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Shari Forman May 2014
“Endless Questions”
I don’t quite understand what is happening,
What? What? What?
What did you say?
Where are you?
Words that are tedious,
And last till eternity,
There is no better question,
Than the question of uncertainty.
Shari Forman May 2014
Two Men,
Traveled into the forest,
Very foolish and wise,
When they came across,
A shoe,
With many lies.
Peter asked Harry,
What they shall do,
They had found an old,
And broken shoe.
When suddenly,
The shoe came alive,
It had gown thick,
And sturdy eyes.
The men were so frightened,
Yet so eager and suspenseful,
They were willing
To know more,
About this little ripped sore.
The shoe opened its mouth,
And only said 3 words,
Fly with birds.
These men were confused,
Very clueless and dumb,
Peter had aimed for a target,
Then spit out his gum.
The shoe spoke again,
“Fly with birds”,
Yet only a fool,
Would follow that,
But they were nerds.
The men ran together; frightened,
Holding the shoe,
They knew what was happening,
They really, really knew.
The men were now lost,
So sorrow and blue,
What was that strong stench?
Could it be the shoe?
At that very moment,
The shoe flied up,
To the birds,
And when he landed with them,
He said, “Hey nerds”.
The men were fooled,
By a clever shoe,
Who knew he’s fly free,
Without any of thee.
Both nerds
Were now speechless,
Yet nowhere to be found,
But then finally decided,
To turn back around.
Shari Forman May 2014
I went straight to sleep,
My mood,
In good shape,
When all of a sudden,
I had just looked at an ape!
He was about to scratch me,
When I pulled my arm away,
Out of the ordinary,
I had heard the sound,
It was a horse,
He was going to fall on me,
I had just moved away,
I had shouted out,
“Let me be”!
A man had dropped in,
Smiling in horror,
He had strangely backed away,
Going farther and farther.
Just then,
A tiger jumped in,
He growled at me,
And had bitten me,
Just like a sharp pin.
Some singer from the dead,
Had somehow made me sing,
I now had had her voice,
And it was definitely,
Not a choice.
When suddenly,
There was music,
That blew an eardrum out,
I had felt dead right now,
And had just wanted to shout!
Two identical monsters,
Air standing on my dressers,
All this was stirring,
In my brain,
And I had to let out,
All of the pain.
I had began crying,
And ran--- fast,
When suddenly,
A snake gave me a span.
The snake was made with poison,
And was about to bite me,
When I had yelled,
“Let me free!”
I had awoken,
With a bruised knee.
I had remembered at school,
I had fell
But was no serious injury,
I could compel.
I was relieved,
Yet mainly scared,
What I had just flashed back,
Was a horror nightmare.
Shari Forman May 2014
Mama you’re the one,
You’re the one to have some fun.
Mama, it’s your day,
Drink plenty of tequila and have it your way.
Sit down and relax mama,
Mi mama Americana.
Mama do I cherish the days,
Of pure bonding, bewilderment and circus Olay.
The aroma of the chicken stir fry,
Oh it enlightens my eyes.
Mama you and your humor,
Comes sooner and sooner.
Mama lets throw a party and invite all,
And not drive Howard up the wall.
Mama this day is all about you,
You have to own this day too.
Mama you’re in complete control,
Look out; mama’s on patrol!
Mama I love you,
And all the laundry and cleaning you do.
Mama, you’re the best,
So sit down and take a rest.
Mama I’m jealous of you’re hair,
And all the fancy clothes you wear.
You inspire me,
Mama’s as vivacious as can be!
So I’ll let you have your drink,
But remember to think….
Love you a ton mama’s,
Now go and shimmy to the Bahamas’s!
Shari Forman May 2014
On a summer morning,
Monkey had awoken early,
His eyes all sleepy,
And his hair wildly curly.
He opened the door,
He had to use his mouth,
Because his tail was way too sore.
Monkey shut the door behind him,
His friend Panda,
Was called hungry, hungry Jim.
Monkey was off to work,
His tail dragging on the floor,
He was sure to be back in time,
To feed his family of four.
Although monkey was guilty,
He missed work twice,
Monkey was confidently sure,
His boss would be all nice.
Monkey had walked to the glass,
It said no dogs allowed,
For sure he was a monkey,
He walked in and proudly bowed.
His boss said he had to leave,
For he was not a monkey,
But monkey had explained,
He was very chunky.
The boss escorted his out,
Angry as could be,
For sure he was a monkey,
Can’t his work boss see?
He decided to go food shopping,
At the nearest grocery store,
He wanted to get home quickly,
So his family wouldn’t be that poor.
Monkey walked to the grocery store,
His feet were aching,
It was 10 miles away,
This was a big risk that he was taking.
Monkey got there very fast,
Quick as in running,
It said only monkeys allowed,
Wow that sign was stunning!
Monkey had barged in,
All the monkeys were looking at him,
He was told to get out,
So then he visited his old friend,
Hungry, hungry Jim.
When monkey had arrived,
Jim had told him he was a dog,
So Monkey left ashamed,
In the new deep fog.
Monkey had decided to go home,
And Comfort his 3 young ones,
He’d see his wife,
Oh, he loved them all a ton.
Hungry, Hungry Jim smiled,
As if he was really, really bad,
He decided not to eat him today,
He saw him so sad.
Monkey’s house
Was just around the corner,
It was a pretty color white,
But most of the time,
There was not much light.
He had opened his house door,
So lonely and ashamed,
He was a monkey,
He had claimed.
Monkey flickered on the light,
Nobody was there,
His wife and kids left him a note,
“You are a dog, we could not bear”.
Monkey was so depressed now,
He walked to hungry, hungry Jim’s house
He had tiptoed in,
And was as quiet as a mouse.
Jim had caught him,
And asked why he was not home,
Monkey had explained,
His house is just a comb.
Monkey said his family had left him,
Because he was a dog,
They think I don’t belong,
And am just a plain old hog.
All of a sudden,
The panda ate him whole,
And the only thing that was left,
Was his sad little soul.
I wrote this poem when I was younger. Hope you enjoy!
Shari Forman May 2014
I am surely not an artist,
For I can’t paint or draw,
Nor am I a singer,
I sound far from clean and raw.
Geometry is not fun to me,
For I dislike angles and sides,
I will never be an accountant,
Or a phenomenal  surfer,
The fear of high waves and tides.
I will never be a chef,
I can’t cook a simply little meal,
I can’t jazz dance well,
Failure, I sometimes feel.
I am no cartoonist,
I never and will never take drugs,
Vile and grotesque suits them,
I’ve never smoked or drank,
Or put salt on slugs.
I don’t like breakfast,
I loathe being sick,
I dislike unfriendly people,
I am not fond of waking up early,
I don’t like reading long novels,
Nor comprehending difficult ones;
I hate poetry that doesn’t rhyme,
It puts pressure on me, tons.
I am not greedy,
I am not self-centered,
Success if far from what I feel,
This is negativity I’ve now entered.
This is NOT me,
This will never be me,
I am myself and nothing more,
I am difficult as you see.
Shari Forman May 2014
One's faults in life do not signify something catastrophic,
Nor do they represent tables turned;
One's faults in life are permanent,
But are simply lessons learned.
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