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Sharina Saad Jul 2013
This evil body was burnt to ashes
Her devilish face forgotten
Her sins never forgiven
Her unwanted spirit shunned
sealed... hidden in a wooden coffin...
in the darkest, creepiest jungle of the dead

someone called her name today
the earth moves shatters the ground
fierce lightning in the darkest sky
thunderous storms shakes the world
She opens her eyes wide..
a loud thunder in her coffin
the evil dead howls...
horrible looking murderous monster
comes to life!
Run! she is on killing spree again!
Sharina Saad Feb 2014
4 o'clock in the morning
tossing and turning
the old bed is screaming
every movements made, its creaking...
it's whining...
simply so boring...

4 o'clock in the morning
neighbours are snoring
no one listening
conversations getting dull and boring
smoking... drinking... yawning..
jumping back to bed, 123 again snoring...
Sharina Saad May 2013
A rose in her hand
A flower in her eyes
A garden in her heart
A smile on her lip
Love is beautiful
as beautiful as a rose
Love is sweet
as sweet as her smile...
In her heart a garden of rose....
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
Poor blind rabbit
Hops in the forest wide
To get his share of its morning treat...
He hops too fast to the open space
In the field where there is nowhere to hide..
An eagle is fast to ****** its prey..
A blind rabbit..
a feast...
Eagles party!
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
A bouquet of roses
found among the debris
they look fresh and fine
I took it home with me
In a vase near a dining table
The roses made me smile
But that night I had a bad dream
a girl in white wanting the bouquet returned
it gave me cold sweats,
I shivered down my spine
morning, I read in the news
she died in a car accident
on the day she turned sixteen...
put the bouquet back on her grave..
praying she is resting safe...
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
They called me sweet angel
They dressed me in gold
A glorious tour around the world
A fancy world of glamour
I walked myself in...

All that glitters are not gold..
Cruel fate, now that I am too old
Not worth a stare not even to hold
My adorable fans , my loved ones are acting too cold
No longer desirable, no longer wanted... not even a thought..
Bowing slowly in shame.. I am all alone..
I am a broken angel I have nowhere to turn...
I am feeling too old and too cold..
Once I was an angel now I am a broken soul..
Sharina Saad Nov 2013
Standing strong...
a white candle...
slowly ...bending and falling..
It melts as it burns

With tears and sweats
Painful... but tireless...
countless efforts
to light others
so they'll shine bright
and make someone proud
so they'll live to shine
another life .. and lift them up
and make them shine
and be strong again..

Live to shine others
"A candle loses nothing
by lighting another candle"

By Rina..
This poem is dedicated to all teachers who teach from the heart.
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
Found an antique in the junk
Scary looking old Mustang
Wow what a fierce looking ride..
That I would never even try to like..

Something spooky about this machine..
My eyes were set on it..mesmerized..
I was hypnotized!
Clueless, like a magnet pulling me..
an instant decision I made
I wanted to have this ugly beast...
Hooked, my heart was chained
by this antique junk...

Took a deep breath,
I walked slowly toward this ugly ride
Struggled to open its door...
The **** nowhere to be seen...
Strong smell of dead animals
Choking me to death..
Killing me, from lack of oxygen

This car from hell..
Painted in blood
Snatched and swallowed me inside...
upon its best opportunity..
and turned me into a dumb antique
to rot in the junk...
waiting for another victim..
with the same scary tactic!
Sharina Saad May 2013
Since the day I was brought in  
to this Home Sweet Home
My mom adores me
My dad loves me
My sisters cuddle me
My brother plays with me
Teaches me new tricks each day
My life is complete
My house is a castle
Meals are superb
Everything is perfect
Should I complain?
But today as I am sitting by the window
Watching people crossing by
Unfamiliar faces I see,
unlike my mom, dad, sisters and brother
I can see vehicles moving fast and slow
From this bedroom window...
I see other kids playing and giggling
Oh this is so exciting, I thought.
I can see butterflies kissing the flowers
In my mother's garden...
I wonder what kind of life is out there?
I wonder I wonder I wonder
Is the world outside this window
more colorful than mine?
Is there any other species like me?
Is there any other cat in the window like me?
This poem is for my domestic cat Prince Harry...
Sharina Saad May 2013
They called me cute and sweet
I am confused sometimes
Am I human or a cat?
They cuddle me night and day
They pamper me like a child
My food is called SWEETHEART
My bed is with mom and dad
I am Harry, my mom's Prince,
My dad's best friend
My siblings companion.

