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Shari Forman Apr 2014
It was my father who left me,
To discover a place of his own.
Lonely and disheartened I felt,
For a place called "unknown."
Baffled was I,
As to why he suddenly left me.
I trembled alone in fear,
Was I a goner soon to be?
Where have my hopes gone?
Withered away to stone?
Leaving nothing but the past,
For a place called "unknown."
Why do I feel resentment?
My father had a horrifying tone,
Had left me heartbroken,
For a place called "unknown."
My heart beats like thunder,
As I shiver to the bone.
My father ruined me,
For a place called "unknown!"
Where will I go from here?
Too much my father had shown,
A martyr my father will always be,
For a place called "unknown."
Why I'm Single

You know men are just plain better
At most things that we do
You may say wait one minute
But inside you know it's true

A man can change a tire
We can even build a house
We know when it's time to talk
And when to shut our mouth

Some woman think we're crazy
So I've been told a time or two
If only they would listen
When we tell them what to do

Well as a man myself I'll tell you
Exactly what you need
I know that you will understand
For your job is just to please

Now it could be that a woman's job
Is much harder then I think
For after all I'm not dead yet
And that still amazes me

I've heard woman say they can't believe
I've been single for so long
Then they shake their head and walk away
I think there's something I'm doing wrong

What could it be,

**Carl Joseph Roberts
...Now before I get any hate mail, this is just a joke on being a chauvinistic pig. This is not at all how I feel.  I have three older sisters and I 100% know that woman can do most things better then men. I admire and respect all woman.
Shari Forman Dec 2013
I feel as if I'm not as smart as I used to be,
And cannot handle difficult work.
Shari Forman Dec 2013
The reason why I'm not happy,
Is that I feel I have nothing to look forward to anymore.
Shari Forman Dec 2013
Never give up what you love in life,
Only give up what you hate.
Shari Forman Dec 2013
One thing I've learned in my seventeen years,
Is that a good day may just come out of luck,
Or rather the choices you made.
But where a good day actually comes from,
Is in the heart and soul of a positive indivual.
But a bad day,
Could be from bad luck,
Or a certain person.
But where a bad day really comes from,
Is the bleeding heart within hoping for change.
Shari Forman Dec 2013
The only problem with moving on from him,
Is that I've kept one thing a secret the entire time,
I look to how unfortunate it is,
That the past can never be erased.
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