Thiis isn't how it was meant to be when our hearts became entwined
we could not foretell that this thing was to be

Torn apart like a photo ripped in two,
one half being me and the other being you

I don't know why fate has dealt this hand
I only know the way I feel the pain thats in my mind

I see your tears inside my head
but can't kiss them away, I feel so helpless
Please give me a choice,
Please give me hope to survive
Struggling for a life
Struggling for a future
It was never clear
It was to be torn apart….

Your eyes never shine anymore,
your smiles are fading away..
All hopes are broken apart..
All joy is broken from the core.

Once I had you in my arms but you were torn away
Once I had you in my arms but we were torn apart
past tense.
3.9k · Jul 2013
Ginger bread...
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
The crispy ginger bread
for tea.... has gone.
Impatient Hansel turns around
yelling, shouting, screaming...
Oh no! Not my door again!
What a new fresh ginger fragrance!
3.9k · May 2013
Reminisce... Childhood Days
Sharina Saad May 2013
Reminisce..... Childhood days..

Remember when we were young?
Played all day out in the sun so gay
Happy kids we were… ***** or ugly
Ohh!!! The way we looked?
Not a bit we care, we didn’t care…

Were out in the monsoon rains, were out in the storms…
No Sophisticated playgrounds were built,
No expensive toys were bought…
Did we mind? We played in the drains…
We made our own toys from scratch..
We built our own playground in the field..

God protected us… kept us saved from evils and hates..
Childhood was extremely the best years of our entire years…
The best memory ever…
Our childhood days….
3.8k · Jan 2015
Runaway Bride
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
I wept as I walked down the aisle
My heart was throbbing in severe pain
A bouquet of roses in my shivering  hands
I felt like a zombie in a wedding dress

My dad, dashing in tuxedo
Smiling proudly as he gave my hand
To this total stranger...
A wealthy entrepreneur  ...
His type of son in law
Very little information that I knew about

Marriage was not something that i planned
Marriage was something that arranged in my culture
My So called Happiness was set before me
Just needed me to say I Do
Love marriage is something impossible
Falling in love?
Yet another taboo

I cried oh I cried
I wanted to see the world
I have so much to do
Places to visit
People to meet
Happiness is what I sought for
On my own  

Yes the diamond ring
i was tempted to wear
Wasn't so sure should
I tie the knot.
Should i travel the universe

I hated what I did
But I was not regretting either
Sorry daddy
What a big disappointment
Once again...
I had to be a runaway bride...
3.8k · Jul 2013
Snow White...
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
There is a planet called earth
Where Snow White lives  
cared by the seven little men called dwarfs
Away from the jealous eyes of a wicked queen...
3.7k · May 2013
The Taj Mahal and My Love
Sharina Saad May 2013
Through years of my prime
I walked with a heart
crazy about love.

I wanted my heart to bloom
and shelter a shadow of love.
when the heart was soaked in passion
and was wet,
I wanted to wrench it dry
on love itself.
I wanted to paint a picture,
in indelible print, across
the canvass of my heart.

I stand today
in front of the Taj Mahal.
I watch the marble smiling
as the sunlight gives it a touch.
I feel gusts of wind
gone mad
as they come across
the heights of love here.
I listen to the music, waking in
the dream-eyed visitors' quiet hearts.

I am tipsy after my
own feelings
themselves have become wine.
I forget myself, world and all.

I don't know
whether I'm thinking of Shah Jahan,
Mumtaj or myself.
I'm quite disillusioned, stupefied,
enveloped under an expanding heart.

Shah Jahan who proved
an emperor to be shorter than a lover,
who turned a grave into a temple
who gave his beloved a place of God
and converted love into a prayer.

there exists one difference between
us two.
he was all in all, and if
I'd ever grown prosperous like he was,
I'd not have waited for my beloved's death
before I erected a Taj Mahal.

(Translated from Nepali by Manu Manjil)
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Haqiqat hai yaqeen karlo,
Men usko bhool kar khush ***….

“Muhabbat marr chuki hai ab,
Men usko bhool kar khush ***….

“Badalti rut ki waja se tabyat,
Kuch hai bojhal see….

“Yun mera haal na pocho,
Men usko bhool kar khush ***….

“Tumhen kia weham hai kyn,
Raat bhar milne nahi aaty.???

“Aye mere nennd ki paryon
Men usko bhool kar khush ***….

“Udasi sary ghar men,
Pheeli jati hai ghum bankar….

“Tum har dewaar par likhdo,
Men usko bhool kar khush ***…!!

Translation to Malay Language

Aku gembira untuk melupakanya

Amanah ku ini adalah realitinya
Dan aku gembira untuk melupakannya

Cinta yang telah meningal dunia
Dan aku gembira untuk melupakanya

Translation to English:

I am happy I am not sad to forget
He is mine, that's reality
and I am glad to forget it all
The love has died
and I am happy to forget it all
perhaps the translations are not 100% accurate but the poem is about the death of love . Hope Atul Kaushal can help me with translation.
3.7k · Feb 2015
Haters VS Lovers
Sharina Saad Feb 2015
Haters  rapidly continue
Spreading hates and lies
While lovers smile
warmest hearts
kindest words
Love can never be patronized
Haters will one day
succumb to love.......
3.7k · Nov 2015
Sharina Saad Nov 2015
A form of rebel
A hidden emotion
A strategy for revenge
A silent cry
A deep thought provoking
An evil thought
A cold treatment to a lover
A boring partner
Not all silence is golden
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