I am super naughty,
I am the devil of the house
I make mom's heart boil
I turn her kitchen upside down
mom looks mad but she only smiles
sweet surprise..
They love the precious me still
like no other...

Mom and dad, brother and sisters
Let me tell you something today
and sorry for being brutally honest
Today as I sat by the window
I saw someone I like
It walks, it meows, it looks like me,
four legged, furry, slightly smaller, cuter
but it sounds like me...
but lovelier, yes sweeter
Please tell me, what is the life
outside this very window?
Am I allowed to say hi to my first friend
that meows?
Harry starts to flirt... everybody hates it.
Sharina Saad May 2013
we dont know his name
we dont know his family
the only thing we know
another child in Syria is in heaven now
another mother somewhere is sleeping with tears
another father somewhere is with broken heart
Unknown child was killed today due to Assad thugs
random shelling on Damascus suburb
Al fatihah... Rest in peace.
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
I enjoy watching my baby boy’s drama
In his room, on his bed among his toys
What a superb imagination
Translated in a form of play...
A battle between the amazing legacy of heroes
Put George Lucas in the house of shame
With his famous Luke Sky walker,  
In Star Wars saga
Have Sam Raimi’s done his research well?
In creating Spiderman 3?
With this “genius in the making” young child
Left alone to build his creativity
I am convinced  with obvious prediction...
Hollywood superheoes  would be doomed..
Here is a 2 year old boy
In Spideman suit, Acting Spiderman,
hitting the Angry bird jet
The jet punches Spiderman back.
Then, Mama is forced to sleep with Spiderman
Forced Mama again, this time to love the Man of Steel
After the gruel some battle,
Jet & Spiderman decided to sleep together
in the pink hammock with Tigger.
The proud child is happy ,
His mission is accomplished!
A bottle of luke warm milk...
Well done! He earns his trophy
Tonight  he helps to save the world.
still keeping my son's toys.
Sharina Saad May 2014
Waking up on a beautiful morning
Whistling while making the bed
Humming sweet songs while in shower
Outside the birds are..
... singing melodious songs
Oh my
The birds are not seen anywhere
on a bark of a tree
Instead they happily sit
on electric cable infront of my house
I stop humming...
What a beautiful scene I thought
Living in this concrete jungle...
I need to breathe...
I need the real nature!!!
Sharina Saad Oct 2016
Daisy petal peeps
Deep inside my eyes
And sings me a tender love song
Of false hopes and promises
I listen with my crying heart
Torn to broken pieces
I listen with my sad eyes
Brimming with tears
I drowned in colored silky pearls
Streamed of my lonely tears...
Magical daisy love song!
Touches my heart
Bleeds my lost soul...
The visions of...
The broken pieces of yesterday
In every daisy petals
Don't sing me sad love song...
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
A diamond ring...
A perfect gift ..
from the Lord of the ring..
Now how do I look ?
blink! blink!
Shine like a diamond ring....
Sharina Saad Jun 2014
A poet is a diplomatic kind of person
She lies metaphorically
Revealing the truths figuratively...
Being cynical in between the lines...
Sometimes swear in similes
Provocative in a classy way
vocabularies are sewn with elegance
A diplomatic poet's way!
Sharina Saad Jan 2014
It was only a dream
Empty promises of
diamonds and golds
Words were made in dreams
Sinful tongue,
Crooked teeth.
Witnessed the lies..
Lasted for few seconds
Then... suddenly...
He Vanished in the thin air
Meaningless Words broken into alphabets
The glittering diamonds and golds
Wake up PRINCESS!!
A dream it was
Sharina Saad Jan 2015
A private jet to Paris
Selfie at Eiffel tower
Catwalk on a runway
Pose for a magazine
Celebrate with caviar
Jet lag... eyes closed
Snoring on the bed
A happening dream
Sweet success starts
first... a dream.
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
I am a dreamer
A pure dreamer
Surround myself with the believers
Still I find myself dreaming..
Surround myself with the thinkers...
I dream still of rhymes and unpublished poetry
Surround myself with the doers
Been bombarded with a question...
Is your life a poetry?
I am a dreamer.. yes
But I love to be with the doers, the believers and thinkers,
but most of all,
I surround myself with those
who speak the truth when they criticizes
so I could polish myself...
till I shine...
at least I could still learn...
humbly educate myself...
with the things I don't know
or unsure about...
I surround myself with those who see
the greatness within me,
when I myself  fail to see ....
I may be a dreamer
but nothing begins...
without first a dream.....
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
Holding hands
Dancing on the moon
Walking on cloud nine
The sky looks brighter
A few scattered lights shine
On the horizon
Look at the shadows
Waltzing with delights
The rays of the moonlight
Celebration of the hearts
When a princess meets his prince
The fairy tale begins…
When a prince kisses his princess
The fairy tale rocks in delight
When a prince kneels
and asks a princess hand in marriage
The fairy tale writes its chapter two
And the stars celebrate and twinkle in the night,
The moon shining bright,
Emitting a fabulous silver light,

the prince is knight in shining armor coming out of the blue,
Sweeps the princess off her feet
Steals her away from the comfort of her castle
To write her fairy tales chapters
In a castle in far way land…..
a fairytale never ends....
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
He dines in a fancy restaurant
Walks in proud in custom-made suits
A butler serves caviar in a silver platter
Pour him a glass of champagne, one after another
Muses himself with an imported cigar
A public figure with a fat belly, richly famous!
Millions in cash, billions in accounts
He eats three full meals a day
Why should he care if your family is starving or sickly?
A helicopter sends him to work everyday
Does he care you struggle to death for a meager salary?
You work for him; you sacrifice your life…
Do you think he even knows your name?
The day he falls, he pleads your sympathy..
The day you are gone and where is he?
He pays you your wages, ends his responsibility
Never begs or whines, not in his list of duties
Your problems are yours and yours alone
When are you going to get, that’s who he is?
Still you idolize this fake hero who does nothing
But all talks of power and money!!
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
I have nothing I only have words
Words of the enchanted love
Words of an inspiring beauty
Words of fairies and princess in fantasy land
Words….. only with words
I could treasure your love
And say a million Thank You

I only have Words to paint the whole world blue
Or red or green or yellow
With my words I paint the world bright
I paint it dull, gloomy , cheerless…
Arrange each words and make them sound so right…

It seems that all my life I have been looking
for Perfect words...
words to say things right
And make you and everybody feel alright

If I should leave you too soon
Just remember all the magic words we shared
Magical Words from me are not just words
They are words Written from my deepest heart
No diamonds or gold can be compared
of this Perfect gift for you from an angel
Who only knows how to write…

Words of poetry are like the soft feathers
Delicate, beautiful and colorful…
As she Placed the feather upon your bed
an angel leaves silently…
the precious words , the memories she leaves behind…
only to remind you… of …
A feather from an angel ,
with love….
a poem challenge I accepted from Ken....  this is it!
Sharina Saad Apr 2014
I have nothing I only have words
Words of the enchanted love
Words of an inspiring beauty
Words of fairies and princess in fantasy land
Words….. only with words
I could treasure your love
And say a million Thank You

I only have Words to paint the whole world blue
Or red or green or yellow
With my words I paint the world bright
I paint it dull, gloomy , cheerless…
Arrange each words and make them sound so right…

It seems that all my life I have been looking
for Perfect words...
words to say things right
And make you and everybody feel alright

If I should leave you too soon
Just remember all the magic words we shared
Magical Words from me are not just words
They are words Written from my deepest heart
No diamonds or gold can be compared
of this Perfect gift for you from an angel
Who only knows how to write…

Words of poetry are like the soft feathers
Delicate, beautiful and colorful…
As she Placed the feather upon your bed
an angel leaves silently…
the precious words , the memories she leaves behind…
only to remind you… of …
A feather from an angel ,
with love….
a special poem from an angel...
Sharina Saad May 2013
Its the rule of a game
Winners celebrate
Losers retaliate
but winning isn't everything
and losing is not the end....
Sharina Saad Aug 2013
No matter whether you are young or old
Everybody needs a hand to hold
On rainy days , when the weather is too cold
you just need someone to hold
Feel secure with someone's hand you hold
You'll feel complete, you'll feel whole...
When there is a hand to hold
Sharina Saad Jan 2018
Can a zero be a hero?
Only with strong will and determination
with sheer laziness and much
Can a hero be a zero?
Only with ego and ruthlessness
with dignity and being down to earth...
To be a hero or a zero...
Only you decide...
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
The last Ramadhan we weren’t together..
A lot of hurt and pain in the heart..
What is past should remain in the past..
On this new holy Ramadhan..
Let us forgive and forget…
Let us reunite in love, joy and peace…
May our hearts be pure from hate..
may our souls be free from rage and evil…
Have the heart of fasting and prayer
and light the darkness in our hearts….
On this holy Ramadhan……
Welcome Ramadhan, the blessed visitor.
May my Ramadhan be blessed..
and yours too….
Welcome Ramadhan 10th July 2013...
Sharina Saad Sep 2014
Even in pain
I smile
In confusion
I understand
In betrayal
I keep my trust
In fear
I continue to fight
In darkness
I see the light
I have no fear
I have no regrets
My creator is the reason why...
I am a follower of my faith...
I am strong...
Stronger than I have ever been
Sharina Saad Jul 2013
Heard again that loud eerie scream
The said haunted house on that hill came to life...
Lightning and a roar of thunder, the darkest night..
An Unexpected encounter with a supernatural being
She wasn't  a pretty little thing, She didn't even have a name...
a deformed creature, something ghostly unexplained...
Curiosity landed me in this spooky room
Everything was point blank except for a scary looking  white figure
Hanging upside down with her tongue sticking out..
Unprepared, I was drowned in  terrible  fear , shaking!
The ghostly beast kept screaming, "Where is my baby?"
Tormented... trapped .. dead meat ... I am history...
Sharina Saad Dec 2017
My heart is gold
but my hands are cold
my magic words
hidden  and frozen
for  too long,
I was told.

wondering now
Am I too late?
Perhaps too old?
To pen a painful write
from a lazy soul.
I have been gone for too long now.
Sharina Saad Sep 2013
in between my eyes
my pointed nose
sniffs nothing but you...
alcoholic unpleasant breaths...

Alcoholic visions
sigh across screens
as language blurs
Talking nothing but nonsense

***** vision violently
soaks rough atmosphere,
heads explode, chaotic manners

Alcoholic dreams
travels around the globe
in similar destinations..
the filthy old bars...

The sweetest red wine
soon sours and rot
under an icy glare.

a shot of *****
allows sanity to sharpen
it's dainty claws
feasting on thoughts

How is alcohol good?
Sharina Saad May 2013

Hot chapati,
Cold Chapati,
Soft Chapati
Hard Chapati,
Delicious Chapati
Bad chapati
Alia makes her own chapati.....
She burns it a little at the side
Never mind ... Chapati War ends here....
Alia loves to try just anything.... love my daughter muaahh!!
Sharina Saad Mar 2014
A little love...

A little love
is all I ask for
am I asking too much?
A little love
is all I ask for
I shall rest in peace
A little Love
only your sweetness
a little Whisper of love
That is all
I've ever asked for
and that is all
I need...
Sharina Saad Oct 2014
If you have Allah,
you have everything you desire
If you don't have Allah,
nothing you desire
will make you happy,
Trust your beloved...
His love is sufficient for you...
Allah is enough for you and me...
Sharina Saad Oct 2013
A lonely poet
writes a lonely poem
what a gloom... lonely..
some lonely people reading alone
this lonely poem...
reading the title Alone...
feeling the poem alone...
sitting on a chair all alone...
being all alone...
staring at one lonely poem..
drowning in the sea of loneliness...
all alone...
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
In the crowded streets of the city
Everybody walks with their heads held high..
No one bothers to show a pity..
When an old grandma collapses on the road nearby..

She is neither looking nor asking for a sympathy
She is just someone feeling so lonely
Like a dried petal of rose.. torn and ugly
Unwanted.. untouched and unloved by many..

Shun by her uncaring loved ones..
Avoided even by the stingy bees...
***** and old wanted by no one..
Wrinkled and weak ..
Hungry and thirsty..
Whos’s gonna care for an old dumb grandma?

Slowly she wakes up one more time
To embrace the endless cruel fate of life
she picks up her heart heavily from the floor,
as it lay in pieces, like broken glasses..

She dissappears in the spooky darkness
walks to nowhere ..her weak limbs takes her
All alone no one cares her sorrows or tears..
Have anyone bothers to kiss or hug her?

One freezing morning people found her lay
lying next to where she was left in pieces,
She cant move, she can’t scream,
She has only silence for company
The screams of silence is all that remains,

Alone she died buried with her troubled memories..

lost in the shadows of life.. All alone...
Sharina Saad Apr 2014
So I gave you all of me
So you gave me all of you
Do we still need something
too keep
for ourselves?
Does it matter then
When you have all of me
and I have all of you
Don't we have enough
When you have it all
and I have it all
Aren't we rich enough?
All of me
All of you...
Inspired by John Legend  - All of Me
Sharina Saad Feb 2014
One lonely soul
Tired of life
In a small secluded cocoon
Breathing heavily in and out
Coughing constantly
Pillow stained with blood
Looking out at the window
Eyes almost closed
Counting the dried leaves fall
One by one it falls each day...
The last leaf would fall eventually..
The long wait..
Will he die?
Will he survive?

What fun it is..
He said...
to mourn in the inside
let's fantasize of the glittering world..
with colorful words

give life a cheer
give life a chance
no fun to be alone
surrounded by gloomy atmosphere..

he oftens forget...
his spiritual companion
god's eyes are watching
god's ears are listening...

I wish he'd
Call his name
Calmness in his heart
I pray he'd
Seek his assistance
His Loneliness is fulfilled...
God is true...
I wrote this poem for a sick friend in Magical Words of Poetry. May god protects him and makes him well again.
Sharina Saad Aug 2014
He stood there
looking so aloof
Claim himself a warrior
Protector of peace

He stood there
looking so aloof
Bragging to the world
I help the poor

He stood there
Looking so aloof
Cheating the whole world
Wearing sheep's clothings..

He stood there
Oh please....
Let the world know
He is the wolf
in sheep's clothing...
Sharina Saad May 2013
Mrs Sharma is looking busy
Walking back from her yoga class
In Her right hand a bag full of potatoes
In her left hand, 2 kilos of onions
Its a freaking hot day in Delhi,
She stopped a taxi and hurried home
Aloo paratha her family's menu for today.

At home she went straight to her kitchen
Peeled and boiled the Potatoes
finely chopped Onion, coriander, ginger and chillies
Now where is the garam masala?
Here you are Mrs Sharma,
Salt Red Chili powder, Garam masala and some butter
Aloo Paratha with lots of butter,YUM YUM
Lunching at Sharma's home is Splendid
better than Mahesh Lunch Home in Juhu, Andheri.

Let's get started says Mrs Sharma
Let's make the dough
Make two chapati
add the filling to one chapati
and cover it with the second one.
Now Mrs Sharma rolls it slightly and heats it in the oven...

Let's ask Mrs Sharma,
Is food the elixir of life?
Yes very much she said
She feels like she is living for it.
As she spreads butter over the paratha
She says her mantra twice,
Eat healthy but don’t over eat.

She serves aloo paratha hot to her smiling kids
adds yoghurt to Mr Sharma's plate
she is so proud when she says to her family
Eat in moderation and eat healthy..
Smile and let's eat Aloo paratha Mrs Sharma's way...
Aloo paratha is my late mom's favourite..
Sharina Saad Aug 2013
I can close my eyes to things
I don't want to see...
But how can I close my heart to things
I don't want to feel...
Sharina Saad May 2013
Poetry is an amazing human connection!
Do you write or work on your poems everyday?
Does your work connect you?
How many of you feel the connection?
Sharina Saad Jan 2014
“when I turn my back
and watch closely..
the ladders of my life, i stepped up..
the queue of incidents .. happened to me
I find myself
weaving dreams
to fly very high
struggling every moment
and yet watching myself
drowning ..
into the deep ocean of tears
and failure ..
It showed a streak of hope..
Sharina Saad Nov 2014
I see pieces of me
everywhere I go
like a missing puzzle
its you... only you
will complete me...
Sharina Saad Jun 2013
A mother's love knows no limit
When she loves she truly loves
When she cares she devotes herself
her time, attention, love,
to her loved ones like no other
only a mother knows this kind of love...
so never hurt a mother's heart
if  you call her ma...  
when she is hurt... she hurts..
no matter how great love she has...
how loving care she gives
no matter how warm her heart is..
she also has a human heart....
not the same heart but extra ordinary
A mother’s love is patient and forgiving
even though the heart is breaking...
Sharina Saad May 2013
There were pearly drops of tears
Rolled down on her wrinkly cheeks
Too late to hide her watery eyes
She managed to smile hiding her tears
a bitter sweet smile indeed…
but she smiled…

There was a stream of tears
Still in the tired eyes
Quickly she wiped the last teardrop
With her sleeve as she saw me…
A mother’s tears is always hidden
As she cried silently at her kitchen’s sink
Pretended to be alright mostly…
But her heart at times crushes to pieces…
Does anybody know?
Does anybody care?
Sharina Saad Apr 2013
He doesn’t have to be physically perfect upon your eyes
His perfection in his faith toward Allah that counts
He doesn’t need to bring you umbrella when it rains
But look upon His ability to shelter
and protect you from the evil eyes

He must not be rich to shower you with diamonds and golds
His richness in knowledge of Islam is mandatory
A Muslim intellectual in sophisticated world,
relevantly sufficient...

He doesn’t take you to the exciting places of the world...
Scuba diving in the famous sea, Shopping in Paris,
but His hand holds yours so tightly
along the journey to the holy land

His lips doesn’t praise you enough,
so sad...your beauty is not worth...
But at night he cries as he prays to Allah...
To protect you from the devils
who only speaks the language of evils and hates

He who guides you not only in the present world
But he holds your hands all the way through...
So that you wouldn’t be lost along your path
To the sacred place of eternity
You and him In Jannah together...
in paradise forever.. Insya Allah...
Sharina Saad May 2013
He stole my heart
I stole his name
The name we shared
The love we cared
Made us  one
a lifetime connection
by a simple change in the name
Who is the better thief?
Me or him?
Dear hubby if you think I have stolen your name....
Sharina Saad May 2013
An Arab Poet, Elya Abu Madhi (a born-Christian), not long ago expressed his uncertainty about the purpose of life in his Arabic poem Al-Talasim, He says in his poem:

I came not knowing from where, but I came.
And I saw a pathway in front of me, so I walked.
And I will remain walking, whether I want this or not.
How did I come? How did I see my pathway?
I do not know!
Am I new or am I old in this existence?
Am I free and unrestrained, or do I walk in chains?
Do I lead myself in my life, or am I being led?
I wish I know, but…
I do not know!
And my path, oh what is my path? Is it long or is it short?
Am I ascending in it, or am I going down and sinking?
Am I the one who is walking on the road,
or is it the road that is moving?
Or are we both standing, but it is the time that is running?
I do not know!
Before I became a full human, do you see
if I were nothing, impossible? Or do you see that I was something?
Is there an answer to this puzzle, or will it remain eternal?
I do not know ... and why do I not know??
I do not know!
Sharina Saad Apr 2013
She wanders lonely
lost as an innocent child,
searching, seeking for her troubled soul
Everybody has left,they walked away,
Her only hope, has gone too
He was the one she loved like no other
He was her knight in shining armour
She placed him upon a pedestal
But he's left her for another,
Left her to trip and fall
He is Gone forever...

No words of comfort will console her,
Like the passing of a storm
She isall alone...
Her dreams of her life spent in the safety of his arms
But now he's with another using all his deadly charm

Tears unhindered run in torrents down her sad and lonely face
Why has her love deserted her?
The thought of this keeps tormenting her..
She is no longer beauty queen but her youth should not be reason..
Is she not worth? For all these years.. her sacrifices .. her undivided love..
And now he has destroyed her, destroyed her will to live

She will not recover from the torment in her mind
She knows her broken heart can never be mended
For her life ended on the day he walked away
Why did it ever happen?
Why should it end this way?

By Rina
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